🗃️ The FBI: A National Security Threat 📂

🗃️ The FBI: A National Security Threat 📂

Fidelis, Bravado, Integritas 🛡️ Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

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Notice I left off the question mark. The 18th topic for my last month long article in June was going to cover this group with a quick take on the latest 3 fired Agents out there in The Press exposing them, since that too was a hot topic to explore, but when that incident with Yevgeny Prigozhin happened in Russia as Breaking News, I covered that instead. So now for July, I’ll develop this Topic into a full story.

👉 Update: During this time, after about 2 months since his military protest concerning Putin’s War in Ukraine, we now learn that Wagner Group’s Mercenary Yevgheny Prigozhin’s private plane reportedly went down in flames in Moscow with him & atleast nine others dead.

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In short after reading my whole mess, as I’ve been hinting at several STUFF in recent years, as it pertains to the general public where America is concerned, I suspect that The System as you know it wants the next President to be The Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Vice President to be Google, and the rest of the Administration filled with the back end of those government agencies and the worldwide web, basically Big Brother and Big Tech.
I’ll Explain, as some notable names will come up . . . . . . .

Former Active FBI Agents: Garrett O'Boyle, Steve Friend, And Marcus Allen
Testified Before Congress About Improper Practices At The Bureau.

👉 Update: What Started Out As 3 Whistleblowers, Now Increased To 14.
👉 Update: 30 Former FBI Agents Support Whistleblower Stephen Friend
👉 Update: 665 FBI Agents Resigned To Avoid Accountability


Over the years, I’ve been imparting to you my observations and opinion on this topic on occasion when it mattered even reviving my Youtube Channel, SpecialAgent666 with content addressing the issue. The intent on the few new videos I got up at the time coincided with the typical current events a person would face and/or a situation an Officer might not be savvy enough to recognize. I have a clever, dark and comical way of doing things that eventually makes sense after the fact, but the way things are now on that Social Media Platform, you can’t do what you used to do that worked anymore without Someone who does not belong in the equation censoring or over-reacting to it. I was also trying to do this with my other Youtube, EmissaryOfFate with the Spiritual Self-Help videos talking about Fate, Curses, and other Occult stuff. I like doing things in a particular order where a Kaleidoscope of knowledge can be experienced so I don’t have to explain too much. And I was going to cover the subject of Blessings in the series, but when you are Someone being observed by a Person who doesn’t belong, who doesn’t understand something, You The Creator will notice that. Alternatively, He or She spying or just happening on your material working for Somebody in The Intel Committee for example, might read too much into YOU, what you know or may be exposing, then react foolishly to your work, especially when Others are in a way doing a similar thing; you just might be better at it though. I eventually deleted about 96 percent of my videos on all my channels because there are platforms out there that can handle my content better. And not only that, I didn’t appreciate the fact that Google was running Ads on My Videos so rampantly that I never permitted, and they were violating other Settings I made profiting off my work while they knew damn well that I was in legal disputes with them talking to various Agencies who contacted them and these Interventions were happening in real time. So I dumped about 300 Videos spanning back over 13 years ago showcasing my art, writing, articulation, beauty, performances, wisdom, creativity and so forth. Many of them are available for viewing elsewhere. I might re-post certain ones on some of these new sites. I mention all this to highlight something. Several things might be happening here. And depending on what it is, one separate issue may overlap another. It depends on what you are into why, but for this discussion, colored by my perception of things, you can gain insight on what I’ve already uncovered.


As it pertains to Trump, he’s accused of BEING The National Threat with the Documents issue from The White House, placing them here and there, and allegedly showing them to people like a souvenir. The idea is to keep special paperwork in a vault, or lock and key file station like you do in an Office. The hoarding-type way he kept them on face-value to The Public looked strange, and accessible to the wrong hands. If Mar-A-Lago were a Bunker on a military base though, having all the files stored in a known Top Secret Area may not be wise. Separating certain ones, storing them in unlikely places might make sense, especially if a batch was missing, it would be impossible for The Thief to decipher the rest of The Government’s Secrets not knowing the rest of the details. Someone in passing seeing a bunch of basic boxes in an auditorium might not care to realize that some of The Nation’s Secrets are in there. POTUS 45 may have just been employing agentry tricks. He was IN The White House, understanding the level of secrecy and care around him and National Security, so him just being callous now with these documents makes no sense. As the mounting investigations ensue against him, what Trump needs to think about is where’s The Government getting their information? He has a nation of people tied to him that work for him, donate, support and so on, that population alone might reach into the millions. That’s a lot of people to keep track of. Who knows what? Do they have Gmail Accounts? See, if all these people are connected in some way using Services tied right back to The Government, I wonder what is being read. Who is saying what? The confidence in deriding a former President like that, trying to stop him from winning again, is based off what? What do the Tech Giants know? The Russian Collusion thing, Mueller Report, Durham Report and so forth went nowhere. This is a case of trying to maintain a Puppet Ruler. When you think of The Feds, what comes to mind is the goal they are supposed to maintain is protecting the Country, not playing games with Potential Presidential candidates; THAT places us at risk.


