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Ferrelux is a popular media site that has been around over 20 years, and will feature your banner ads linking potential customers back to your website. The types of ads accepted here should match the general content and material shown on this news site. Ferrelux features candid opinions on currently trending topics, as well as marketing endorsed products & services. There is also a strong interest in supporting some political and human rights issues through advocacy & activism, bringing awareness and taking action against unjust and criminal activities & practices. Advertisements should reflect a product, service, announcement, or other campaign agenda fitting an article of your choice, and you or your company are allowed no more than 12 specific articles you’d like to see your ads featured on per year per price. For Example: If you chose just one specific article you fancied your advert on, the cost would be $365 for the year from the date it is placed. If you then decided later on, that you want to place another advert, then you are capped at 11 more ads being posted on another specific article up to a year. Submit your Ad idea on the link below. Your potential advertisement will undergo a review process, and you’ll be contacted shortly after as to whether it is approved or not.

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Ad Campaigns Can Be Motivated By Certain Articles Subject To Interpretation (Ex: Lifestyle)
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