😔 McCarthyism Gaetz Jim Jordan ❎

😔 McCarthyism Gaetz Jim Jordan ❎

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You get the pun and double meaning there from my title. Well Florida Representative Matt Gaetz made history doing what he did electing to remove a House Speaker from Office. Remember at the time he held on to his vote for the last minute before giving it to Kevin McCarthy, and then his doubt from the beginning turned out to be correct why he moved so profoundly to have him ousted after McCarthy politically sided too far to The Left on some issue. Jim Jordan has been able to hold his own as we’ve seen with attacks in his political life and we saw him hold court with issues concerning The FBI, but they opted instead to use Mike Johnson as the new House Speaker. He’s been functioning in his new role for a while now and what do you think? Do you miss Kevin McCarthy?

📣 Update: On Exit Mccarthy Calls Matt Gaetz Psychotic

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So anyway, going into Thanksgiving what the country should be grateful for are those in it fighting to maintain our freedom and sovereignty.


This man needs to be commended for being dedicated to bringing you exclusives, reporting on the things those oppressing us is trying to keep silent. Support his Show on X (formerly Twitter) and get the message around. Since his days on Fox, the signs were there that they wanted to cancel him which he exposed long before. Agent recognizes Agent and I support you.


This Young Lady, carries herself well and she speaks the truth. She’s out there championing American values and still running for Office. Support her. They tried to stop her success in Arizona and through out her legal dispute but she still stands strong. You need strong women in Office.


As bad as he is being presented these days and ridiculed, he’s an American Soldier turned Politician who’s not afraid to fight back. He has made shrewd moves to thwart unsettling democratic policies in his State, that was clear from the beginning. Even if you disagree with some of his stance, he’s responsive, he’s not taking his time or making poor excuses. Just reason with him.


Donald J. Trump needs to be awarded a Purple Heart for enduring hateful attacks into the very fiber of his life. It’s clear that he got cheated and short-changed in several ways undercutting his privilege and right to power and the people behind it should be ashamed. If anyone is to save the country as we know it, it should be a Monopoly looking business man with golden hair.


She’s another Politician being a champion trying to maintain wholesome American values. It’s a pity. On one occasion several weeks back she sported a video on Truth Social of her riding her horse galloping at top speed cross country and I couldn’t help but imagine it as a scene in an apocalyptic movie going towards the end of the film. Knowing what I know cosmically and revealed in my last article, I couldn’t help but say in my mind at the time, ‘Where are you riding to Kristi? Hope is gone. It’s all over. You can’t save them.’ And then I thought, what hope. To be a naive heroine still trying.


He’s another one of my favorites out there I support, former Cop and Secret Service person. How could you not love this guy. He’s wise. He too has been hated and targeted by The Powers That Be for delivering his rich intellectual content. He’s a Brother keeping it real.


This is another Politician that supports Trump and is always there to assist. She’s been instrumental with the public support and introducing effective policies helping Conservatives.

Obviously there are more people to talk about but I’ll leave it there since Eight Is Enough counting MATT GAETZ from the beginning. Poor Madison Cawthorn fell out of action and is still recovering from being jacked by The Democratic Hate Machine where there was a Jewish Man at the helm in The News talking shit about him and I guess when he saw the young blond Madison in Politics being effective, it might have reminded him of The Hitler Youth.