When you are a Government Agent with access to all kinds of technology, bank account, travel records and other information, this is all good to solve your case EXCEPT when you are a Fool not knowing how to use that stuff. This is one of the things I was going to get to while running my series on my SpecialAgent666 Channel on Youtube at the time, expounding on what some Federal Agents do wrong from my knowledge of things. And one of the great secrets I’ve noticed for a real long time observing several cases is Anxiety. They have a problem with discipline, and leaving well enough alone. And watching these cases like the ones on Mobsters, somebody in the group was right to be suspicious at the onset when that Undercover Agent showed up, but got lulled into thinking it was okay. The signs are usually there whether The Agent is in person or not. Other savvy Criminals or targets of investigations pick up on those things. Federal Agents and The Crooks they chase, tend to have the same failing, and I’m comparing real Criminals to actual Cops. The behavior and mannerisms are similar, even online because the thought process are alike. Now when you don’t know how to be patient and are jerking a situation or provoking a problem, you torpedo your case. You mess up what you could have had. This move over here, did not get the person to make the desired move, especially if The Person, is mindful of the situation. I’ve seen on TV, cases where the Federal Agent under-estimated the intelligence of some alleged Criminal and depending on the episode of that particular show, and the narration of it, I hoped The Person got away because I was seeing the unethical zeal of The Officer involved and the person being pursued was not really a bad person for Cops to be on him/her so much like that, especially when they eventually learned that he/she was the wrong suspect. Alternatively, I have Witnessed cases where The Cop knew better and didn’t care as much because they had Bigger Fish To Fry. So when we are online with The Current Events talking about FBI Agents bothering Parents who are Catholic and so on, becomes an issue. It starts spreading and if YOU are someone that seems Catholic, maybe using Latin or something, they get to realize from their research oh, you went to a Catholic School. And I heard reports of people complaining of this harassment recently in The News. So imagine how I must look as a Satanic Christian, which is a term I use in lieu of Satanist or Luciferian / Luciferan. I don’t really hold to any of these terms definitively, nor am I offended being referred to as a Catholic or Christian. What I’m doing and what I believe and practice has been working for me. It’s all Spiritual. I realize that some of these Agents are a part of, or affiliated with Secret Societies like The Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Knights of Malta and Others. Some of which I’ve taken interest in studying, but I’m my own Person. WHY? The concept of the lone Warrior ordained by Fate to be The Heroine leading The Group and become a God Queen by her own hand. You know, like Conan. Well, when you grew up in a time when ALOT of that Supernatural stuff was explored in the many Films, TV Shows, Cartoons, Books & Video Games, you learn a lot in hindsight looking back at those episodes and seeing how clever these Masters were at teaching the stuff so seamlessly. It’s a pity they removed those programs eventually, especially from The Saturday Morning TV line-up for The Kids, because it created a vacuum why Today’s Millennials are just catching up on these Concepts either through the re-vamped versions of those shows, or old Original episodes on Youtube. There was a lot of Agent stuff in them too. And being a Scorpio, that kind of mystery detective stuff appeals to us. I’ve been able to solve cases before the TV Program ended no matter how well they tried to hide the clues. And when you had a Parent gifting you intelligent toys to play with as a child and enrolling you into Ivy League type programs in conjunction to your regular schooling, of course these things increase your IQ. It’s easy to be an Agent comfortably sitting at your desk with all kinds of access to shit hounding a person’s life mercilessly year, after year, after year with such malice, only to fail because YOU don’t know what that feels like having little to no access to counter, and can only rely on your instincts, wit, skills & The Divine Entity you worship. You see, I don’t respect people like YOU, I grew up watching certain fictional Heroes I respect to this day who inspired me. That’s why I can function as I do, like I am still in that Time Period. Notice for a woman in my late 40s, I have not aged much to the shock of many people and profoundly healthy. So figure out what is with me.

