⚖️ A Proud Boy’s Sentence 🏛️

⚖️ A Proud Boy’s Sentence 🏛️

Cum Fieri Pueri, Credo Nos Praecipuum Propositum Est Esse Defendere Occidentem, Si Nostri Sola Praesentia Causas Hominum Si Quis Committere Actus Violentiae, Non Est Temeritas Et Nos Defendamus 🍻🍺 As Proud Boys, I Think Our Main Objective Is To Defend The West, If Our Mere Presence Causes People To Want To Commit Acts Of Violence, We’re Not Afraid To Defend Ourselves

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So I waited till today to take the time to post on this topic as opposed to doing it at the relevant time last year in 2023, which would have made my overall news coverage a total of 20 articles discussing 38 issues, but doing this one on Sunday Jan 6 2024 made more sense. Now, there’s a lot to say, so I’ll start off this year with a BANG and appropriately so concerning this topic. You know I like interesting people, the good, the bad and those somewhere in between, and Enrique Tarrio’s vibe as a Hispanic Brother had the mark of a rebel hero. He had the look, the smile, the attitude, the leadership, the magnetism, the heart, the courage, and so forth. He drew people to his movement and it gained traction and it was going somewhere whether you agreed with it or not. I’m not sure about his background because there are some things there to know, and I’m not sure why he was helping The Feds while trying to exercise revolutionary rights. He was believable by himself with his Crew. I don’t know why The Feds were around. At the time with all the excitement popping off at The Capitol, looking at the footage, I noticed cop-ish behavior and language from some of The Raiders there going through the building offices photographing, touching, moving, and taking stuff, and I was wondering why some of the more savvy News Broadcasters didn’t comment or allude to that suspicion, but in later Reports, they started saying it and speculated on the potential of it being an inside job with Officials setting up the whole thing. So if Enrique was just a Front Man being used by somebody in an internal government rogue insurrection plot, then he had to know the risks, and that it might not fair well for him. This Government is Corrupt by the way, if you don’t know that, but let’s treat The Proud Boys thing as a legitimate independent “over-throw” operation Enrique dreamed up, going against the federal ties that were there holding him back while trying to be an American Revolutionary Hero along with The Oath Keepers.

So now it's Tuesday Jan 9th 2024, and continuing with this, Enrique seems like the kind of guy you would talk to and hang out with. There are a lot of Dudes in The Barrio like him. During his legal dilemma I hoped he would win his case in some way. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He got 22 years, while Stewart Rhodes, Leader of The Oath Keepers received 18 years. It’s still an exciting time in American History right now. When you think about the whole thing, you have to look at it in context to The Constitution and what a Citizen has the right to do if you still honor that. They DO have a right to take civil action and overthrow The Government if it became corrupt as The Original Writers over 240 years ago intended. The People that were there that day were accused of trying to overturn democracy and install a tyranny. Really? It looked more like an angry protest where they wanted Trump to remain in power since they feared what The Biden Administration might bring. The Hysteria of The Crowd went too far chanting ‘hang Mike Pence’ and raiding The Capitol Building rummaging through the place causing noted Politicians to flee for their lives. The Black Security Detail there were excellent tolerating the beratement, trying to de-escalate the situation, protecting The Politicians while getting hurt themselves. The Mass that day were ill-equipped for a real revolution. It was clearly never thought out well. Remember just before the incident took off, President Trump got on The Air telling Protesters to keep it peaceful. Everyone who caught wind of it and felt it in the air knew something was going to pop off despite that attempt. It had been brewing. And was The 2020 Election even fair?