So now it’s November 29, 2023 and I mentioned what I said above to highlight just a few people functioning the best they can in their capacity amidst their own difficulties. There are others I have not mentioned who are popular out there and you know who you are and some of you are also my favorites that I listen to and promote. I just won’t play all my cards on this segment. The truth of the matter is an agency like The FBI who is supposed to protect you have become corrupt Itself according to those Agents who left and are out here warning The Public since about 12 years ago when I first noticed a couple of them on Youtube, since then the expose has gotten worse. You can read my article about that Agency being a National Security Threat about 8 articles back published July 1 2023. What I’ve been artfully exposing in my previous 19 articles mentioning Big Tech & Big Brother is how our rights are being eroded that bothering to do certain lawful things that should help might not. It’s not just Black People complaining. The problem has profoundly hit White People. I’ve been showcasing my own incident talking about and drawing interest to prove a point. I’ve been running my own operation for decades to see and know and be aware of certain things other people may not be paying attention to. There were certain notable media companies I like and used over the years who came under a similar Trademark attack and the so-called protections they had did not help. They either changed their name to what it is now and continued as they were, or they changed the nature of their business, or they went out of business. And as a person in The Public, you yourself don’t need to respect these Tech Giants either as a Consumer. If Google Ads want you to respect their Trademark and set up your Ad agreement though them, why should you? Couldn’t you sidestep that and just get a Google domain, maybe get a Microsoft one, get a Mark Monitor one, and one from Automattic and Wordpress and run your Ads off their Trademarks? They themselves are engaged in that criminal activity either trying to hurt a brand or infringing on the trademarks of Small Businesses they see as better than their own company in some way to market their Ads through. And they feel they have a right to, even though they can’t prove any consensual agreement. Everytime I launched a formal complaint, they took down the pirate website and after a while began defaming my business again simply because I’m a Black Person who has no real rights in this Country. My criminal complaints is not treated with the same equal standing as a White Male, so as a Nigger in this Society I have to do what actually works for Our People. And I met with better success doing that and I’m continuing to do so. There is an FBI Agent involved which I exposed in 2 prior articles, he’s a Handler, and his name is Peter Christopher Kelsey, but calls himself Chris Kels. For over 12 years, he’s been trying to make a stupid Moorish, Sovereign Citizen case I reported that I learned from 2 other Officers from their respective Agencies who investigated it and saw no real merit to go further, which was related back to The FBI Agent who still perhaps out of his own racist agenda to feel that he needed to target these struggling Black People and is probably still doing so. The problem here is that The FBI has a practice of following people’s lives who are not Criminals as if they are trying to criminalize the person for being poor, hurting their right to exist. This FBI Agent has a White Wife already who is a basic blond person apparently with a job as a Psychologist, with a husband engaged in questionable activities bothering an attractive disenfranchised Black Female and a lot of these attacks in my personal life all fit the psychological profile of a Narcissist. Now, I only met this Agent twice. My communications with him at the time was mainly through emails and on the phone. He appears to be using his FBI credentials to do things that a Cyber Criminal would do and I wonder who else he’s doing this to. You don’t log into people’s private accounts, and use their Trademark as if you have a right to or enlist other people in Big Tech to aid and abet such criminal activities. You don’t have a right to use my name or anything having to do with me. I learned that this FBI Agent appears to be a CFO of a Small Town in Upstate New York called Colonie. Now, I have a couple ways of looking at these strange contacts and happenings in my life, but the negative certainly outweighs the positive for me to make a case of it. This guy has no business being in my life. The lack of finesse with his presence have led to some unfortunate incidences in my life and for what? Anyone has my permission to contact me for an interview, pull whatever FOIA records necessary so we can determine what’s going on in your case and mine and collaborate. These problems I’ve been having also has something to do with Michael Avenatti and his cases might need to be re-opened to examine the role of this FBI Agent. I don’t know why he even became a Federal Agent, because how he works and what he’s doing from my perspective is odd and consistent with narcissism. Apparently his Wife either knows what he is and can’t control him, maybe she’s a Narcissist herself, or maybe she has no clue what’s going on which is hard for me to believe because he hides behind her name with the properties he resides in. I’m able to determine these facts about him now based off my own investigative research. Since I dropped that case over 10 years ago and moved on, I never cared much about him or it, but he couldn’t let go. I kept sensing his antics along the way trifling in my life and I was trying to find the right Attorney to help me contend. At the time the 3 Lawyers I spoke with saw nothing in that Dr Ali Muhammad aboriginal apostille number activity to justify why an FBI Agent would not let it go. The Public can go on Facebook and Youtube an follow his activities and other Blacks in their own cyber communities talking about how we should live