T H E 👮🏽‍♀️ D R A G N E T

When The 3 FBI Whistleblowers came forth, bravely testifying, they represented a spattering of dismissed or Rogue Agents out there engaged in similar activities trying to expose issues. Some form of it has been going on many years ago depending on whether you noticed it or not. Somewhere online if you think back, you may have happened on a strange cop-like video detailing stuff about that Agency where the person comes off as a former Agent, or he or she may have made brief comments on other videos pertaining to a Government Agency, and some time later on, the mysterious Youtube Account is gone, or the person deleted him or herself, leaving the shadow comment. If you are in those circles you know what I’m talking about. They are trying to get the facts out there, and this is not some weirdo, and they are smart enough to know how to do it. You can still find videos detailing Cointelpro stuff all the way back from the 60s & 70s, as well as Secret Government Operations. So you can infer all kinds of stuff. Right now in our present government, if you use any of the major websites to build yourself and your brand, many of these sites use a company called Mark Monitor. Google, Vimeo, Facebook, and Others lead back to them and that should concern you. Years ago, a find like this didn’t matter because it represented professionalism. You knew your data was safe, but these days depending on who you are online, it has come to represent suspicion if they are messing with you. I can testify to that. There’s no reason for these Billion Dollar corporations to care about YOU personally unless they are stalking your activities, showing too much of an interest in you and your work where it’s crazy! There are clear signs of it. You may not be a target now, but at some point, they may notice YOU TOO and start privately following you in invasive ways. Many of these Big Tech companies are owned by Jews by the way. That’s not an issue for many people online as we look for sites to sign up on and use, but when it becomes an issue, you have to take a step back and start considering Alternative Social Media where the mindset is different. In my case, I started going online many years ago from its inception introducing the ideas I had well before the internet was created. There was a prototype of the internet before it developed over the decades to where it is now and I was using certain sites for different things under several identities, some of these names and titles I don’t use much anymore as a thing, but they’re still me, and the remnants of it can still be found. My favorite Social Media site was Myspace, the original one. A lot of people was on there at any given time building themselves as something. I had an online home-based business I was running which evolved over the years to where we are right now. At the time, it was called Extensive Enterprise. Much of what I’m doing now, existed before in its original form supported by marketing affiliate Ads from various reputable companies and the pay was good. That concept was the norm back then and still is now, but what I’m going to reveal to you about the criminality of Big Tech, is something that should alarm you. I was really pumping my brand all out there under my various colorful self-glorying accounts, particularly 3 names I would sign-on using before I parked using them as much. And can any of you die-hard Followers remember that far back on what they were? These days I mainly use what you see me using now, in some form or variant if I can’t get the exact handle. I still like my other old identities but the shift happened when services came and went or got better to trust building a brand. The point is, this is nothing new. If you are on a site making political commentaries for example as (you fill in the blank) and then you realize people responding well to you and your name, and you have some side hustle you earn income from, you might want to develop that into a business. Now this is where the nightmare begins, what if I told you that the online service you’re using, which Society is forcing you to have to be on, was actually a federal operation, or at least somebody’s platform they set up for immoral purposes. Well as you go through life, you might notice it because the moves of The Fool controlling it is no different from a common criminal, and if you reported the incident to Law Enforcement and The Operation is still running with earmarks of The Feds using tactics to oppress you and your brand due to your influence and power, then that tells you something. I’m currently having this problem. So I went back and identified some things. And there’s a lot THEY don’t know. It doesn’t matter if it’s an abuse of power by The FBI weaponizing Big Tech or an actual Cyber Criminal at work. When you do things online no matter how technically trained, there are incriminating things you just can’t stop from appearing, exposing you, especially used in a case against you, even if you’re in a foreign country or pretending to be. Do you think that the DOJ, Google or Mark Monitor will protect you? You’re dealing with Federal Agents here who betray and set up one another. You’re Expendable! Sitting around fucking with my trade name because you have behind the scenes access to do so with impunity is not going to stop the light coming from my soul blessing and empowering the life of someone in the world. You’re an ugly, menacing soul who is unhappy and have serious problems with yourself. When I came under these attacks the timing of everything gave it away, and it doesn’t matter if there were multiple things coinciding denoting another trouble-maker, because they all meshed up as an organized effort against me. Among other interesting perspectives, I also make political observations and commentaries in my blog. I use to do this on Facebook in certain micro-communities over the years until someone suggested I should write a blog. I never cared to before because the activity never appealed to me. I was mainly marketing my affiliate links and offering IT Services. With what is happening to me now, I realized a scam that I want The Public to be aware of, coming from the people operating these Big Tech Hosting Services. They give themselves away in a manner that an Old School Criminal would have known better. And not only that, they just don’t know when to stop. When I ran my Company as Extensive Enterprise at the time, it grew in popularity into the Millenia that I saw pirating and scam sites biting off my name in Google. I was on the advent of some new things to promote and developing my site further with the Followers I had, and I decided that the name was too generic, and because I had the different stuff I was doing, I figured let me focus on the one main aspect of it that made me and my site unique and that was the spiritualism behind it. I decided to up-play that and use one of my fantasy names already in progress that might work for a business. I had other character names of myself I made up, but the intended pronunciation of a couple of them would be too hard for people because they represent my own spiritual concepts, so the easier one was FERRELUX. And I guarantee you, if I had went with any other name, to this day you would see the same Cabal targeting me for it because it’s about skirting the laws and trying to steal peoples ideas to profit from it. Lucky for me, they don’t know me and my background very well. I can manufacture a history of something. There’s absolutely no reason for a Jewish Big Tech Company to care about me personally out of the billions of people out here online to be following after a word I invented long ago because of my childhood interest in Latin and a particular deity I’m fond of. I was inspired by Roman & Greek Mythology from an early age that has stayed with me though life, expanding into other ancient cultures. So naturally, you’ll see all of that around me. Since Lucifer already exists, it made sense to call myself Ferrelux. And on face value, not many people recognized that. When they happened on me promoting my stuff, that connection was not made immediately. If you knew Latin though, like a Catholic Priest, you either did business with me or not. Nobody really cared even with the subtle stuff I was doing alluding to it. This is only an issue NOW multiple decades later because what appears to be a Jewish Trouble-Maker working through Mark Monitor, Wordpress,com, Vimeo, Facebook, and possibly The Feds and/or Members of a Secret Society acting a fool over it. They didn’t seem TO KNOW that information before otherwise I would have been targeted many years back. They just found out apparently and want the name, and are engaged in online piracy & terrorist tactics to get me to give up My Trademark and the idea of it does not suit them. Imagine if they knew about my other names. You see, I’m a CREATOR! I write, I draw, I come up with concepts and ideas. It might not make any sense at first, but to a discerning eye, they see my talent right away, only a Fool questioning and dismissing why I would call a business something not descriptive of the goods or services I provide would miss the whole thing. I’m not Joe’s Pizza Shop or Mary’s Hair Salon. The truth is, there are A LOT of Occult influenced businesses out here doing the same thing but the public don’t see it. The only difference between me and the Billion Dollar Ones is that I’m in my own world not hiding any of it and doing just fine that I’m being noticed and am attracting the unwanted interest of a Cabal. You see at a young age, I thought of something they did not. You can openly use a name that means Lucifer that people may not readily recognize. What an idea before its time. My plan from the very beginning was to out right use Lucifer, but I thought it was too belligerent to at that time. So knowing enough about Latin at that young age, I used my feminine version of the word. And when I was making disputes about the infringement against The Perpetrators involved, none of them seem to be aware of the obvious when they answered back. Jews have their own biblical name that has been ascribed to The Devil which I knew about. I did not need what appeared to be a Jewish Guy harassing me online signing up in Telegram, using my trademark as a handle, which I forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office I was dealing with as proof also. Nobody cares about Helel or Hillel. Hebrew does not appeal to many people. Over the years, I’ve met Jews that don’t care to speak the language when I challenged them and they were surprised that I was versed in some of it. I like Latin, Greek and some other ancient languages that appeal to me. A lot of the concepts driving my company and my activities around it are Supernatural stuff. The people reading my content follow me for a reason. I’m well aware of who is quoting or paraphrasing what. My Blog is out there like any other article for public consumption. I’m quite effective at what I do. I would never have gotten this far working a Corporate Job. And you know what’s stupid, those same types of Corporate people who would never hire you or keep you pidgeon-hold on a low-level title, seeing someone like you and your progress online, then realizing how they could have done something. And what’s awful, is the next level of it with the sexism, and racism involved and also the agism in my case when they engage in obvious unfair competition to hurt your right to thrive as a small business, especially of you’re a Minority person struggling to earn a living on what is basically an idea centered around YOU that a bigger business has no right to be in your life doing unscrupulous checks targeting your life. They never offered to do business with me, they never offered a partnership, they never presented material or solutions to me or anything worth wile. I had my blog on another site. Their service became problematic so I left and went to another service. They eventually went out of business and I moved on to Wordpress,com in 2013. The people following me online preferred keeping the action on Facebook, so I stayed there, and began re-considering posting mainly on my hosted wordpress site when I committed to doing so in 2016 and made an effort to stop using Facebook and fully develop articles now instead of commentaries on someone’s feed. Plus, I was losing interest in Facebook & Youtube at the time due to the platform changing certain features. Notice everywhere I went prior online in most cases, I was the only Ferrelux. That’s how rare that word was. Whoever learned of it or saw it, had to have gotten it from me at some point in time. And remember the timing of everything. There’s no other explanation. Even if you were to entertain the concept of great minds think alike. He or she did not develop something further or simply abandoned it. I know I came up with the idea and was fortunate enough to implement it. There was someone who somehow started trying to run something, but when The Real Business Person showed up, they disappeared. Once your Ass is online googling stuff, no matter the search engine you use, things come up. And then there’s the offline history Google, Microsoft, Mark Monitor and so forth, won’t know about you. That makes their whole effort in trying to hijack anybody’s brand very stupid. If you want to cancel somebody or something, just give them a notice, or violation or something clean like that to leave your site, you don’t overtly commit brazen online crimes interfering with a person’s personal life and trademark. Even if Quantico trained an Agent to do such a thing, that to me is stupid because there are a couple of things there The Subject of the Investigation can do with that. If you’re an Agent trying to make a case I wouldn’t advise infringing on a Trademark. I’m not employed by any Federal Agency to disclose why, but if you’re doing that to force me to contact YOU to re-ignite dealings with me, after some bad moves on your part, that’s pathetic. And to The Stranger foolishly using it, you’ll attract a problem. So now, while using Wordpress, I began writing extensively my cute articles over the years and getting some responses. It seemed to have inspired Top Journalists & Politicians referencing in some way a word or concept I’d put out there with my take on an issue. Anybody following all that would have noticed. I only started currently posting the Updates on my blog posts on a fly when I catch an instance. I also continued with the Activism work circulating Campaigns for Progress concerning particular social justice issues on my social media. Note this is not a billion dollar business. I would need certain funding to get it to that level while still trying to maintain the vision. It’s a personal business, any fool can see that. You know what’s odd though? When someone is running a hosting company and another business alongside it, and he or she notices someone on their website and starts acting a fool over their content, trademark, fans, and general business without cause. I noticed that on other sites I was on and had someone been more vocal in a video or online review about their bad experience using Automattic’s Wordpress,com I might have not trusted using them. I was using free webhosting services before just fine over the years where I self-hosted wordpress running my site and manged it before the company folded or had some other issue why I eventually found myself using Wordpress,com instead and I thought I finally found a stable home for my site, but it lasted roughly 9 years since they became a problem. I knew about other webhosting services to build a site but I liked Wordpress and decided to keep using it even though it was trifling at times, and people complained about it, but I’m a tech savvy person so it never bothered me. From the inception of my company, I never needed anyone to build my website. I did that all on my own with the html coding and everything. As PHP, CSS and other things developed, I had options to move on from that format and try something different and now we’re here. So anyway, at the time from the backend using their Wordpress hosted service, looking back, the issue began in 2016. I had made an inquiry about my trade name being reserved because it was the style of some mainstream hosting sites to setup their product and hold certain popular brand names that were known. So I wanted mine, and their Representative told me some bullshit as I tried to be tactful. I needed to set up my site still so I used f3rr3lux and began rebuilding. I had no general problems. It’s just that as I went along each year, the software changed and along the way 4 years later I noticed some annoying things like someone managing the program logged in with me no matter the hour of the day trying to get my attention from the backend doing noticeably odd things. I decided to look elsewhere for other hosting options but nothing really good came up. So I tolerated this Weirdo. Mind you, I also noticed some odd person following me on Vimeo as well using an undeveloped account. Incidentally, after using Vimeo for many years since I got tired of Youtube, I made a home for my videos there and started putting together some Playlists of other people’s creative material which all went along with my website and what I was presenting. I did the same with DailyMotion and used both widgets on my website. Both Video Platforms got noticed even more as an option from people seeing ME use them until one day an ugly thing happened on Vimeo where I made 2 basic comments on 2 of the Gay videos they were promoting and the comments were not hateful at all, but random commentary anybody would say, and then Vimeo’s awful true nature came out when I tried to login the next time and couldn’t access the site from the account being held in an odd cyber dungeon, they asked me some odd questions which I answered and they failed to re-instate my account. I had other Vimeo accounts that I logged into and decided not to use much anymore or promote Vimeo and deleted my content. I began exposing them to people and I learned more about their discriminatory practices against Christians, so this was happening way back. Note, prior they never had any idea to offer a blog section on Vimeo, until they saw my content from following my activities. I noticed that their Vimeo Staff Picks contained certain fly on the moment videos dealing with topics I was covering at the time in my blog. So we are talking about Stalkers & Weirdos here who are very Liberal and hate Trump. I got my complaints far and wide to my audience. You don’t mess with an Activist. And guess what, we’re talking years later now where I recently found the Vimeo App somehow enabled on my Twitter Account, though I remember deleting that shit at the time. Someone has been accessing My Inactive (and supposedly deleted) Vimeo Account from the time to follow me on Twitter. Hmm. And I also found strange login activity from Reverbnation, a site I only use occasionally to post my Entertainment stuff. And you know what, they all lead back to Mark Monitor, a company these hosting services consistently use. So what is it about me? I don’t know. Being a real person perhaps. The only event that ever happened in my life while being a User of Social Media that involved Law Enforcement in anyway that might be curious about an issue, had nothing to do with me personally, but everything to do with a certain community online I reported on behalf of some people since they were too skittish to. This occurred many years ago, well over a decade. I even made mention of that Sovereign Community in some videos I did fleshing them out a certain way around a certain character I interacted with in my script-board. I’m a talented Writer & Actress and these people, the colorful names they had for themselves, persona and so forth looked like a good story for me to present and embellish with other ideas on top of it. I never thought that anyone outside of the paradigm of that Community would care too much to follow it. Anyone stable-minded person happening on some material online similar to that can see the time it was created, what community it was meant for, who it’s about, why and so forth along with the diss videos and so forth. There’s a proper online etiquette as to how you would respond or not. For the most part you can still find many content like that somewhere on Youtube or Facebook. My particular method of doing it was intriguing. I used it to tell a lot of information that were already popular online if you were into Metaphysics, UFOs, Secret Societies and so forth. The people in my story knew about my work and did not care much. It was exposure among our Peers. They knew about the topic. When so and so had a beef with another person in the community, he or she made a god awful video cussing out the person or exposing them in some other way. Some of the content would survive, while others got taken down. When newcomers arrived in the online circles, none of them knew too much about this or that person or what transpired before, and after perusing this or that video, some of these people happened on my Youtube Channel showcasing a colorful and clever story about them. To this day, I treat people fairly, even if I’m not too fond of you. I find the best images and presentation and wording to present something. Now it’s possible that a particular government agency a little bit too interested in my work and knowledge of something, may be too ANXIOUS to wait and see what I might reveal next, and that my friends, could be the problem. A lot of what I’m saying here would have been written about or revealed in some spoken word video, a long time ago if I was not met with resistance. I know what I’m doing. Frankly, they made things worse now. This is my project, not theirs. I know how to do something. And because I didn’t get a chance those times to colorfully present this disturbing material in a way that was palatable without exposing too much personal info, I have now REVEALED a lot concerning it, due to what transpired and still is occurring. It has become a legal issue now, because of you.


