⚠Las Vegas Shooting 2017💥

Nobis Vivimus Mundo Plena Insanus Populus 🤪🥴🤬 We Live In A World Full Of Crazy People

Another Infamous Shooting, The Media plays around the tube for answers, asking ‘When Will It Stop?’ Well, it won’t really. Whether it be some conspiracy terror tactic, or a madman shooting, we live in a Country where this sort of thing is becoming the norm now. Why? It’s the culture. You may be the ‘Greatest Country In The World’ as you put it, but your society needs serious help. Some of the other countries around the world are better governed where in their newspapers, you are reading about normal levels of crime in a big city, not some privileged weirdo with a massive gun collection that goes to a music festival for target practice. Where were the cops & secret agents the government employs to protect us? Probably busy watching some normal colored person living his or her life, scrutinizing everything, desperately trying to criminalize the poor man or woman, when there was someone ELSE obviously more dangerous who was able to FINANCE & ORGANIZE a domestic terror attack, but ‘The Powers That Be’ won’t call it that or treat the crime like that, BECAUSE they say, he was a privileged White Man who was simply ‘deranged.’


Fox 5 News
ABC News
Washington Post
Chicago Tribune
The Atlantic


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