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Saving Our Lives Against Critical Extremes, while Securing Opulent Living & Community Empowerment

Our community outreach program is intended for those individuals who’s particular needs cannot be met by the current non-profit & governmental social service institutions, which are designed to accommodate persons who are homeless with mental illness, have an alcohol or drug addiction, a victim of human trafficking and forced labor, a sexual assault victim, a person suffering from HIV or AIDS, or other wayward lifestyle issue that their programs address by being a continual welfare agency in their lives counseling them. If you are just a regular person with none of those problems, who is already actively pursuing your aspirations in life being a Scholar, Creative Person, a Blue or White Collar Worker, or other functional member of society, who just fell on hard times and only require some information or basic assistance to get back on track, then this program is for you. Kindly follow our social media and submit your concerns.

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The following are some of the communities, people, organizations, businesses, governmental agencies, or causes that The Solace Program has directly or indirectly helped ~ Lhisa, Agent Of Fortune

Lost KidsCareForTheHomeless

career characters design. Include waiter, businesswoman, engineer, doctor