In many cases The FBI works with local law enforcement. We should be hearing about issues there too. What about the corruptions? What about cases where a federal agent engages in mischief based on personal bias taking an otherwise innocent complaint a person makes, checks the information out, then he or she interprets it another way, making comments to Cops at a Precinct who decide to act foolishly on it senselessly targeting an individual they have no right stalking or harassing simply because of their own prejudices. There are real live cases similar to this. Like The recent 3 FBI Whistleblowers, and the few others the public knew about prior, I bet former FBI Assets and Confidential Informants have stories to tell as well. It’s common knowledge that The Agency has a habit of ongoing tactics to interfere with the lives of people trying to make a living, even when you did nothing wrong. When bits of these reports started coming out even more in the recent years, I began covering the issue with drips of comments here and there even alluding to my issue. I got my article around to significant people and organizations and I noticed who responded on the topic in general. Now we’re here. With the ongoing federal corruptions being exposed, even White Americans are less and less trustful of that Agency. Way back on TV, it was Jesse Ventura who investigated Big Brother tactics targeting unsuspecting Citizens just living their lives. Sometimes The Feds have a hard time solving cases without a tip from The Public or an Informant, but when that becomes a problem where The Agent involved does not know how to handle that and is trying to see you as a problem, then I suggest saying nothing and turn a blind eye to things, and you can continue doing that for years. Our Society can fall apart now as it is because of a trust issue with them. Based off my own knowledge, some of these Agents don’t know what they’re doing. Whether you met them or not, or saw some program on TV, a couple episodes of some investigative show reveals a lot. For Example: if I can be at home in my State reading news clippings, listening to details of a case and so forth in your State, and somehow figure out shit, why didn’t the Cop? I’m most impressed by Federal Agents that can solve cases. I’ve seen enough FBI: Cold Case Files, and other programs, where The Cop was thinking right about a case, dedicated, discerning, and used his training to capture the bad guy. I would watch case after case being impressed by the forensic person somehow using Science to bring critical clues to life. All that stuff inspires me. So when I see and hear shit in our time now with Agents being bumbling idiots, un-interested in solving crimes, clumsy with cases, corrupt and so forth, I realize that a standard of excellence has DROPPED, and we all need to be careful. It’s rampant corruption. All that political stuff happening now is to blame. They do need to change the leadership. I agree that there must still be professional Agents in that Industry, but we’re not seeing or hearing from them much. And this is where I’ll digress to entertain some views I have that amuse me, but should be taken seriously as it might really be affecting someone (ahem). What if a young lady or guy is living his or her life, and some Agent without just cause took a fancy to the person, looking for a reason to keep a case alive year after year in order to follow after the guy or girl? We don’t know what state of mind an Agent is in looking at you. He or she might be a loser watching your life on social media while stuck in a Federal Office. The Agent might be going through some personal things and have a problem with themselves or people like you. The Agent might also be hiding a secret. Maybe something about that Agent didn’t get caught at the Quantico training level for them to weed out. So now he or she is out in The Field with their own issue while looking at you. And maybe, just maybe you remind them of an old girlfriend or boyfriend or somebody they couldn’t have, and the interest in the case has more to do with that than anything else. So while you’re living your life, going here and there, doing this or that, somewhere in that failed Agent’s mind, he or she is acting like a Surrogate Love-Interest or Spouse. You the person unaware of this may suddenly come under a strange ruthless cyber attack not knowing what you did wrong but everything about it suggests an angry jealous energy negatively impacting you in far reaching ways. Now this is crazy. A line certainly has been crossed. And this example is not limited to affairs of the heart, but it could be the same scenario with Class issues where The Agent sees you building your life with your skills and doesn’t think that you should be moving up in the world. Or the case might be that The Agent does not like your race or culture and decides to give you a hard time. Whatever the case, that Agent does not belong in your life. There was a TV Show I reviewed years back name Shades Of Blue, starring Ray Liotta & Jennifer Lopez where Actor Warren Kole played a sandy-haired medium-built FBI Agent named Robert Stahl, assigned to a case where his morals got twisted lusting after the Female Cop he was investigating. Now these stories sometimes are kismet and are loosely based off something. And both TV Stars were in my neighborhood at a certain place filming an episode, and I happened to be in the area that day. Incidentally J.LO as a young lady hung out at a particular Company I used to work at in Manhattan as I learned from my Boss at the time. So several years later, Fate smiled at me. To see a common idea twisted out to extreme on a TV Show matching in some loose way someone’s issue out there, is interesting although I would have written parts of the story better. I appreciate how information gets around and the creativity of some people. The casting of the guy who played The FBI Agent is right on.


