Emissary Of Fate

On A Divine Mission Intervening In The Lives of Those, Fate Sends Me To

The Agent Of Fortune is an Independent Divine Operative who prefers accepting cases that fits a certain Luciferic profile. Is the Prospective Client attractive, talented, highly intelligent or otherwise gifted? Does he or she think and behave differently from others? Does the person have a god-like command, appeal or mystery about him or herself? Does the person have a significant following? Did he or she rise against a powerful person or establishment? Was he or she effective enough in doing so? Did the person come under vile attack from an empire or tyrant? Is the person now an outcast denied access to the benefits, resources, and power he or she once enjoyed from a place or position in life? Is he or she coping and managing well despite severe losses, that the enemy still appears to be angry with him or her? If so, then you have my interest in your case.

Special Agent 666
Devil’s Advocate Office


The Cosmic Agent is currently not accepting any new requests for help at the time due to working on a Top Secret Mission right now.

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The following are some of the causes, people, businesses, organizations, communities, or certain governmental agencies, which were directly or indirectly helped by my activities or divine intervention ~ Special Agent666: Emissary Of Fate, Ferrelux D.A. Office