Tiger Woods Won’t Learn

Okay he’s done it again, setting himself up for another media attack. Had he gone with either an Asian or African-American woman, he would never had come under the scrutiny of the paparazzi or the vile attacks of bogotted Whites in the industry bent on stalking the lives of certain successful Blacks to bring shame & embarassment to them simply because they represent the breaking of a color line, & forhim it was golf. It’s a damn shame that Tiger won’t learn that lesson, & I feel that this White woman he’s seeing now (& the ones before) have an agenda to be next in line to get paid because they know it’s just a matter of time until he screws up again & they can use that for a divorce & cash in BIG. – LHISAĀ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…ger-woods-girlfriend

The Dark Swords Game Suck

Hi folks, I had to remove the DarkSwords.eu game link because while setting up this site, I selected the so-called best fantasy games & after trying to play it, I realized how stupid it was, & the game client won’t let you to cancel your account; you’ll have to go to the main site & send a support ticket & hope they respond. On the surface, the game looks like a nice Tolkien type game only to log in to the client & find that there’s a discussion on buying a lottery package. I gave it a chance & there was noĀ commencementĀ of a game at all, just chatter. I’m going through each posted game I have on here, making sure that they are quality games because the nature of my site has to do with credible things I see as good to suggest to others. I haveĀ limitedĀ menu slots, but if you know of other games that are really good, let me know, because I may get rid of other games, or the game itself may no longer be available. – Lhisa

Whatever Happened To These Sites???

Big sites like Myspace, Youtube, & Facebook are GREAT, but as time goes on, you start to notice the so-called improvement changes made to those sites are for THEM, not you. Facebook use to allow for you to pin your favorite apps to yourĀ horizontalĀ profile menu. I use to have my store very visible there, but then they removed the feature. So what’s the point of marketing/selling a brand product orĀ serviceĀ on FB when they hurt your ability to do so trying to force YOU, the little guy/gal to buy pricy advertisement when that would make more sense for a medium to large fortune 500 business. Likewise, I remembered a time in youtube’s policy where trying to sell & market your stuff met up with crosses as well. Now they seem to welcome you using the platform forĀ such free advertisement on your channel with limitations ofcourse & after sending it around to a handful of people they stop ya. Isn’t the point of being on these networks to have a way of freely REACHING potential customers or simply having an open audience? Then there is the online surveillance &Ā targetingĀ of certain individuals & their content. Although I have not had any major issues as of yet, I’ve already taken the initiative to seek an alternative way of operating just in case. I’ve seen accounts closed down for the darnest things like telling the truth about something political. IfĀ conspiracyĀ theorists were so crazy, then let them be, why chase down their content forbidding them to post such accuracies or speculations that are dead on. Who’s flagging them, because I see content daily on youtube that’s questionable that are still up & accounts that are constantly violating their policies that are still active. This is the sort of thing that gets networks like them disrespected. So what’s the solution? It used to be going to places like Peoplestring & Zippcast for some, but these sites areĀ apparentlyĀ BUSTED now. Were they the victims of ruthless hackers, could it be that they were unable to survive on the world wide web or what? So what now…look elsewhere, find another comfortable spot online (like here) that’s less strict & prejudice where you can forward your fans to OR acquire a social network program & run your own forum under a good webhost & make sure to protect your site from hackers by subscribing to a service like Cloudflare, Sitelock, etc. Ofcourse keep a presence on these other popular sites, but your REAL content should beĀ privatizedĀ under your own site. Too many online scholars, entrepreneurs, etc are dependant on these popular social sites that can bury their account overnight & some of them have no backup site or duplication of their content to start again & I’ve seen this. Atleast use an alternate free service on theĀ internetĀ to post your stuff, if you don’t wish toĀ invest some money in a private site that YOU run. I’ve done this & believe me, you will be better off. – Lhisa