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Trump June Assassination Attempt Fail

Rumors & plotting of assassinating our current President Donald J. Trump have been swirling since last year with numorous occult videos on youtube calculating the date & hour & such of their interpretations of Illuminati plans,…WELL……he’s STILL HERE! 🙂 The attempts started last year though with one of his own. Check out this young Caucasian …

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The Oscars 2017 Steve Harvey Moment

Oh, it happened again, Another Steve Harvey moment. When the mess up happened, the comedy star suffered ridicule online but in reality, he did the right thing by not letting the unofficial winner pass the day where it all ends up in the press wrong. He corrected the mistake LIVE! So after that, no one …

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2017 Grammy Highlights & Winners

This past 2017 Grammy awards turned out great with the performances, but was not without a glitch. At the end, it was nice that a big winner, Adele complimented Beyoncé’ album ‘Lemonade’ & how it inspired her & that she should have won best album of the year. https://www.grammy.com/ Ofcourse, you may not agree with …

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Award Winning Actress Meryl Streep Reads Trump

What Donald Trump needs to realize is that he won’t be a popular president….. Meryl Streep is right. ALOT of people are not feeling him.

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