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Kobe Bryant, Black Mamba, R.I.P

Song – “To Live & Die In L.A.” – Makaveli (Tupac Amaru Shakur/2Pac) Ferrelux Blog Quote:  Quid Magna Infortunii ✴ What A Great Misfortune On Sunday, January 26th 2020, we hear for the New Year that Legendary Basketball Player Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianni Bryant, & 7 others died in a helicopter crash in the …

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Shows We Missed In 2019 (17 Count)

    Song – Genesis ~ “Turn It On Again” Ferrelux Blog Quote: Illa Esto Perpetua Regnabit ~||~ Long May She Reign Reign First Aired: 10/17/2013 Last Aired: 6/16/2017 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQPBQOLWYkcxcK0Vn6Ht7-A This show could have kept going. They were on CW11 WPIX, channel 11 going strong 8pm Thursday nights until that final 4th year when The …

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The Raptors Win (2019)

Song – Kurtis Blow ~ ‘Basketball’ Optimis Optimus ~||~ The Best Of The Best (Ferrelux Blog Quote, 6/21/2019) ‘Let’s go Raptors!’ as the chant goes. When people were expecting Golden State Warriors to win from before the game even started, I predicted The Raptors, and I was right……I was right. My Reptilians should have won …

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Happy Halloween (2018)


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Lhisa Boutique May Fashions

Ladies High Heels, White Gladiator Look https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/155/promotionId/69434 Bluetooth Headset https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/138/promotionId/64710 Mens Snakeskin Dress Shoes https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/932/promotionId/70491 Womens Lace-up Bodysuit https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/33/promotionId/69475 USB Cup Warmer https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/121/promotionId/64730 Camouflage Shirt Dress https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/2146/promotionId/65726 Womens Sexy Hippie Dress https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/31/promotionId/69435 Unisex GNR Top https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/2157/promotionId/65768 Womens Sequinned Dress https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/117/promotionId/70507 Handheld Video Game https://www.spreesy.com/lhisa/102/promotionId/64724  

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The Dark Swords Game Suck

Hi folks, I had to remove the DarkSwords.eu game link because while setting up this site, I selected the so-called best fantasy games & after trying to play it, I realized how stupid it was, & the game client won’t let you to cancel your account; you’ll have to go to the main site & …

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