Now I’d left an investigation the FBI was doing over 12 years ago, but it still seems fresh in a way when the colorful people involved are still active and well, caring about their present day lives. And I’m happy for them. Being a seasoned investigator by my own training and access to information in lieu of the formal training of these federal facilities, I’m able to deduce certain things quicker and move on to other cases that matter in my jurisdiction. The FBI is known historically to keep dead cases alive, and keep trying to make a case out of something that don’t matter to the point of corruption. This is not true in all cases. There are proper Agents that don’t care, but are not given the proper credit. Moving on to our present day time, a person with skills, that are talented in other Industries would have an Influence there as well. I’m a person of The Arts as well and I integrate a lot of what I do. Smart people observing my work can figure that out. There’s nothing disjointed. It’s all a part of a great big thing I’m trying to weave. I realize that a FOOL would misinterpret everything and being ignorant, attack my concepts. All the signs are there that the motivation is based off fear and the love of money, not intelligence. A real Agent of The Government, wouldn’t be trying to stop me. If you’re seeing ME as a national threat, You’re STUPID. You’re nation is crumbling. And if you have among your people AN ORACLE telling you stuff, all this time, and I’ve been right, why mess with it? In Ancient times, a nation however great or small who had some one in it gifted by The Gods imparting prophetic information to The Public, your nation still had a chance to survive and thrive. Attacking The Oracle, Wise Man, Soothsayer and such was stupid. A Foreign Power would know about The Oracle of Delphi for example and seek her out. Here I am, residing in your nation, aware of certain things from my meditations, trying to present something, and some IDIOT is actively being a nuisance trying to obstruct my work. One thing about prophecies is that sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop it, while in other cases, there is. I’m a Spiritualist. In today’s technological time, the tools available for me to impart this knowledge allows me to be creative. My blogs & videos on these types of subject are not ordinary. There are only a few Nations out there that have Someone who’s actually spiritually gifted that you hear about once in awhile. If you have The Soothsayer, The Hero, The Future King and so on among you, then your nation is blessed and should not be falling, but it will, because A FOOL is among you feverishly working to bring it down.


