💪 President 2024: The Kennedy Impact 🍀

💪 President 2024: The Kennedy Impact 🍀

Omnis Tempus Tuus Stabit Sursum Quia Philosophia, Mitteris Deinceps Minima Est Rippele Spes 🚶‍♂️ Every Time You Stand Up For An Ideal, You Send Forth A Tiny Ripple Of Hope (RFK Sr.)

🎵 Dire Straits ~ Walk Of Life (1985)
Now Substitute The Name Johnny, And Use Bobby Instead 😄

👉 Update: Kennedy Leaves The Democratic Party To Run As An Independent

If you’re a Conservative Democrat, THIS is the Candidate to pay massive attention to. He’s going around making waves with perspectives that resonate well in Communities looking for meaningful change. Many of us grew up in time periods where the hope for certain things were attainable like success and living a quality lifestyle. Where Common Sense was not a crime, and what you see happening now in Society did not exist. Of course he’s being treated by The Party like someone to ignore, but people who know better are seeing The Possibilities. America has a dying culture. Things right now are descending further into nothing and he knows better to at least try to revive something. Notice the people working most against him. Why are they trying to destroy the place? What about Hope? What the hell are they hiding from you? I have some idea what it is and you see me trying to tell you in certain ways. I suggest if you’re someone experiencing certain issues holding you back from becoming something here, you need to seriously consider relocating to another Country for Prospects. Take your talent, intellect and so forth to a place of your liking where you can succeed. For a long time we’re being told that this is the place to be, but a lot of ugly things happen here impeding your growth, especially if you're a so-called Minority that when following the way of life of certain Individuals Abroad, you see where despite particular prejudices, they prefer to remain THERE in that White Country rather than migrate to America. And upon further personal study, you begin to notice how you’ve been lied to. Do you know that all those excessive racial tensions you read about in see on TV here is not happening over there as much due to the fact that the people in those parts of The World tend to be more civilized. Race is not perceived the same way. Now I’m deliberately being vague about where exactly because it would be different for YOU than me as to where to go why I won’t suggest any particular Country. I see quite a few I’m interested in. Since being brought to America at age 7 and a half living here, I never really considered being anywhere else until my recent bad experience occurring in late 2021 when This Government decided to interfere with me, where covert cyber attacks still stretch into my life negatively impacting me to realize that I can’t make a living here in a place claiming to be democratic, offering free enterprise that I have to look at other nations that actually offer that. Notice that the decline of this Nation is happening under The Biden Administration. I’m not hopeful of the future here as the personal attacks against me from various sources within The Deep State are having a problem with my philosophies, and anyone really following my content can see I’ve been right so far with the things I pointed out and I’ve been tactful and playful with it, yet Someone was still offended. Imagine if I wasn’t that tame with it? You need a brain to understand what the fuck I'm talking about. I try to express things a certain way writing these articles hence the music, photos, coined language, etc. I’m not going to tell you everything out right. I’m also trying to reach people that are not entirely literate as well. I can move from communicating in The Queen or King’s English to fluidly talking to you ghetto style. I’m a mutable person who's ethnically ambiguous and you can see that with my work. It’s eclectic. I’m trying to reach everybody who would be attracted to my work. And I know who's influenced by it. This however, bothers Someone in power who has pinpointed me as a person to give a hard time to. And all that nonsense you see around me and my business identity online are signs of that. Somehow my rights as a Black Person does not matter to the people pushing that. I was out here operating under my own divine auspices being ME, not making a big deal over race since anyone can see on my Social Media that I’m a Black Woman. You see where I come from, Jamaica West Indies, I remained connected to the British Education System, where you present yourself declaring what you are unlike here where race is added to it. For Example, you would say I'm an Actor. You don’t say I’m a Black Actor. When Idris Elba, recently said a similar thing to The Press months back, some Black People criticized him not identifying his race as a factor. I however, knew better. In America, that’s a thing. I deliberately present myself a certain way depending on the audience I’m trying to target