And it’s now Friday January 12, 2024. Now revolutions since they first ever began in human history almost always involved some form of uprising among the people. There was usually a leader involved and sometimes these rebellions go well. Let’s look at Enrique for a second. If this was South or Central America and The Caribbean, and he was some Dude out there mobilizing the people, it would be better. Enrique would have amassed an Army with political and financial support, and he would run through town with them taking over neighborhood by neighborhood, acquiring new recruits and securing territory, while making his way day by day to The Capitol to seize power. He wouldn’t be out there posing, demonstrating, and talking to the cameras. Warfare in this case is about usurping the current Ruler and taking over. He wasn’t out there doing that, nor was Stewart Rhodes and apparently anyone else. Were they really going to hang Mike Pence if they caught him? They had the set up out there for it. Was it examined? Was it real or a prop? Could that contraption have successfully killed him? Who’s idea was it to bring it out there? With the frenzy of an angry crowd, Politicians running for their welfare makes sense. Their FEAR was real. So how does something like this get organized so well or so poorly, you take your pick? It’s hard for any sort of mass communication to escape The Government’s eye or any cognizant person online following it. All this time, they let it go on when it could have been stopped. And now they want to prosecute these people? Who’s The Culprit here? Several Government Agencies would have been up on that. And because they failed to curb the problem maybe because of their own political ambitions, it led to people getting hurt, and at least one federal person eventually died directly from that incident. I’ve heard televised arguments countering why that dead cop didn’t die directly from that incident, absolving anyone there or remotely of blame, but would he have died on his own the next day if he had a normal work day? And on The Other Side of things, a White Female also died directly from being shot by a Black Cop The Government protected thereafter because she was forcibly entering The Capitol with her Husband and Others that day. Did a shot really need to be fired deliberately at her? On Camera she didn’t seem more violent than her Husband. Why did The Officer not fire after anyone else bombarding into the space? Her husband was on The Airwaves thereafter exposing The Cover-up of The System protecting the guy. Though the events that day seemed racial in part, a government should strive to uphold Its principles while protecting Citizens on either side of the political sphere yet you only want to bring cases against American Protesters exercising their Constitutional Right to Civil Disobedience.

So now it’s Monday January 15, 2024 and we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King’s Day, a Man of Peace being of The Cloth, who in his latter years showed signs of realizing that Malcolm X and his militant ways might be more apt in dealing with the injustices of Blacks in America. You can click the above image to The King Center to see the events they are holding this year. And I want to call to mind that when Enrique Tarrio was sentenced back in May 2023, being Afro-Cuban, he got served the longest time as a Seditionist, 22 years while his White counterpart Stewart Rhodes got 18 years for doing the same thing. Fighting the disparity of race in The Criminal Justice System is something that would interest Dr. King as well as other Civil Rights Leaders. One of our supposed rights is to free speech, so criticizing the government is American. The fact that we saw a Black Man in a crowd leading Red Necks and other Neo-Nazi types is revolutionary and should be celebrated. We have come very far since the inception of this Country. He had what it took to accomplish that. Many years ago in various discussions either in a classroom, on the street, or out somewhere, the idea of a Black Leader male or female mobilizing All People rested somewhere in my mind because glimpses of it growing up existed about me. It’s possible. It certainly was the case with Dr. King in his time. We are taught to see a White Leader managing Colored People as if that makes sense. And likewise in other groups, since Asians prefer seeing their own Hero on The Big Screen saving their people and it makes sense, as well as The White Man being accustomed to his own Savior as well, but it’s not hard imagining some other race of person being The Phenomenal One from another culture or land who helped save The Day. Am I saying that The Seditionists as they are referred to are Heroes? I like looking at certain situations in entertaining, philosophical or romantic ways sometimes. Only time will tell if they were justified to raid The Capitol. Evidence keeps coming out on the 2020 Election showing it to be a possible fraud, and that Trump should have won. And I’ll close by addressing what concerned some People of Color at the time when they remarked that if it were Black People storming The Capitol, they would have been massacred. Well, when you think of The Black Panthers, The Black Liberation Army, and other Black Freedom Fighters, noticed that they risked their lives and livelihood for the sake of our people since coming off The Slave Ships over 400 years ago why we are free Today and other People of Color coming here can benefit.