When you’re a law enforcement agency with domestic and foreign offices, and you rely on the technology and services of a company you trust, but there’s no checks and balances to make sure that the company you’re using is consistently doing the right things, it’s bad for business. No wonder your cases are getting compromised. When you look at the technology the company is using and see nothing but a glorified forum board that’s hackable, why are your Agents relying on that? Sure they offer free email service, a workspace, upload videos, and such, but your information there is not secure though. Do you know how many so-called secure documents have leaked from them? Maybe your Informant, Google on a low, is making sure to inform others about you. And only when you’re around, that tech giant behaves accordingly. Since Google is involved in its own legal crisis, the company compromises people’s information for you in exchange for legal favors, right. They benefit from Section 230, but are grossly abusing the protections where it’s hurting Citizens. And now we have one arm of government fighting it’s other arm. This is unprecedented. As an Agency, you have all kinds of back-door legal access into people’s accounts and although knowledge of this didn’t matter much decades ago, it’s certainly a problem now. It’s affecting business transactions, legal cases, people’s personal lives and such. With the rampant problem, I’m not sure why a jury would believe accusations The DOJ makes against certain people in custody. Did the person really tweet that? Did he or she send that email? Did the person really set up shell companies to funnel money? Did that video of the person show extortion, or was that a deep fake? Was that really the person’s voice on the phone call or was it one of your Actors? These Intelligence Agencies have the best people working there with access to Artificial Intelligence. You can also fabricate something, delete something, pretend to be the person or someone they know. If someone in Google, or maybe I should say Mark Monitor since Big Tech runs off their hosting, ANYWAY, if someone within that firm is instructed to commit wire fraud or other cybercrime because YOU asked them to do it so you can incriminate someone, then the criminal system is definitely corrupt. Are Jurors aware of these kinds of things? How do YOU prove that you aren’t doing criminal mischief? Are you even sharing any of the exonerating evidence you find with The Defendant’s Attorney? Cops & FBI Agents have gotten into trouble for this sort of thing recently. And I credit the Brooklyn DA’s Office for recognizing that and overturning convictions at a greater rate than any other borough. And I wonder when through their own internal investigations, will the Manhattan DA’s Office realize some errors and finally overturn some major convictions. How do we know that someone was not setup? Are we to take your word that you are running an ethical investigation? When joining The FBI, at least by older standards, a person is thoroughly evaluated for the best qualities: trustworthy, honest, brave, etc. Do they still do that? These days, those noble qualities are coming into question.


I wish the pandemic never happened. It hurt a lot of people. Alternatively, it also helped some people. The city looked like a ghost town. It may be behind us now to remember, but it affected how things were ran. It also brought out some qualities in people. I was besieged with not being able to go out and perform as I used to, I couldn’t go out on acting auditions, or hang out at the places I used to and so forth. I had other skills I fell back on. Like other people, I was frustrated. What do you do being closed in like that with no prospects during an extended government shut down. Well, while other people were discovering their talent to sow masks, and other stuff, I fell back into studying cases and taking interest in them. One particular one caught my eye and ear. When Michael Avenatti lost his case against NIKE in New York, I thought gosh, what a shame. I was expecting him to win. I wasn’t very familiar with the details at first, but thought on face value something might be wrong with all that and he shouldn’t be going to jail. Now let’s see here . . . . . and sure enough the guy was being handled like he was some fugitive. And that was the tip I was on because I like Michael Avenatti. The stuff he was doing out there prior to his issue was sound. His presence was inspiring and his sudden demise must be the work of Haters. And that was what my mind was on, and I began following it. THAT was my excitement during Covid-19, my own personal activity taking interest in his cases hoping for the best. When The FBI has an arsenal of resources, agents, government backing, money, weaponry, access to all kinds of information, and so forth, a person taken into custody the way he was, stripped of access to finances, barely having access to his Attorneys, and he’s placed into a dungeon to suffer, that’s a case that should concern you, especially when real Criminals before him actually succeeded in committing worse White Collar crimes than Avenatti is accused of, but somehow got off easy, and some of these Defendants were also Lawyers. So when I see a case like his, and what he was doing prior, this is all politics. The Feds are known to evaluate national security, as vague as that sounds. And they’re supposed to use their judgment in determining who’s a risk or not. This becomes troubling if the person deciding is letting their own political prejudice get in the way. They probably didn’t like the way Avenatti presented himself. The Dapper Don Image. He’s everywhere on TV. He’s outside the Courthouse with Stormy Daniels talking to The Public with accusations against Trump. He’s over here chillin’ at one of his favorite restaurants or club. The people love him. If you’re The FBI tasked with having to justify the extra money you’re receiving from Congress, you look at a person like Avenatti and go down memory lane at a time when Mobsters ruled The City and wonder, hmm, Avenatti, well he’s Italian. And the Agent is saying, oh but he’s a respected Attorney. And the other Agent goes, there must be a way we can Mafia-rize him though. Let’s start looking into his background. And they start seeing old cases he worked on back in the day, that overlapped with their own. And this other Agent gets called, who knows Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr from working with them back in the day at The SDNY. They remember other cases they worked on decades back, while putting stuff together now in the present day about Avenatti and soon an idea pops up. So now suddenly a man known for his Faith, Bravado, and Integrity, comes under question as he’s going about his life, unaware of the meticulous work of unscrupulous Agents circulating, using all their resources to . . . . Ooh I don’t know, set him up?