as a People. Some don’t believe the word “Black” should be used to describe us, and that “Moor” is better. Some disagree since we are all not Muslim, but Christian or other. The problem is that The FBI don’t like certain Black philosophies why they had The Cointelpro Program and eventually incarcerated and/ or murdered Black Leaders like Malcolm X and Dr King, Medgar Evers, and some Black Panthers. So what this Agent is essentially trying to do is get feathers in his cap professionally even if The Civil Rights Movement NOW is nothing like what it was in The 1960s. The FBI Agent lives in a racist area upstate just 2 hours from Manhattan. You can casually do a search on Pearl River, New York and come across some racist incident. I used to live further upstate many years ago about 6 hours from the city, and though the people there were prejudice, the couple biased incidences there still had less gravity than what I’m reading about in this guy’s area. If I was a Supervisor or Other in The FBI and I came across my report, I would not have assigned him to the case, but then again I’m Black, it would not have gotten that far because we have a sensible way of looking at issues. I don’t think a Black FBI Agent would have handled that issue that way. I atleast tried to contain the problem and neutralize it. You know who do did that too, The Homeland Security Guy and The HIDTA Guy. The Older Italian Guy from The Joint Terrorism Task Force though he has some issues out there using excessive force in his background while being a Cop, it was a few reports, and him being ethnic himself, would know better. From studying this FBI Guy who on face value is supposed to be a White Christian, he might be a Jewish Person passing for a White Catholic based off the way I interpret these attacks. Now a real Inner City Jew wouldn’t be having these problems with me. I interpret Jewish attacks a certain way from experiencing them over time. A real Catholic Person would not be bothering me. If The FBI Guy never existed and I was experiencing these attacks, it would just be me complaining about Big Tech & Big Brother. The problem is that The FBI Guy has access to the State of Indiana, where Mark Monitor is and where his wife Erica Jenssen apparently works. Why is all this stuff coming out? Carelessness! I can’t imagine why a Trained Agent would not see several moves ahead of a game. All I can do is imagine what might be going on personally in his life. Now I’m a private person. I respect people enough to offer the same courtesy, but when things get odd, dicey, weird and so forth, my low-key self changes to overt expressions and rightfully so. It’s a power of being an Ambivert. I’m quiet and reserved, but can also be an Exhibitionist. Figure, if there is an FBI Agent involved, some case where me and my Trademark was a part of, plus over 20 years of solid history using a name leading back to me, why would a Scammer feel comfortable using it still with all the reports I made already to certain Law Enforcement Agencies and other Institutions and Lawyers some of which they can see behind the scenes on their Network. If Someone in The Shadow Government was trying to stop my influence, and run me offline, YOU using my Trade Name is stupid. It’s clear that you have no soul, creativity, or imagination to draft your own concepts. Notice The Person isn’t trying to hijack similar concepts from The Negro Men in their Moorish Science Communities who are far more popular than I am in those Circles. They may know of me, but what I’m doing is different. The problem is writing this blog was not meant to attract issues or Weirdos, that was the point. I use to make a lot of videos citing my opinion on stuff and it bothered a handful of people. Whoever liked it, liked it. This was back when Youtube was still new and I was getting popular organically until they changed their platform to control and limit who gains Followers and how far a video should go. So if The Powers That Be have a problem with ME personally and my writings and me trying to monetize my website, fucking around with my Brand Name and I’m the only one you are apparently doing this to PROVES my influence. Trying to cancel me is proving the point I’m making. That’s why this Agent’s business can be now known to The Public. I was trying to contain that problem too through The Mediation Process where Google and/or The FBI Agent failed to see at the time where something could go. So I did my part. I should have been properly compensated at that time and nothing else would have gotten out beyond that point, but you people are stupid. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for my Household to have been negatively impacted for simply being a law-abiding Citizen for over 40 years in this Country who never received a proper stable opportunity despite my intellect and talent, but a White Male without the proper maturity and discerning qualities can get a job in THE FBI trying to handle cases that turn out badly, even hurting a person’s life and livelihood overstepping his bounds. Now as a Negro Person in America, I may not have any rights a White Person is bound to respect because our so-called Constitutional Rights are something we need to keep fighting for to gain almost the same level of respect a White Male has, but I’m doing what IS in my power to do. Unlike The FBI Agent, I know more about me and my situation to be able to look at a problem a certain way, and craftily turn it into an advantage. Despite the many years listening to the Pro-Black rhetoric from The Guys in these online communities, I don’t think he learned much. And whoever is managing that Agent misplaced a card for all that WOKE shit to be escaping into our Mainstream atmosphere in an abused and perverted form. It meant something different back then. Finding some of those old Sa Neter videos online from The House Of Konsciousness and other Black Spokespersons talking about our condition as a People and how to solve it like Dr Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmitt and Others, can