Farewell George Bush, Sr (41st American President) & First Lady Barbara Bush

Since First Lady Barbara Bush passed away April 17th 2018, it was expected to see her beloved husband pass soon after. Now deceased (Nov 30th 2018), let’s look back and honor former United States of America, President 41, George Herbert Walker Bush on this year’s President’s Day. I miss him. As I watched all the… Continue reading Farewell George Bush, Sr (41st American President) & First Lady Barbara Bush

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Jay-Z 4:44 Still Nigga

You’ve seen the mysterious 4:44 ads everywhere before the release of the album at the end of June on TIDAl. You can read More about it here ~ Jay-Z 4:44 Album Like many other “Black” people, I’m feeling the song ‘The Story of O.J’ because the message is so true. The subject matter of the… Continue reading Jay-Z 4:44 Still Nigga

Civics: Herstory & History

Trump June Assassination Attempt Fail

Rumors & plotting of assassinating our current President Donald J. Trump have been swirling since last year with numorous occult videos on youtube calculating the date & hour & such of their interpretations of Illuminati plans,…WELL……he’s STILL HERE! 🙂 The attempts started last year though with one of his own. Check out this young Caucasian… Continue reading Trump June Assassination Attempt Fail

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Trump So far in 2017: March & April Update

WOW, how presidential this speech was. There must really be 2 different Donald Trumps. This explains why he stopped tweeting for almost 2 weeks to prepare for this. If his image in general could remain so pristine & favorable for the rest of his reign, but we know better. He’s been in office only since… Continue reading Trump So far in 2017: March & April Update

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Trump’s Inaugural Highlight’s

First, the PRE-Inaugural…… Split Shots on the Attendance Turnout for Trump vs Obama Celebrities Who Didn’t Attend & Had Something to say Performers Who Declined Trump’s Invitation Those who secretly voted for him Trump had problems attracting a HUGE crowd on the common level & at the very top. He did however draw the Bikers… Continue reading Trump’s Inaugural Highlight’s