Britain鈥檚 Queen Elizabeth II 馃挏 Platinum Jubilee

Britain鈥檚 Queen Elizabeth II 馃挏 Platinum Jubilee

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Lhisa Mrklon
Jun 13, 2022

Queen Elizabeth In Her Earlier Years

QueenGod Save The Queen (Remastered 2011)

Spero Populus Cogitare, Et Diligenter De Futuro 馃憫 I Hope People Will Think Very Carefully About The Future (Queen Elizabeth II)

My campaign exposing the immoral practices that the Parent Companies of Google & Facebook, and their other Big Tech Enablers do behind the scenes, goes on until remedied because if this information was overtly known and circulated, certain Creative and Independent Thinking people and companies they secretly don鈥檛 like and maliciously target, would not be signing up to use their services if they knew exactly what it actually was. More will be shared with you in the future as I publish more articles on trending topics, but for now, you should exercise due diligence on things being marketed to you from them either directly or indirectly. It鈥檚 usually the opposite of what they promise. Also, pay attention to the very People behind these companies. What do you notice?

Well. . . .celebrating The Queen of England鈥檚 70th year of rulership on the throne certainly was festive. The events leading up to it could have been smoother. You know, the issue with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry鈥檚 exit from their Royal Duties, and also the Prince Andrew sex-trafficking scandal. The Queen also, celebrated her 96th Birthday without Prince Philip physically being present at the festivities, but homage was paid to the deceased Monarch. All in all, the festivities went well with notable Celebrities present and top Performers taking the stage that each day, you looked forward to the next unveiling of events.

Lhisa Mrklon

A Brief Video On The Queen鈥檚 Historical Reign

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