And now it’s Thursday January 18 2024. Politics is scary no matter what part of the world we live in. I admit, some places are better than others. America used to be The Place setting The Standard for other nations and while some still follow, others have moved on implementing their own thing. The mesmerizing fantasy stardust is no longer there in many people’s minds. Look at what America has become! Some Celebrities said they’ll leave the Country if Trump is elected. Currently both Oprah and Barbra Streisand are saying that. And we saw this the first time around with Rihanna, and although Whoopi Goldberg said she would leave, she later opted to stay and fight. Well it wasn’t so bad. In fact things were better than it is now, and Rihanna came back to America. People here dealing with Biden are fighting, and could have really escaped for four years. Some people are realizing that we’re fighting a losing battle, at least it was easier aggressively reasoning with Trump when he was in power. The people at the top actually running The Government know there is dissolution in people’s minds across The Nation, so they need to replace you with who don’t know better. They don’t care about you. Who still believes in The American Dream is a naive Migrant crossing The Border illegally, coming in here. And depending on the Memo that day, they are allowed into the innermost sanctions of our cities competing with you for housing, employment, health care and so forth. Where are you gonna go? How you look at a case like this matters. These are Citizens of another nation with no proper documented right to be in this Country. And month after month after month, even years, they occupy. So what this means is that your legally obtained documentation may not carry the same weight or validity now. Upon further thought, you might not even need any of it to bother maintaining. You can’t really do shit with it since it’s not respected under American Policy anymore due to them favoring someone with the Illegal Status. They can reportedly do just about the same things you can as a registered Citizen except obtain a Federal Job, but The Laws may soon skirt that too. What is a Country without it’s actual Citizens? What if a great mass of people decided to show their Civil Disobedience by relinquishing their American Citizenship in favor of another Nation, or just becoming a Stateless Person? This nation will have no power. Your true wealth are your people.

And now it’s Sunday January 21, 2024. The Feds are still on that Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection Case since it happened back in 2021. A lot of people got stung on that. The problem is, as more and more information gets out, the more questionable it is. We see Peaceful Protesters allowed to enter The Capitol and walkabout freely, and we’re hearing about a pipe bomb that was set before, and there is footage of Cops throwing some type of grenade into the crowd, which caused them to move forward. There is also footage of Cops beating up women when they posed no threat, at least one died from it. There is also footage of them pushing a Protester off the side of The Capitol where he fell from that height. In another footage, some guy can be seen bleeding badly from his cheek after being hurt from a grenade blast, that he needed bandaging. I encourage people to view these videos and the commentaries on them. Look, your people are gold, that’s not how you treat Citizens. You’re supposed to be The Greatest Country In The World, set an example. You have what looks like Operatives managing an Insurrection in some of these footage. And if that’s the case, then Enrique Tarrio shouldn’t be going down for that especially when he wasn’t even there. He somehow got in trouble with The Law 2 days before, no doubt that The Feds were behind it. Why would they not be knowing that a civil unrest is underway. This Government historically knows about political groups and persons great and small. So Enrique all by himself was able to organize and engineer all this. That’s a powerful Black Brother, but wait . . . . . . . it looks more like Undercover Agents controlling The Site baiting The Crowd, yelling at them and hurting them, deliberately getting a rise out of them to storm The Capitol, yet you’re blaming Enrique saying that a couple text messages and tweets were responsible. And in Court, The Prosecutors actually wanted him to serve 33 years because he was The General. Hmm, his movement got hijacked! When you look at his interviews prior to Judgment, we see a composed and rational Enrique talking about the incident and what he thought should or should not have happened. We see no interview of the deadly force used by Government Agents attacking Civilians who were harmless. Enrique seemed concern about how far things went, yet in Court, a couple basic phrases he typed in excitement that day however vague the language, were used against him, yet he was not the one out there harming anyone. In other Countries, people “violently” protesting happens and when The Government decides to throw tear gas into The Crowd, and beat them up, you just escalated it. Aren’t your Agents trained on Human Psychology & Crowd Management? I bet they are. So much so to know how to set them off. In the past, I read books on the stuff and watched a lot of programs on the subject matter. There are peaceful ways to diffuse an angry Mob. Setting up Enrique who was physically absent at the scene as your Fall Guy is lame. You learned about his Far-Right Group and what he was trying to do, and your behind-the-scenes Operatives decided to use that image as their cover for their own initiatives. It’s old time spy stuff. If Enrique was responsible for everything, this government with all it’s far reaching access to Social Media, Agencies and so forth would have thoroughly stopped it before it happened. I heard about The Proud Boys & The Oath Keepers, during their time with Trump in power, but never followed it much. I was busy looking at other things at the time. Now, I can get a better sense of the issue to write my take on it. There are other big cases out there going on, but I’m not that interested in them, plus they’ll have to fair well into what I might be covering at such and such a time to matter. Like this one for instance playing right into my calendar for what I want to talk about. And trying to time things a certain way don’t always work out. One person I deliberately have not been talking about much in my previous articles, dropped out of The Race for President last year. So I can’t comment on Mike Pence the way I hoped. Though I like Trump, Kennedy, and a couple other Candidates, I expected Mike Pence to be up there as a contending figure as well. He had a right to run, remember as per The Reports, they tried to take his life that day for not using his Political Power in favor of Trump. Poetically in a Christian way, him being a Contender triumphing towards possibly being selected by The People to be POTUS 47 would be eventful. That’s why I kept silent, letting him feel his way out there in The Political Wind, make a few strong moves and come up on top, but what we saw was him doing a few speeches, being interviewed on shows about Jan 6 2021, him promoting his book, and him still being hated on by some people, and then he let the negativity get to him, and he eventually dropped out of the race. I don’t care how low your numbers are along the course of a race, things happen, people change their minds, and you now look like The Better Candidate To Vote For and now the option is no longer there. So now a few weeks ago, notice how The Mascot of the whole thing, Jacob Chansley, The Q-Anon Shaman people were making fun of, changed up after doing time to now being a Candidate running for Office and people are taking him seriously. You can click on his photo link for more info. He’s on TV being interviewed and what he’s saying is sound. One of the things you’ll notice in Politically Corrupt Capitalist Societies like this one are the few rare Tokens of People sprinkled throughout The Pyramid going downward decorating the mind, heart and soul of a Nation. Many of us exist and are not always placed where we should be. So it shouldn’t surprise you when he or she thinks of something great, says something inspiring, produce some quality work, or is capable of solving a crisis, or is able to lead many and so forth. Just give them a chance. Of course the alternative is ranking the less competent people higher, leading to a mess. And I’ll close this segment by saying that Countries like Argentina & Palestine continue to have a mess in politics for their own reasons. Argentina has a practice of removing their Leaders regularly. At one long point in their history, they were the place other Foreign Leaders fled to. And Palestine once enjoyed their own Arabian Sovereignty until other nations conspired against them to take their land and give it to another people with disregard to their ancestral rights, based off an invalidated biblical story. And now The Jews there in conjunction with America are engaged in an ongoing conflict in The Middle East we should not have had anything to do with, which slowly over time led to the under-cutting of this nation’s wealth and stability. Other Christian Nations are not that invested, and though they have their own issues, they’re doing better maintaining their Sovereignty being First World & Third World Nations. WHY?! It’s about maintaining long held values and not distributing your wealth and resources somewhere compromising to the Welfare of your people or State.

