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Happy Easter 2020

Song – “Witchy Woman” – Eagles After the holiday: Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter & the last day of Passover, I’ll post my thoughts on Covid-19. Hi All. Shout out to the President for wanting to honor my holy day, despite the prevailing public interest to keep almost everything shut down. Instead of putting a …

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Happy New Year 2020

    Song – Michael Jackson ~ “Heal The World” Ferrelux Blog Quote: Interdum Volgus Rectum Videt, Est Ubi Peccat ~||~ At Times The World Sees Straight, But Many Times It Goes Astray IT’S THE END OF A DECADE! I have to agree with the Queen of England calling the past year “bumpy”. I thank …

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Lucifer TV Show Cancelled

Oh My God! I’m GLAD they cancelled that shit! REALLY! It had NOTHING to do with the REAL Lucifer/Satan, and by nothing, I mean authenticity. When the Christians learned about this show being created to put on TV & protested, their hysteria was off why The Fox Network would disregard them & still put it on TV, but they …

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The 2017 Global Women’s Rights Marches

Women Marching Globally Against Trump The Mission To STOP Trump…..(Still) Women Empowerment Speech By Michelle Obama What’s going on in Afghanistan……. Women Who Helped Change The World The Struggle For Equality

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The New Incumbent: TRUMP

We are on the brink of a brand new American President for 2017 & there is wide enthusiasm as well as rampant anxiety between the people who WANT him & those who don’t.

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Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech

Goodbye Barack, I’ll will sincerely miss your Presidency……

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Award Winning Actress Meryl Streep Reads Trump

What Donald Trump needs to realize is that he won’t be a popular president….. Meryl Streep is right. ALOT of people are not feeling him.

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2016 Year In Review

Let’s Take a Look Back…..

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Tiger Woods Won’t Learn

Okay he’s done it again, setting himself up for another media attack. Had he gone with either an Asian or African-American woman, he would never had come under the scrutiny of the paparazzi or the vile attacks of bogotted Whites in the industry bent on stalking the lives of certain successful Blacks to bring shame …

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