OJ Simpson Lost Interview Confession (Aired March 2018)

‘If I did it, this is how I would do it’ O.J said in reference to a book he wrote with such title based on his fiction of committing of Ron Goldman & his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson back in September 2007. Around that time too, Trump was NOT president, he was still doing ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ when OJ was marketing his book & Trump wanted him on the show in 2008 & public outcry squashed that. Since then, we don’t expect to hear any new shocking info about a dead story concerning OJ, UNTIL…….channel 7 aired a special in favor of The Goldman Family showing OJ’s guilt while he was being interviewed & interrogated by police etc. It was a convincing piece because if you were team OJ, it made you doubt his innocence, but you also got to see the pain of the Goldman’s & the hate as some of the commentaries against OJ was racial. He however, kept his responses to script with nonchalance
gestures that showed callous indifference. So as time went on, we don’t expect to see anymore of this. I mean what more can you milk out of it.
WELL… as it turns out, HE DID IT, atleast in the latest version of things………………….MORE TO SAY LATER……………………………….




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