help you gain a better understanding of the meaning of WOKE. All that stuff is tame compared to what a Black Hitler would be saying. And I can stop what I’m doing and exclusively dedicate my work and ideology to becoming a Black Hitler, but that’s not my job. That’s easy to do with the right amount of venom and degree of hostility towards Jews and love of The Black Race. I already have a platform I’m about that transcends the affairs of this realm. The Black Hitler thing factors into it, but not exclusively. What I’m doing is inline with The Apocrypha. Black Hitler is on his way. The Jews who engaged in illegal activities trying to illegally profit off my Trademark committing sacrilege are the real leaders of their Communities, not The Rabbi. So I’ll keep filing complaints directly to GOD letting him know that they are seeing Me and Lucifer as their GODS and not HIM. If you think this is a joke, you’re stupid. Read your Bible. Any rational thinking Spiritual Person from any religion would see what I’m saying. I know a Catholic Priest would see it. This is how The Devil works. Everything was fine before someone infringed on my Trademark. The Jewish people will continue to experience a decline in status and power a-whoring after a foreign God due to the activities of your Leaders who are at the very top of Society like Mark Zuckerburg and other prominent Jews who are too fascinated by me and my Trade Name you know little to nothing about because I had to explain it to you. You did everything foolish exposing your bastard selves as being ignorant to something and then when I rebuked you, you engaged in behind-the-scenes communications using your Big Tech tools to try to get my attention when I log in to my emails with some covert message. Simple Trade Names like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and so forth are fitting for what you are doing. Many of you think you’re Satanists as if you have any relationship with Satan but you declare yourselves as Jews though, which means what you see a Goyem doing shouldn’t excite or appeal to you. You should care more about using Yahweh to sell your Ads. Why are you scorning your own religion and trade name to use mine? Atleast YAHOO a variant of Yahweh was the brainchild of who invented it no doubt as an honor of their reverence to God. Someone in Wordpress stalking me personally and engaged in financial fraud shouldn’t be using my Trade Name. I made enough reports to get that DOJ Anti-Trust case re-opened, and I still continue to contact Attorneys in cases going on now sharing my material. I don’t care what kind of protections you think you have, you are already a liability to whoever is using you in The Government to harass me. They ARE NOT going to be there to help you when things get worse. And I’m holding back some other things I want to say. As for The FBI Agent, he’s a Capricorn and they have a snake on the grass vengeful personality holding grudges, but his destructive actions with these senseless cyber attacks eventually led to my Mother suffering a stroke where she needed to be hospitalized early last year and is still healing. The FBI Agents’ Mom Norine Kelsey is a Nurse where he lives, who can explain how debilitating a bad stroke can do to somebody. I think if you are an FBI Agent with all kinds of access to interfering with the most private areas of a person’s life to sit and plot trauma into a person’s life and your agency condones that, I see why many people argue to dismantle The FBI because you’re terrorizing your own Denizens. I’ve pointed out before that this FBI Agent may be more doing these things out of his own confused sense of hatred towards someone and I got targeted if his anger is not about me personally, but much of these attacks suggest some agenda against me personally and I did nothing to this guy. I sensed some jealousy too. Our family pet Poodle became a casualty through all this as well as his health was failing. A trained FBI Agent wouldn’t be randomly torturing a target without being aware of specific things going on in a person’s life before, before and him being a Narcissist spying on my family’s life, would be aware of certain things to strike at a certain time a sif anyone did anything to him. Him arguing that he didn’t know certain things would be ignorant then to do what he did without knowledge of what’s happening in a person’s home. A general issue might have been contained and handled better had he not been in the picture. As an Agent who clearly pries in people’s personal business, he’s taking advantage of uncontrollable issues happening in my life and anyone else he might be terrorizing. All that is bad karma because I know he would be too much of a coward to bother a Gang Banger like that especially the ones as smart as I am to find his information and his family. Anyone in the general public can peruse my life’s work online with what has survived to see if an FBI Agent should be following and targeting ME as opposed to a known wanted Criminal. This is why I don’t feel comfortable in This Country because something is wrong. People who have suffered greatly here and complained about The Country have a right to consider life elsewhere. I noticed that 2 of you I can tell who read that FBI article I wrote and are disclosing why you would still stay in America as I came across your latest videos, but you guys were born here and have something here already. I’m an Immigrant. When you’re doing all the right things to stay afloat and Someone given impunity is making it their life’s mission to target you and you don’t know why, there’s a few ways to fight that, and I’m crafty enough to employ such techniques. That Agent has a problem and he’s set himself up nicely for me to do it to him AGAIN! If you got hurt by someone that looked like me in your past, I was not the one who broke your heart. If per chance you don’t like Black People, you certainly are too cowardly to fight any of The Brothers in that Black Community because just about anyone of them can easily kick your ass why I suspect you’re