because I’m a Master at it, able to engage Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, Indians, and Native Americans a certain way as a mixed person of Afro-Euro descent, and I play around with that, why I’m appealing to certain people. And going back to Robert Kennedy Jr., despite the lack of support from his family as that’s typical, and his speech condition, he’s still able to be a person of his packaging who's not liked much by his own Party, to draw attention to practical issues because he’s saying stuff that people relate to. The “conspiracy theories” he presents don’t bother me much as I like entertaining those things in general as well. It’s just a matter of whether it’s true or not. As for accusing him of being Anti-Semitic, I didn’t interpret anything he said in that fiasco as being so. It was a ploy to hold him back. Most people who ARE, whether obvious or not with it, do not come under the same attacks if you notice. And what I mean is, there are active racists saying and doing antisemitic things which you can openly find. What he’s doing is presenting an argument for engagement which said community declined to entertain or disprove when challenged. The slight controversy around it opened speculations concerning Ukraine, Israel & China Relations and I think if you wanted to protect the perceptions of your people, you don’t blow up issues like that. I myself, am not known to be Anti-Semitic despite unpleasant experiences from members of that community throughout the course my life since migrating to America, because I filed away some of those experiences a certain way in my mind. There was always one or two Jews who saw my predicament differently in those situations who sided with me, and that was only the experiences I’m aware of where I knew who they were defending me at the time. Regarding my recent problems, the commentaries and stuff I’m doing are necessary strategies due to the cyber-attacks in my life. I have to NOW up-play dormant aspects of my heritage so as to be properly perceived by those Readers who may be confused about my breeding. You see, from the inception, I ran my company and promoted myself as a Moderate Democrat where I was still often mistaken as a Republican due to how I was doing things I guess. And to those who failed to check further, I was mistaken as a White Man running FERRELUX in the beginning stages, why over time I made my appearance more pronounced. And I wasn’t offended at that because it was modeled after how a White Man would run it. I learned from the best in The Corporate World, having worked for them and decades later I’ve had to change the structure to how it appears now due to the changing times and re-design some things. There’s still a Mystery White Man in the picture as a motif. I try to keep that image still as it is all me, and I smile when I attract particular White Males following my material, and the guy stuff I promote sometimes which appear on my real websites with The Ads, or Marketplace Items are indicative of their interests. So the stuff you see me doing is there for a reason. Just make sure that you’re on my legitimate sites as I’m currently engaged in legal remedy against cyber-criminal activity on fake sites. Now, people following me here and there are interpreting things right, but my Haters aren’t seeing it the right way. I’m glad to see certain Conservative & Moderate Politicians finding an Ally in me, showing me love by cleverly addressing my issues in a general manner when I put certain stuff out there contacting you. I’m following everything as they develop and I really appreciate it. Somebody has to alert The American People because I’m seeing things you aren’t and am trying to relate it in a way that won’t frighten you, but I’m now dealing with a Cabal trying to stop it, apparently led by a Capricious FBI Agent who has the hots for me. I’m operating under my own Spiritual Domain, a Jurisdiction outside the sphere of The FBI’s interest, protected by The Separation of Church & State. Them also targeting The Catholic Church and Other Faith-Based Institutions is improper. We also have other rights protected by The Constitution, and more importantly the right to exercise our Free Will. Now you can all do what you want to do with this Country with your misguided judgments, but it doesn’t have to end that way. These things can be offset when a King listens to his Advisor. These days, you all are pissing me off to take my Seer-ship elsewhere. May the best Candidate win. Trump vs Kennedy. Any one of the two would be good for The Country.

Lhisa Mrklon,
Your Oracle, Interim

P.S. Please note this year’s 22nd Anniversary Remembering September 11 2001. Now a tragedy like that most likely would not have happened under a Kennedy or any other cognisant American President who stands firm in conviction, and is not affiliated with political corruption.








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