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6 New Charges For Jussie Smollett In 2020

Song – “Leave Me Alone” – Michael Jackson Ferrelux Blog Quote: In Statu Quo Ante 😡 In The Same Condition As Before Where we last left off with Jussie, a year ago, the Dude got off free of all charges and it should have ended there, BUT some mean people in the Justice System could …

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Shows We Missed In 2019 (17 Count)

    Song – Genesis ~ “Turn It On Again” Ferrelux Blog Quote: Illa Esto Perpetua Regnabit ~||~ Long May She Reign Reign First Aired: 10/17/2013 Last Aired: 6/16/2017 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQPBQOLWYkcxcK0Vn6Ht7-A This show could have kept going. They were on CW11 WPIX, channel 11 going strong 8pm Thursday nights until that final 4th year when The …

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3 Shows NOT Missed In 2019

Song – Shalamar ~ “A Night To Remember” Ferrelux Blog Quote: Enim Vero Di Nos Quasi Pilas Homines Habent ~|| ~ The Gods Use Mortals As Their Playthings ONCE UPON A TIME First Aired: 10/23/2011 Last Aired: 5/18/2018 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_(TV_series) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHU33siD6FnDOOQEECDXn_w Okay. Like Many, I really liked the show when it first aired in….. and like …

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‘Empire’ Battle: Jussie Smollet Vs Jamal Lyon

Song – Jussie Smollet ~ ‘Battle Cry Ferrelux Blog Latin Quote: Pia Fraus (Pious Fraud) This was a story I couldn’t wait to jump on when it started back in Feb/March, but I respectfully reserved my opinion till the trial and fallout of the whole thing. There were reports circulating of the show ‘Empire’ being …

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