more comfortable harassing a Black Female who was only The Messenger, but the problem with that is despite your Federal Training, I too using my style of Kung Fu can defeat you in a fair fight with just a couple blows. People who are confident, and can fight, and are happy with themselves don’t operate the shady way you do. If you are nothing like how I’m exposing you, then you have some explaining to do because it fits. Alternatively, I entertained other perceptions of this whole thing in my mind that is a little more positive, but I bet the version I’m putting out here is more accurate. Even if that older Italian Gentleman with the long fancy last name beginning with a Q, that lives a far rock away from you, factored in the equation, it’s YOUR case. You keep shining through as The Culprit. It’s all spilt milk because The Agency should have assigned a more attractive guy who live near me and who understands race issues better and can properly handle a case and know when to leave it alone, instead of giving me you as the contact. I guess no one wanted to work with you. You probably never had a proper Partner so I guess when I abandoned you on that case it might have triggered some childhood trauma. But to be hounding me for over 12 years over it though when I moved on to a bigger and better case, all grown up reading legalese and hoping for Somebody’s freedom to happen. Is it a part of The FBI’s policy to terrorize persons who are Professionals out here educated and talented enough to offer Legal Assistance to persons in need or work with Attorneys that can use their services? Is it proper for you to be interfering with that out of the blue stalking and harassing somebody obstructing his or her ability to do so? You see any Former FBI Agent that’s out here now have every right to recognize something improper or illegal your Agency is doing and help someone’s case. Someone like YOU attacking the person behind-the-scenes only shows how effective he or she is with their skill set why you’re disrupting any positive outcome a Defendant can have like you did with Michael Avenatti. Why don’t you disengage from your activities and continue with your Real Estate Foreclosure Investments if you do that, visiting and collecting quaint towns with English names. If you’re looking for someone to be proud of your accomplishments you have ample people around you to validate you. Why seek my validation? And for a gainfully employed person with your extra-curricular financial activities, why is your also employed Spouse filing for Bankruptcy every 10 years since 2009? Yet The FBI assigned you to investigate a fraud case. All consistent with the financial abuse of a Narcissist. What would have been better than to accept that case in 2010/2011 was to introspect on yourself and declined. Now look where it reached. Me now knowing more than I did before validating why I was correct from the start. You can’t blame me, blame yourself. I tried to save everybody, even you. Being a Super Empath I’m usually able to, but things don’t always work out. I suffered some losses because of you and you should be ashamed of yourself. I knew from 2022 that I would receive no apology or care from who was behind it, but none of this expose is helping you. The more someone follows and investigate it, the more evident all of what I’m saying is. It does not matter if some guy pops up on Youtube trying to rekindle that whole Dr Ali Muhammad (Marcus Counts) Indigenous Sovereign thing again repeating history. Nobody cares. They’ve experienced it before. The argument can be debunked because The United States of America can’t disprove some of what he and others like him are saying about ancestral Black Indians Native to the land and them trying to claim tax-exempt rights off that tribal bloodline. Not only that, the so-called victims of the alleged scam, won’t come out and co-sign the allegations. It’s all hearsay. From the fact that nothing was done prior to my report, shows that something else is going on even since my report to take any of that whole thing seriously. And you know what’s silly too? Following around someone trying to establish some pseudo-case against a person, but you already crossed a line concerning integrity. Imagine back in the day if a Federal Agent was trying to investigate a Gangster’s Business he believed was engaged in illegal activity but can’t prove it, so he goes and uses The Gangster’s identity and Trade Name doing illegal stuff to try to establish a case, except that he’s seen and known by people openly witnessing him doing all that stuff and using Accomplices and trying to pin the crime on the actual Owner when people who know better don’t buy it. First of all, Ferrelux is a Spiritual term. It came about when I was in my bedroom at around the age when I was in Middle School and began using it addressing Myself as a compliment in conjunction to Lucifer since I was fascinated with Him as a deity and I was and still am a Student of The Occult, mythology and certain archaic languages symbols and writings, especially Latin. After using it online a few times amongst other Screen Names some also associated with The Devil, I later elevated it to a Corporate Name for distinction instead of continuing to use Extensive Enterprise after a couple years from when I formed that and we’re talking over 20 years ago. Being online after all this time I never had any issues before until this FBI Agent decided to cross a line into my life interfering with me for no just reason. And he isn’t doing it for any justifiable religious reason because THE FBI claims they don’t investigate ideology. Furthermore there is a Separation of Church and State. They are not supposed to care about what people want to call themselves as an identity on or offline, nor is some random person running some other company, activity or operation is supposed to feel like they have any right to use someone elses’ shit especially not knowing anything about the person or where their brand has been to trust using it. I even expressed to a Prosecutor