So today is Wednesday January 24, 2024, and I’m writing my last segment on this. To the people coming here illegally through The Border, some of you may be actually trying to escape persecution, poverty, or other plausible dire issue, but according to The News reports, too many of you are criminals. Now some people being transported to a Sanctuary City off Tax Payers dollars, may find their way adjusting and eventually assimilating into Our Society over time, while others may find it difficult still preferring their old Country ways. And maybe you should go back. Some of the lighter-skinned ones among you might be fine here if your features, language and culture don’t offend White Americans here since the racism still exist. You can pretend it don’t until you’re hit with it. I care more for the darker-skinned people on this because you really think you’re coming here for a better quality life as opposed to being in your Country. Now who taught you that? There might be some hope at first, and it may work out for you despite any tensions along the way, but my argument will more fit those of you who’ll experience some problems eventually. Getting all the legal paperwork and conforming yourself to be socially acceptable to these White People won’t change that. And be careful about taking your issues to certain Agencies to solve. If you thought your Country was corrupt, you might appreciate how they handled things there. And I’m talking to you in a raced-based language you’ll understand so as to not get it confused. Some of you will remain under the radar, untouched by The System, while others will find themselves reaching new heights. This is not your Country. Remember that. At no point of that success should you think you are accepted. People find out otherwise as they done forgot. Ofcourse some of you will leave your Countrymen behind seeing yourselves as American, but do they see you that way? It was a struggle for me entering the Country legally ofcourse as a child a few decades back. Your looks, your accent, your ways, and so forth don’t go away, as if you were trying to. I know some people are trying to erase that and pass for another group of people and I met some folks over the course of life doing that, fooling who they can fool. If you look White and sound like them, carry yourself like them, use some Anglo name, it might work. Some use their mixture to assimilate in this other group or that instead. Whatever benefits. Survival in one form or the other is to be expected. As for my Darkies, you especially need to be careful. They don’t like you here. Just take it for what it’s worth. There is little to gain moving forward as The Society is collapsing. You’ll need to survive much in the same way you left home, only that you’ll be earning a slightly stronger currency. As inflation grows, the riskier your chances, so don’t spend much. The people at the very top exercising their right to have control over you don’t care about your welfare. The less interaction and involvement you have in this Society, the better off you might be if you can do that consistently. Then comes the next phase, someone very much involved with The Government might notice this and try to knock you down. Your discipline in surviving this way might be seen as odd or strange since they’re accustomed to people with less prudence, who squander. So don’t be surprised if your quality of life suddenly comes under unscrupulous attack and you make it on a Watch List. Remember, your mind, soul, and body were forged some place else, so you have it within you to discern from them. And weigh carefully as to whether you should become a Citizen or not. Holding on to your other documentation might be better. No one is going to tell you this unless they mean you well. So you must decide whether it suits you. There are people disillusioned by it and are abdicating America Citizenship in favor of another Nation. Having Dual or Multiple Citizenship is useful. Again it depends on who you are and what you’re doing. If you’re allowed to lead your life without Censorship here, which I doubt given the current political climate, you might get lost for a while in The American Dream, with what’s left of it, since it was not made for you to experience, then finally realize you can be some place else pursuing your hopes and dreams. At some point you’ll gain a perspective of what’s really happening here. Some haven’t figured it out yet. And finally if they are trying to keep you trapped here, your silence is golden. I must be vague because great minds think alike. Remain vigilant.

