🧑‍💻 Julian Assange Is Free 🌏

🧑‍💻 Julian Assange Is Free 🌏

I’m glad that this guy’s nightmare is about to be over. Like many other interesting Individuals in certain Political Circles trying to work on protecting the rights of people in their respective Societies, I didn’t think Julian Assange should have been confined as a Political Prisoner fighting for his freedom, doing what made sense on his part to do to contribute to Society, however, as I study further the arguments on the other side of the political table, I understand those concerns but think it could have been handled better since it all turned out to be more his problem than whoever got exposed from it.

So far, I don’t see any reports showcasing Model & Actress Pamela Anderson who from the beginning was the notable FACE seen in The Media working as an Activist on his case if you all remember that. And her being out there doing that, I saw no need to care much to report on it since the topic was her baby, and I was not particularly drawn to Julian Assange’s situation to take it to heart. Now who we’re predominantly seeing in The Press, is a woman name Stella Moris, that he’s currently married to, who took interest in him while he was in the confines of an Embassy for 7 years fighting his case.

And now today is Wednesday July 3rd 2024, the day Hurricane Beryl hits Jamaica as a category 4 Storm. At 5, it decimated the island of Carriacou of Grenada and is scheduled tomorrow to pass through The Cayman Islands, then Cancun. Mexico and onward to Texas. So I Am Vigilant for my Home Country, Jamaica taking concern of that and the rest of The Caribbean. We’ll see the rest of the fall out for the 4th of July in America. I would say more in terms of The Storm and my Country because certain things are not a coincidence, but I’ll hold that as the mountain of things we face sometimes do not dissuade us when A Higher Power hears your concerns and wishes, and grants them.

So back to the topic of Julian Assange, as I digest the flood of new information coming in on his 14 year ordeal, so far I notice how both sides of The Public Opinion from the start, remain steadfast at least from what we’re seeing. Those in favor of him are still seeing his point for exposing government secrets, while those against him are still unsatiated by his suffering so far, which came off to me as callous. On face value at the beginning with the original reports, I sided with him because of the idea of the people having a right to know the truth, he has a rights, and he’s a Journalist and the whole bit, and as more nuance of the case comes to light, I naturally side with people erring in the right if it makes sense to me on some level, however not all the info is available, so it becomes emotional for some. It’s not necessary to hack into Government Systems releasing information that may hurt a covert operation. That is an issue, but what’s the rest of it though since it got out. You can assume that your government means you well, and maybe they do, but what if they don’t? He might have done the wrong thing poking into their business, hacking and exposing sensitive files, and he’s not their Personnel, but this is where it becomes tricky? WHY? Who is he? Is he really who he says he is? You see this game gets weird when you don’t know. He may not be just a Journalist. Some think he may actually be a CIA Person, but he’s also accused of having some connection with Russia? So what really went on? Are we even getting the real Intel in The Press? Hmm, come to think of it, he looks like an Agent.

So now it’s Thursday July 4th 2024, and America is celebrating it’s Independence from Great Britain. Anyway, my concern right now is the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl hitting Jamaica and certain things about that attack hits home for me, however the people behind it didn’t get exactly what they wanted. And what do I mean by that, I’ll have to consider covering this another time to disclose one thing or the other, but when a Storm is named after your Mother, and you’re both from that Island, and I’ve been saying the things I’ve been saying on here about The Powerful People targeting Me, it’s not that hard to see the possibility of a HAARP attack from The Powers That Be, also tying into the whole Haiti thing if you’re thinking with a Conspiracy Mind, with the positioning and timing of it, but later for that. As I said before, when you are a Special Person in The Universe, able to have your Prayer ascend to the Ear Of The Most High, strange things sometimes happen as Science is unable to explain a feat that happened during the treacherous course of that Storm, saving My People from a more tragic situation that can only be described as Miracle. I did not sleep that day as I engaged in one of my strong divine requests, mindful of My People. And although God has a grievance with Us from a historic event there many many years back at a certain area which came up in The News, it was not Us so much, but The Colonizers at that time. And I might discuss more in the future as to what I mean, but I’ll say this for now. What you’re doing won’t work. Even The So-Called Jamaican Criminals here America likes to handle a certain way, are spoken about in magical ways when their “crime” is featured in certain Cop TV Programs as being elusive to capture, the person when being watched and followed somehow disappeared in plain sight and re-appeared somewhere else like the wind, and so forth, and this or that happened auspiciously in their favor, they survived death or are unusually young-looking or healthy, are able to persuade people to do their bidding, or effect some event or other strange anomaly. Well, it has to do with some of Us having special innate skills and/or being divinely favored. And this blessing is generally true about Other Caribbean Persons, Native Americans, Hispanics, Africans, Indians, Asian Persons, and in rare cases, some Whites of various parts, who are certainly in touch with Something, Whoever The Divine Entity IS.