that a registered Trademark would not protect me from the things this person is doing. Someone in The BBB advised me otherwise with what I should do instead and I am exploring those advice. There are known popular companies right now with registered Trademarks being infringed upon a certain way that I came across using Google resources. And there are notable companies operating without a registered Trademark who are doing just fine. WHY? Well, what people need to realize as I have been showing is that depending on what website you go to, which Attorney you consult if they are being honest, something should occur to you as you read through certain things and listen to the pros and cons to determine whether something is right for you. People have gone through the process and Google and other Big Tech might leave you alone because you are of no interest to them, BUT once you think you are safe with all that so-called protection, you quickly realize how unprotected you really are because it’s all an illusion. It may or may not work for you. Calling your company something anti-semitic may more work than paying the $500 to $11,000 to what extent you’re willing to protect it because The Government Itself with It’s legal language appears to be discouraging you from the start knowing full well that they can’t really protect your trademark beyond a certain point and you’re now spending all your time and energy and money trying to protect a brand name instead of doing your craft and trade. And the Government is also honest enough to tell you that registering it in their care gives them the right to not only collect your money but take it away from you and give it to someone else in dispute. So this is licensed identity theft, a scam really yet this same Government wants to bother Sovereign Citizens and Moorish Americans trying to implement their own Tribal Government offering their own similar services they can probably enforce better and call that a scam. A lot of companies use generic names these days they don’t need to register as their Trademark. There was a time a trademark whether registered or unregistered was respected. That does not exist now like it use to where people saw a name existed already and came up with their own distinct one. The problem on a real is Jewish People. Almost every other nation would see you doing something and not have a need to copy and exploit something. In most cases the person you can trace an offense right back to is usually a Jewish Person. I’ve never had any real problems with a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant because like other kinds of people, they can come up with their own identity and concepts. Jews have been historically ridiculed by racists as a counterfeit race that like to piggyback and hijack off other people’s culture and ideas, and strong signs of that stereotype played itself out in my case. The whole thing is ridiculous and I’m not Jewish in any way. They have their own people to ponder after. Just think, if they were really fans of my work none of this would be happening. They provoked a situation. And I’m referring to the Cabal of Jews targeting me, not the entire race. Ferrelux looks better on a W.A.S.P, a Skinhead, a Catholic (non-Jewish), or other type person than it does on a Jew and none of the other people cared for the word in favor of their own made up identity. And I saw The Perpetrator put up some Jewish Ad infringing on my brand and nothing could be more ridiculous. When you worked so hard to drive someone who did nothing to you or your people off a hosting site for no just reason due to your own bigotry, don’t cross a further line trying to use their fucking brand simply because you want to capitalize on their influence using sales funnels. If anybody knew that Automattic (Wordpress) engages in trademark hijacking and pirating through Google which runs over Mark Monitor, then all that intel should have been put out there in the street a long time ago. Nobody should trust using them especially if they cater to unscrupulous Law Enforcement. I would have used another Content Management System in 2013. What happens is when you are a Black Person online with any merit, there’s an organized effort to try to damage your right to earn a living. That’s how this Country treats Negroes. I have a background in Teaching, Journalism, and Corporate Consulting to name a few, there is no reason for my work to be followed after and targeted like that in the manner it was. I’m not teaching people how to make bombs, or inciting riots or anything like that. Whoever is bothering me is not reading my work because they are a Fan, they are trying to bypass my own Ad Program and profit from my Corporate name as a way of defaming and canceling my brand which defeats the purpose if they were thinking. They are people and companies more popular than I am to choose for that where it would make sense rather than interfering with me which narrowed the suspects for me. Closing me out of my Facebook account and marking my business as closed in Google and other cyber attacks listing me and company in directories I would not use and have not chosen to used in over 2 years are clear signs of a hater emboldened to silence my voice and influence out of jealousy, but why try to usurp usage of my trade name? Only a Narcissist would be doing those things, especially using a badge as cover for your personal crimes. It’s a Crazy Person exhibiting signs of mental and emotional problems attempting to manage me and my work despite my clear resistance and is acting as if they have a relationship with me when they clearly don’t. With the ongoing cases against Big Tech and the latest one against Mark Zuckerberg, I’m actively participating and contributing information I documented and forwarded emails to those Attorneys and Agencies. Keep fucking with me. All you had to do was leave me and my work alone instead of over-reacting to it if you had a brain. The mentally-ill way ya’ll are acting over it is giving greater credibility to the claims I’m making.

