Devil’s Advocate Office

This independent office concerns itself with effectively inspecting and advocating distressing social justice issues affecting society, and in those cases where applicable, also provide confidential in-person and virtual legal support to Attorneys and their Clients, every step of the way throughout the entire case handling, trials & appeals.

Coverage Areas:
Advocacy & Activism, Legal Research & Information, Paralegal Assistance, Investigative Work, Discovery, Case Study & Analysis, Facts & Theories, Rule Compliance, Ethics Violation, Evidence Evaluation, Dissecting Testimony, Observations, Hypothetical Arguments, Insightful Opinions, Risk Management, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Settling Disputes Without Litigation, Public Relations & On-Going Handling Of The Media, Feedback & Coaching.

We’re Currently Booked And Not Accepting Any New Cases At This Time

Emissary Of Fate
Special Agent 666

The following Clientele includes some of the persons, corporations, government agencies, organizations, communities & causes that directly or indirectly benefited from this service. ~ Lhisa Mrklon, Ferrelux D.A. Office