Back to discussing Julian Assange. So re-checking his situation and going down that rabbit hole, you’ll notice that it involves some other notable Hackers in that Circle who knew him, that also got in trouble but their cases faired better than his. And in a way, they go back to that FBI Director, James Comey handling certain cases at times. And all this figures in way with Edward Snowden who fled America to end up in Russia as a result of exposing what The U.S. Government is doing here to people. He’s now been granted Russian Citizenship. So the question becomes, who is the actual Criminal here? Them or your Government? I’ve been elegantly describing my own situation in creative ways that if I had the pleasure back then, just around the same time period as Julian Assange’s incident, about 13, 14 years ago, to Witness somebody out there online doing specific videos, comments, and blogging in detail about an issue, artfully analyzing a situation and exposing it and I came across that, I might have thought twice than to report anything to The FBI and waited longer to consider my other options. Now I AM The Person doing that for anyone not understanding the degree of where an innocent move can go and what a disaster that can be for you later on, and you’re not even a Criminal or the type to be spied on, followed, harassed and targeted in bizarre or heavy-handed ways as Jesse Ventura tried to expose on an episode in his conspiracy TV Show several years back. I move to say that the resources the government has, can identify enough who belongs on their Systems or not. Before I say something, I took the time, and still am taking the time to identify information I’m currently reviewing about these types of cases where I can say that they knew about The Hackers on there. I’ll go as far to say that you let them hack on into your Systems. So targeting them for a crime thereafter building a case is off. At anytime, their own sophisticated Techs could have closed up the loopholes. I’ve been going though the heavy handed cyber-attacks of Somebody I exposed already to know enough about how sensitive their System is, kind of how they operate, what the limitations may be and so forth, based off these attacks, and I’m not even a Hacker, I don’t consider myself one. I like technology. I use it, but unlike those Tech Guys, I really don’t need to hack into government systems to know things. Ha ha. And what I sense, I may or may not put out there. This places me in a different category than these guys since it involves divination, an area exempt from The Government as it falls under The Separation of Church & State and Matters of creativity, spiritualism, beliefs and so forth, and are rights protected by The Constitution. I can amazingly be accurate about certain things, and unlike The United States of America, Russia appreciates PSYCHICS and often use them, and the Russians are INTELLIGENT to recognize the phenomena as something to take serious. In the past The United States of America back when I was still in High School at least, over 30+ years ago, were examining using certain people in Law Enforcement, calling them Psychic Cops and I even considered doing that myself when I saw them on TV being featured, putting this and that clue together, with the person getting an accurate mental image of somebody they never met or place they’ve never been to, and they were right in solving those cases. So when you see me talking flagrantly about Occult stuff, I do so because it’s real and I’m not the only one out here doing that. So seeing Edward Snowden talking about the government spying on Americans using this program and that is not shocking. What would be better for people is to spell out how. I notice even The FBI Whistleblowers are a bit shy telling certain things they should be more fluent to say, but I guess conscientiously they’re still tied to The Feds a certain way to not reveal particular things. I do that to some degree in my own case, but I let go a bit more information since I’m not a Party to any of their Agencies, Associates, or Affiliates. Now, Julian Assange whether affiliated, associated, or ever “employed” at any governmental agency in The World also connected in some was to The United States has yet to be fully determined because how can we trust what we’re being told. Lets say NOT for now. But the way The USA went after this man across the globe, you’d think he was once in league with them. At the time, I did not catch exactly what he did. I’m just now gaining a better understanding on account of the re-investigation into the Matter and his current interviews. He’s pleading guilty on just 1 charge of espionage set to stand trial in a U.S Court in The Mariana Islands. Incidentally, for those wondering about my re-location plans, I did consider The Mariana Islands, Guam, & Samoa as possible places to go, given that they are American Territories that offer a Pacific Islander, Eastern Culture and are close to Asian Countries, Russia and Australia for me to try life over there. The World is such a small place that anywhere plausible to go to is an easy enough guess. Unlike some people who just pick up and go anywhere with the proper paperwork or not and come back to America on a whim when something goes wrong, I take the time to wonder, explore, and study some things since it’s a life decision. Some people have done this already and have settled in their new place Overseas in a way where they only visit America. Why are people talking about leaving, well, it’s whatever their issue is. It should be a compilation of several factors though causing you to finally leave America for a better life Overseas, and giving up the Citizenship. Vacationing here and there for a significant enough period of time, and gaining a perspective of life in another Country and knowing the language is useful. And what does this have to do with Julian Assange? Plenty! Notice America is kind of treating him like he’s a U.S. Citizen to be extradited back home, but he’s an Australian Citizen. So what’s the problem? Well, a terrible secret got out the other day in one guys’ interview about him revealing what some of us already picked up on. and now’ it’s confirmed that Australia acts like a Vassal State of America. They wanted Julian Assange to come home, but had to be subservient to America’s wishes. Hmm. Canada in similar in some respects, though a little different from what I can tell. So this is an issue of Sovereignty. We know America wants to be the Cop Kingdom of The World, but *why them?*Sovereign Nations are supposed to be their own Political Entity governing their own affairs. Great Britain, and I still see England as that, because their once glorious Empire has more history and experience in certain areas than America to recognize that maybe Julian Assange’s cases deserved scrutiny against America getting their hands on him to do whatever they wanted, when he has rights. The Ecuadorian Embassy in England probably should have held out more against America’s wishes than to give in, taking away his international protection from him why he ended up in the harsh Belmarsh Prison. He was safe at that Embassy for 7 years and could have remained so, possibly getting the charges dropped. His hope slipped out from under him, but his Attorneys fought and fought to where his case is now, free and almost completely out of The Woods.

