Special Agent 666

Alien Emissary Whom Fate Crosses Into People’s Lives & Destiny Plays Its Course

The Devil’s Advocate is there in the midst of those difficult political issues requiring public activism, also extending professional legal assistance to District Attorneys prosecuting cases, or Defense Attorneys protecting Clients. You can trust your case will receive the same care and respect as if you were to have hired from TV Land, certain Heroes & Icons like: MacGyver, The A-Team, or The Renegade Reno Raines otherwise known as Vince Black. And you can get a JAG Team going to win your case, with the dedication of The District.

Devil’s Advocate Office
Emissary Of Fate

The Agent Of Fortune is currently not accepting any new requests for help at this time, due to currently working on a Top Secret Mission. 

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The following are some of the supported causes, or the individuals, companies, organizations, criminal elements in a community, certain illegal activities within a governmental agency, or other corruption that were directly or indirectly exposed, subverted or prosecuted from my Intelligence ~ Lhisa666: Agent Of Fortune, Ferrelux D.A. Office




Conceptual photo showing printed text Wrongful termination

Workplace Bullying 

Dental Malpractice4    Medical Malpractice


Google Sucks   Youtube Suck  

Facebook Sucks3

Amazon Suck     State Farm 


Stripe   Privacy