I have a lot to say, that this can go on and on. Let’s just say that when any Government Agent goes around from place to place investigating, that can lead to issues as well. These companies out here are filled with people you just pop up on, asking questions about somebody. An Agent with integrity would know this, an unscrupulous one would go around stating stuff, trying to manipulate things, hoping something bad happens but not knowing how that activity can backfire. Also, these online companies are filled with random un-vetted Employees you’re discussing your case with. Something happens, and your investigation gets compromised. Someone in the company may invite him or herself onto your project unknown to you, messing up your case. They might be reading YOU, to be able to tell something. In some cases, you just turned them on to the person you’re investigating. They might think it’s okay to cross a line surpassing your Authority, and not only meddle, but attempt to profit in some way since you shared pertinent information with them. This creates a problem for YOU as well. If I were in a classroom teaching this sort of thing, I would explain more. While you’re out there thinking you’re manipulating a situation to affect someone adversely, you never know which person is biased enough in that Target’s favor to play a subtle hand against you, because you don’t know who people are, and their background. There is so much that goes into the fabric of a person that goes beyond your filing system. And not only that, divine oddities play a role. Your Agency can’t control what The Universe might decide to do. Also, when the Agent keeps going around and involving other Wings Of The Government, well, that makes sense for a proper case. It’s sad when an Agency fails to recognize certain things about their own Agent on a case that’s questionable. I saw that from the beginning with my situation. I wondered how HE got the case because he didn’t seem like the right fit while working with him. So now several years later thinking about it and FBI Procedures, particular things are coming to light now. Obviously, I won’t disclose too much as what I have to say is best made in a manner similar to The 3 Whistle-Blowers, so what I choose to reveal, you can interpret or infer from. A lot of it was happening behind-the-scenes than in my face. Someone has a sense of humor. If it was by Chance, then that’s amazing. And I won’t describe what I mean, but that Person responsible is of interest to me. So what were YOU trying to manipulate? And I’m not referring to The Agent. So after watching me and my work over years, is it any wonder WHY I see things a certain way regarding cases involving your Agency, given what you knew about me before I began working with your Agency? WE THINK ALIKE! Don’t get mad. I’m out here now independently serving a global community with my skills as I have a right. At different times in the earlier stages of my career I applied to certain Government Agencies to be considered for employ and I did not get into the 2 particular ones I was trying hard for. Your Agent at the time I met and spoke with him, said there was a hiring freeze and he received both my resumes. The 3rd one you see online is for the Entertainment Industry. I was always aware of the good, the bad & the ugly side of The FBI and The CIA. Nowadays, you both are even more intertwined. How it used to be was that The Local Police Department had jurisdiction over a case and fought for that, The FBI only got involved if they were called into the matter and it fell under their jurisdiction to handle, and The CIA concerned Itself with any issue having to do with Other Nations Overseas in relation to America. Now, you’re lucky if The Local Cops can contain a matter outside of the prying eyes of The FBI because like that TV show I mentioned earlier Shades Of Blue, The Precinct was ran by a lovable Dirty Cop named Matt Wozniack. Obviously I respect proper Officers, but I also appreciate the not so proper ones whose work makes sense. They can quickly analyze a situation and stop it from going further due to their knowledge & years of experience. So somebody like Wozniack seeing Secret Agent Man pop up asking questions about somebody, investigating a matter, or making strange requests, would quickly realize the Agent is clueless about certain things and read him a certain way, and do what Wozniack does handling a case. And he’ll smile with you, look you in the eye, make small chat with you, drive you around the area, show you results you wanna see and hear, promise you something, and walk you the fuck out of his Office, and you’re off feeling like you’re case is getting somewhere, meanwhile that Cop knows better, he sees what you’re doing and doesn’t like it, and is showing you HIS craftiness. So this is a rank issue, like The Military. The Sergeant may have to respect your Order knowing you’re an Asshole, but he’s more intelligent in certain ways to carry it out in such a clever manner where it exposes you. I suppose when you’re so calculating and careful that things should work out a certain way and it doesn’t, you would go berserk later on using heavy-handed tactics placing decent Police Officers in an awkward position to do your bidding due to your POWER to stop me from meeting someone because of your fear of something. And was that ugly incident necessary in June 2013? You were too much of a Coward to do it yourself. You have control issues, don’t you? And now many moons later, you created a dire ongoing situation affecting my life to force me to contact you. And had you stopped what you were doing to me somewhere in January 2022, that would have been better than to still have that nonsense play out where I can make a case of it, especially when you went too far, again. And looky here, so many years after, the same underlining problem remains, YOU trying to stop me from meeting someone. And both men are my type. I don’t care what justification you’re making for your actions in either case because you see like how you investigate these cases, YOU TOO are showing patterns. It’s curious behavior. I’m not sure what you’re mad about or when exactly you took interest in me and my activities. I have my suspicions. I don’t know why The Agency is letting you do this, and you hide your background well, but I’ve been able to determine a few things I didn’t know before. It’s just a matter of whether you’re also aware of something or you’re just a pawn being used in Somebody’s Game. Certainly something should have occurred to you. I don’t think any of that stuff is a coincidence. And if by chance YOU’RE The Mastermind, then that’s surprising because you’re just not that type of person to be thinking so deeply on that level. Which brings me back to wanting to know WHO is The Person behind all this. You’ve been watching my progress for years and where I am NOW to have Witnessed my work, my Agentry and so forth to be showing your Illuminati Hand again. What are you trying to do?


I took some extra time to conclude this section from July 1 2023 to October 7 2023, marking 99 Days as a tribute to Agent 99 From the TV Show Get Smart.

