Enim Vero Di Nos Quasi Pilas Homines Habent ~||~ The Gods Use Mortals As Their Playthings

2017 Valentines

Playful Competition………

Strange Passion: Ares & Xena

Gotta Love This Guy

The 2017 Global Women’s Rights Marches

Women Marching Globally Against Trump

The Mission To STOP Trump…..(Still)

Women Empowerment Speech By Michelle Obama

What’s going on in Afghanistan…….

Women Who Helped Change The World

The Struggle For Equality

Trump’s Inaugural Highlight’s

First, the PRE-Inaugural……

Split Shots on the Attendance Turnout for Trump vs Obama

Celebrities Who Didn’t Attend & Had Something to say

Performers Who Declined Trump’s Invitation

Those who secretly voted for him

Trump had problems attracting a HUGE crowd on the common level & at the very top. He did however draw the Bikers out….

Oh & his inaugural speech (notice the hand jestures) ……

Speculation’s on Trump’s relations with Russia

Trump’s Questionable Cabinet…..

The New Incumbent: TRUMP

We are on the brink of a brand new American President for 2017 & there is wide enthusiasm as well as rampant anxiety between the people who WANT him & those who don’t.

Remembering Dr King

Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech

Goodbye Barack, I’ll will sincerely miss your Presidency……

Award Winning Actress Meryl Streep Reads Trump

What Donald Trump needs to realize is that he won’t be a popular president…..
Meryl Streep is right. ALOT of people are not feeling him.

2016 Year In Review

Let’s Take a Look Back…..

Weekly Blogcast

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Enim Vero Di Nos Quasi Pilas Homines Habent ~||~ The Gods Use Mortals As Their Playthings

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