โœจAdios  2021โœจ

โœจAdios 2021โœจ

2022 Fireworks

**Corona ~ Rhythm Of The Night

Circa Rotam Fortunae ๐ŸŽก Around The Wheel Of Fortune

So today weโ€™re in the year 2022, and I must say that the topics I got to discuss last year exceeded my expectations for 2021 and with some carrying over into this year. Check out the photo gallery to see last yearโ€™s homepages. Now, I donโ€™t want to say that I look forward to this year, because weโ€™re still dealing with this global pandemic mess holding up our lives and the politics involved. So I hope that somehow one day, we can return to how life use to be, the normalcy of getting up and starting your day self-determining how we should live and think and deciding on our own what we should take or should not take without a government system interfering with the private intricacies of our lives.

****Sign,****Lhisa Mrklon




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