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This Independent Ad Program Has Been Under Attack By A Well-Known Big Tech Company Targetting Small Businesses It Feels Threatened By, Offering Tailored & Professional Services Like This. So Conservative, Nationalistic, Anglo-Saxon, Christian, Indigenous, Pro-Black, And Other Marginalized Groups Are Encouraged To Apply.

This Ad Program Is Only Open To Legitimate Entrepreneurs & Enterprises. Questionable Individuals & Businesses Will Not Be Responded To.

Ferrelux is a popular news media site that has been around over 20 years with a global audience of over 40 Million Strong, and will feature your text, video, banner ad, or purchase widget, linking potential customers back to your website. The types of ads accepted here should compliment the general content, sentiment, and material shown on this platform. Ferrelux features candid opinions on currently trending topics, as well as marketing endorsed products & services. There is also a strong interest in supporting some political and human rights issues through advocacy & activism, bringing awareness, and taking action against unjust and criminal activities & practices. Advertisements should reflect a product, service, announcement, job, show, podcast, fundraiser or other type of campaign agenda befitting an article of your choice, (or one will be chosen for you) and you, your company, or brand are currently allowed no more than 12 specific articles (with available ad-space) you’d like to see your ads featured on per year per price. For Example: If you chose just one specific article you fancied your advert on, the cost would be $365 for the year from the date it is placed. If you then decided later on, that you want to place more adverts, then you are currently capped at 11 more ads being posted on other specific articles up to a year, collectively costing at that rate $4,015. Submit your Banner, Text, Video Ad or Buy Widget, along with your click-back landing page on the link below. Your potential advertisement will undergo a timely review process, and you’ll be contacted shortly after as to whether it’s approved or not before making a payment. Send any questions you have on the below link.

Any In-House Competitive Affiliate Program You Offer Is Considerable, However Placing Ads Through This Method Guarantees Optimum Marketing & Exposure

An Ad Per Day On An Article, $5 An Ad Per Week On An Article, $25 An Ad Per Month On An Article, $75 An Ad For Three Months On An Article, $200 An Ad For Six Months On An Article, $330 An Ad For Nine Months On An Article, $350 An Ad For A Year On An Article, $365

Currently, You Can Request & Pay For No More Than 12 Different Ads Per Person/Company Or Brand To Be Featured on 12 Articles For A Year

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