So it’s now December 2, 2023 and the cease fire between Israel and HAMAS has ended with the new hostages being released. The World is in a terrible time and has been. Ongoing brutal conflicts between nations should not be going on like this but it’s Human. I mentioned Black Hitler appearing sometime soon in our history and he’s supposed to be The Last Anti-Christ. According to The Scriptures what He is going to do through peace would be far worse to The Jews than what Hitler did in the 1940s killing way more. So people can figure how. I have some idea but I have my own issues I’m still contending with to reserve feeling free to tell anything further. The wrong people are reading and acting a fool over my work. There are other prophecy interpretations I’d like to offer but not now. Things have taken such a turn since 2022 that you can tell. I try to keep things bright and hopeful despite what I know. That Spiritual Technique works if you can endure. So now, what else happened in The News, well they finally ousted George Santos from Office. He was amusing though for the time it lasted. He popped on The Political Scene as a fun distraction. So now Governor Kathy Hochul has to call a new Election for New York’s 3 Congressional District Seat due to the rules since it doesn’t default back to Tom Suozzi who was there before nor can Robert Zimmerman get it for being the Opposing Candidate who has a right to it as well. And now The Republicans don’t have the foothold in that area due to a fraud winning it for the first time. They tried to save him from being voted out on account he has not been convicted yet. So anyway, back me bitching about this FBI Guy again. You know when you watch just about any TV Show you like these days and for me to make my point, I have to mention shows back in the day like MacGuyver starring Richard Dean Anderson when he had a re-occuring enemy name Murdoc that popped up in some episodes messing with him. And in the show Renegade, starring Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines (Vince Black) had Dutch Dixon. Well, that’s what this Dude is kind of like in my life except that like the heroes in those shows I actually liked the Villains as well. And that’s too good an example for that FBI Guy because those 2 Villains were smart and talented and knew what they were doing. I use the example to exemplify other underlining things if you’re familiar with those shows. This guy is a year, a month and 23 days younger than I am. So I’m a grade ahead. He has major advantages over me but I’m able to maneuver within my limitations due to my own intelligence. You see I’m an Agent too without the formal training as much. And like those heroes while battling the bad guys and issues in life, on some occasion behind some problem is this Dude. It seems like he wants a Playmate, but it’s annoying and unwanted, and like those 2 of my favorite heroes, in a later episode I’ll ultimately victor and I wish the same for anyone else in a similar scenario in their life. It’s a challenge getting up everyday dealing with life as you can imagine with what we try to accomplish according to our timetables to have someone who does not belong trifling with you. So this is the 18th article this year and technically the 36th topic. I’ll let this one run for a time and write my last article for the year soon to close out Christmas as we enter The New Year. If any surprises pop up along the way, I might cover that news issue as an update on a related article or deal with the topic in 2024. Take Care.

Lisa Angela Markland
Also Known As
Lhisa Ungelis Mrklon