Today is Monday July 8th 2024, and the perspective I have to offer is how his Attorneys debunked what The FBI Director said to The General Public as an explanation as to why The American Government went after Julian Assange as the legal cause, which was how he endangered their Sources out in The Field, as in The Turncoat Afghanis working in secret telling on The Taliban. Such an argument is plausible except that his Lawyers found no such original case during the whole legal process at the time as they explained their side of it to The Public, so that was not the reason apparently. Whatever files he hacked into and exposed is a known art to at least one other Journalist who sometimes got in trouble for it and recovered, and whom also worked with Prosecutors knowing inside information on cases, why he reported so well on them. It’s common for some Journalists to not reveal their “Source” and this is usually a Person, but can be in this case a Machine. And although bad, to be hacking into any government’s website, let’s say that they were planning something very unscrupulous that a lot of people would not like, then a Julian Assange finding that out and releasing information to the people might be a good thing, but at what cost. Another Tech Guy I wrote about a few years back, allegedly stole a USB Drive with Medical Info on it that The Government did not want people to see and he ended up dead. He was a Black Guy who was a Former Military Person, that ended up working in a medical facility as a Scientist, seeing all the behind the scenes stuff and he, knowing better, did not like it, and then Covid-19 happened. So he was an American Veteran, who made the ultimate sacrifice, since he did not get a chance to escape their wiles, so imagine if Great Britain did not contest America, and turned Assange over to them, being a Foreigner with no recourse? When asked at the time, America chose not to confirm Assange’s well-being if he were handed over to them.