DailyMotion.Com Video Restrictions

Many of you are familiar with Vimeo, Veoh, & other sites as youtube alternatives. I decided to use Daily Motion as our appendage video site due to the fact that they allow groups & initial uploads limited to 1hr/4gb with the option to gain Motionmaker status for unrestricted upload limits. The platform however, unlike youtube WILL reject videos automatically after upload if their system perceive it to infringe on copyrights with no option to dispute if you’re not a Motionmaker, & this option is free to apply for, but I suggest you have some original content first to impress approval. They also … Continue reading DailyMotion.Com Video Restrictions

Whatever Happened To These Sites???

Big sites like Myspace, Youtube, & Facebook are GREAT, but as time goes on, you start to notice the so-called improvement changes made to those sites are for THEM, not you. Facebook use to allow for you to pin your favorite apps to your horizontal profile menu. I use to have my store very visible there, but then they removed the feature. So what’s the point of marketing/selling a brand product or service on FB when they hurt your ability to do so trying to force YOU, the little guy/gal to buy pricy advertisement when that would make more sense for a medium to … Continue reading Whatever Happened To These Sites???