So now it’s January 31, 2024, seven days after my last post and I pose the question. So which is it? Did we see a young Hispanic Man followed, and being set up and used by a racist Government Agency in a rogue operation against Trump & The American People, OR did we see a guy with his growing Community moving about our cities, protesting against the results of the 2020 Election with intent to storm The Capitol with an agenda to rampage the place and disrupt the transition of power for Trump, OR did we see A Black Spanish Dude lead a band of political Drinking Buddies protesting corrupt government policies, disputing Biden’s win for POTUS 46, where along the way, his group got hijacked by Agents looking to use it for their own internal treacherous purposes, making sure that The Leader could not be there that day to pose a different outcome to this historic event?

Whichever the case, The World saw ongoing events of an Afro-Cuban Man leading White People in their Right-Wing Agenda, challenging The Powers That Be in Our Government in a remarkable way, and now he’s a Political Prisoner. When The FBI saw Enrique Tarrio in action, in their hyper attack mode, did they see someone they thought achieve a unique way of operating a movement on American soil that reminded them of The Black Panthers in a way? Well, a so-called White Supremacist named Enrique Tarrio has been seen wearing a Malcolm X, and other social conscious T-Shirts, and he identifies as Afro-Cuban, but was able to use his charisma, nigger swag, and so on in a way to somehow do the impossible. Using a bunch of Militant Negroes to take The Capitol would be massively impressive as The Black Liberation Army would be proud of, but Enrique knowing his Black History enough saw it fit to intellectually engineer a cohesion of values based on the principles of what it means to be an American by co-opting into a White Pool of thinking, forming his own Group and becoming Their Leader outside of It, which by itself is impressive, to be able to Lead his Civil Rights Marches for true American Freedom via POTUS 45, only to be disrespectfully undercut by corrupt government agencies trifling with his social justice model, hovering over him along the way, infiltrating and distorting otherwise peacefully protesting groups, who were willing to defend themselves when necessary. And to further insult his purpose, the whole onslaught shows behind it some sort of manipulation or coercion as if Enrique Tarrio was a Cointelpro Mule*or something being used by The Government, and then pulled out of The Operation when it was time. If that was the case, why give him the credit? And if he’s one of your *Agents who was on a mission to do all that from the start, why make a spectacle of him and his group? Maybe, he was in fact a person with an original purpose trying to feel out a way in life to make his mark in the world in a unique manner, and then it got disrupted.


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