💜Trump’s Case And Ghetto Politics🗽

💜Trump’s Case And Ghetto Politics🗽

Interdum Per Amissis Unus Proelium, Vos Reperio Nova Via Vincere Bellum 🪖
Sometimes By Losing A Battle, You Find A New Way To Win The War (Donald Trump)

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It’s interesting how intuitive I am even when I don’t have every last fact. When they were voting for a new Manhattan District Attorney, and looking at the Candidates at the time only having access to few details about them, I recognized at a certain point that The One THEY wanted to win was Alvin Bragg, and I said to myself, having a Black Guy there would be cool, and Liz Crotty was interesting too, but if I'm being fair, despite his appearance, I think Dan Quart is the more reasonable one for The People to choose, however he was badly overlooked and he recently retired, apparently disappearing from the political scene. And as Bragg won and time went on, The Voting Public now see signs where he appears to be manipulated by someone. Well, I was seeing that before when Preet Bharara popped up everywhere insisting that The People vote for Alvin Bragg. And we know that Preet was fired as District Attorney by Trump when he was in power, and now since this travesty with Trump and people turning on Alvin Bragg, he’s popped back up on the scene all of a sudden. I was seeing the signs of political manipulation back then and it turns out I was right. I didn’t expect things to be this corrupt though. I study a lot of things and relate them in creative ways with my work that I’ve now come under attack for it, evidently since October 2021 with a certain story I wrote. Ahem! So now that same SDNY Office that Trump is said to have contacted to prosecute certain enemies at the time like Avenatti, is now looking to target him. If you all remember or search for those articles I did on the topic, you’ll see my point where I was telling you how bad things can turn out by making political miscalculations. It can affect the stable leadership of the country. Sometimes leaving something alone as it fatefully plays out is better, and this philosophy applies more so now to Prosecutors than Trump at the time. It’s worse with them in the picture fervently going out of their way to manufacture cases against Donald J. Trump, POTUS 45. Them targeting a patriotic Senior Citizen like that, disregarding his Office as a former President who has a right to run again for Office despite what you think. The descension of The Country’s values have led to the decline of respect from foreign nations now flexing themselves as America continues making a fool of herself. BRICS have formed up trading in their own currencies. Russia’s interest re-annexing Ukraine persists, especially when it makes sense. Korea is further realizing their potential. China’s poised to rise as the next global power, and their strategy is on point. And other little things are happening in the world while you’re playing games here. The only one paying attention to all this stuff and wants to make a move is Trump and his Constituents. So this is an issue of loyalty. When Trump was accused of Treason, while in Office, THEY couldn’t get him for that and now that argument withered and died. The Treason appears to be coming more from The DOJ, FBI with Persons in there actively working at obstructing anyone IN the country making any kind of political nationalistic sense. They are interfering with Journalists, Christians, any type of Conservative, and so on who still practice wholesome values and promote proper things. The terrorism we’re experiencing in our lives can be traced back to a common Sect of people behind it. Maybe we can recover the lost value of our currency by simply boycotting their industries, and interests. They certainly made a mistake targeting me. So what can I tell you about your case Trump? Well, I say case though there are others because it’s all the same damn thing. I know that The Feds are Masters at making mistakes. They never fail in revealing their hand. Just going through a process with them should feel familiar. I don’t care what they claim to have against you, just the way something is going shows the opposite. And what about The Informant? Who is he or her? Is the word of the person trustworthy in court? What do they think they know to either volunteer information or be used against their will to spy on you and your organization. What is going on here? New York has no respect for anybody. It’s still standard across the board to be affecting YOU a native of Queens who became a Real Estate Mogul and then reached The Highest Office of the land serving as our President. Instead of being proud of you, you’re greeted with malice from Democrats in The State. Well, as a Son of Queens, you should know how to deal with these sort of problems. So many Top People came from here, even Fugitives who made it Big in life shirking Law Enforcement. Crooks out here beat their case all the time. They know The Streets. And when I say The Streets, I mean figuratively as well. And though the times change, certain things don’t, and you grew up with the times. You’ve been making certain clever moves showing you’re a Brother who knows The Streets, while living your hyphenluted lifestyle, so The System can’t fuck you over. There are people out here who actually like you, so that chant you heard as your motorcade pulled into the city, ‘New York Hates You’ isn’t true in certain parts. You’re from Jamaica, Queens and we’re looking for you to make some classic moves to get out of your problems. I can state for The Record that generally all throughout your Presidency, in these parts and the neighboring areas, even after you were ousted from power, there were people in The State who secretly supported you and think these attacks on you are improper. Their support may not be necessarily that they voted for you, but one of Our Own making it, certainly awards some sentiment in your favor and we’re (privately) proud of you.

Lhisa Mrklon,
The Queen Of Queens