It took me a while to process in my head what I’m about to tell you, because it is SHOCKING information. Now, those of you who were diligently following my coverage of Michael Avenatti’s case from the public information, you know something already. Well, it turns out that if Anyone really doubted or dismissed it, he or she was wrong to because it looks like I was right AGAIN! Please sit through this detailed explanation to learn why as it involves the strategy of a cunning, jealous, and cruel FBI Agent determined to possess me all for himself. This story at least from my knowledge began on Youtube, and moved on to Facebook roughly from the time period of late 2010 to just after the mid-year of 2013 where a series of events happened concerning One named Dr Ali Muhammad, Other individuals, Myself and a particular FBI Agent assigned to a case. Now, when you’re online you are exposed to certain things you leave alone or may decide to report, and when you do the latter, you hope that things will go well. You don’t expect something odd coming of it. Let’s say that you are a Professional person yourself, knowing how to investigate something and drawing conclusions. Well, the Actual Official should be handling a report better, right? But what if that’s not the case? What if behind the scenes, your professional account of things fall into the hands of The Wrong Agent, who has his or her own agenda? What if your little case got assigned to a JOKER in The FBI who feels like playing games looking at people’s social media site. I’m there calling myself Special Agent 666: Emissary Of Fate doing what I’m doing. Someone else is calling himself Aboriginal Chief, Ali Muhammad of I.S.I.S. Also in The Cast is: Natural Tahuti, El Aemer, Abba Lord, Shyaam The Liberator, Brother Polight, Sa Neter, and a host of Other Colorful People. And let’s say there were prior investigations on a couple of these people that either went somewhere or did not, and maybe one or more FBI Agents was following their Collective Communities on and offline because COINTELPRO never really died. Well, they’re looking to make a case of something. Unknown to you at the time, let’s say that you were innocently online untouched by that stuff, basically using The Internet responsibly posting neat stuff building yourself & your brand, and due to the algorithms or chance, you happen on to a pool of people you would not have otherwise normally encountered? So you have to say to yourself, hmm how interesting. These people look a certain way and live a certain lifestyle. Their belief system is a bit strange. Let me listen. So you check them out as you have a right to, not really falling in as you have your own belief system. So your presence there gets accommodated. You begin challenging their viewpoints every now and then as you commonly see right now on the internet. You’re making waves in that Community even attracting Followers. You get into some conflict with one of them as you see people commonly do on talk shows arguing back and forth on topics, nothing criminal here. But The Mystery FBI Agent(s) all this time are after Somebody, and now YOU entered The Picture. You look and sound different from them and The Feds are watching your sway over The Community as your popularity grows. Well, one day, during one of your conflicting conversational exchanges against a Kingpin in that Community, a person pops up, maybe an Informant unknown to you playing Agent Provocateur, decides to harass you, doing things that causes you to get The Cops involved. So now whatever information you gathered against these people is sent to The Authorities over an issue that would have resolved itself had that person not interfered. So now I’m on the phone with a Homeland Security guy doing his checks while I’m on hold. He gets back to me with what he said, also letting me know he had no further clearance and concluded the investigation from his side. So I forgot about it and moved on. Well days after, another Government Agency I did not send that information to, contacted me and wanted to meet. I verified everything with the then NYPD Commissioner stationed in Manhattan and the Officer wanting to see me was in fact assigned the case, so I went. Because of the eager manner in which that Officer behaved, I was wondering if he knew how I looked and saw too much of my social media, so I toned down my beauty, sat with him in his car and explained what happened. We then had a casual conversation with me checking him out wondering about his experience as a Cop and was he ever shot and so forth. He let me know that he was shot and how well he can handle himself. He’s part German and Italian. I’d let him know who on TV he looked like to me that happens to live in Queens as well. We ended our conversation and after a few phone calls days after, he concluded there was nothing and closed the case on his side. So that should be it right? Well, in my mind I already moved on, not involving myself so much in those circles but trying to make new connections that were more of my interest, but the flood of Facebook suggestions kept bringing variations of those people following me, inundating me as if I were a part of their world. It didn’t offend me, but I distinguished myself. So chats happened, and somewhere in the back of my head I remembered that I did send that report to The FBI and from experience studying that agency while in High School onward, I concluded that either it was checked out and filed away or someone might pop up asking questions. I got an out of the blue phone call from an FBI Lady and I told her what transpired already, thinking to myself, they should be seeing where the other people closed their case on it, so why are they still on this? And sure enough weeks after, a guy that was The FBI accompanied with an older Gentleman from The Joint Terrorism Task Force popped up at my home, but I wasn’t there and they spoke with a Family Member. I guess they were pressed for time to leave since I was on my way back from an errand. I received a curt phone call from that family member asking me to return immediately, but she didn’t disclose why. I happened to pass those Feds departing my residence, and I looked very much like myself but neither of them seemed to recognize me in close proximity passing them. Knowing the energy and tone of my vicinity I suspected them because everyone else belonged. So I found out what happened from my family member who on later accounts is a person unfairly affected by all this from what I’m about to expose. The FBI procedure of popping up at people’s homes unannounced as if they are trying to catch someone in a crime or something is a practice I don’t appreciate, but being a cop-minded person I knew how I was going to handle the situation. I received the contact information they left and took a couple days to investigate these 2 Federal Agents with what I could fined. The older gentleman with the fancy Italian name from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, was a former Police Officer with a few disciplinary actions on record which wasn’t so bad to me and I’ll tell you why. As I researched him, I found info of him being a member of some Board and his brother had some recent legal issues. I thought to myself, hmm, he’s a real person. I couldn’t find a damn thing on that The FBI Agent which bothered me more. And it turns out over 12 years later, I was right to find that questionable. I now know more about him, shedding light on that past situation. So anyway, on my way to the meeting point that I set up about 3 days later, I spotted that FBI Agent, standing where I would expect him to according to what I know about their training, and I just walked past him entering the place where I would expect the other gentleman to be waiting where he noticed me and called. He then beckoned The FBI Guy to come in. So we then went over to an area to talk, until being an older and experienced Cop, The Italian Guy took the conversation to a more private location upstairs in a room. So I’m thinking to myself, yeah, you’re seeing the problem. I was paying more attention to him than The FBI Guy because being Psychically Gifted, I was picking up on an indifferent and cold vibe among other things from that FBI Agent. As it turns out about 12 years later this time, at the center of a new controversy would be another Italian. Okay so now, back at that moment, We were discussing Dr Ali Muhammad, not his real name, as those initials are M.C. I related much of the same account of events and concluded my chat with them. Of course in my mind I was thinking what’s going on here? What am I not being told about Ali and that situation. A part of me was wondering if I reported one of their Agents, because Ali in some ways seems like someone working for them and others have accused him of it as well prior to this fall out. So based off my report, I agreed to work with them and along the process I noticed how my Harasser disappeared, and I noticed other things as well. So I’m working this case each day and night over the course of about 6 months, getting somewhere emailing The Agent, talking to him on the phone, meeting him again until one day based on my own research I already formed a conclusion in my head, but sought the advice of 3 Attorneys at the time to see if I was right to do that since the case against Ali and the circumstances surrounding it is not really a case given my account on it, I followed what The Attorneys said which I was planning to do any way and felt even more comfortable now. And prior to that, I’d read the rules of The Attorney General governing what my rights were in that line of work, which The Feds would know about. So I informed The FBI Agent in writing with my 3rd and last complex report removing myself from the case and explaining why. I got calls days later which I ignored because I did not want them chatting me back into continuing and offering more payment since I wanted to stick with my ethics. There were signs of them trying to hack my email account which I never had problems with before and after a process, I was able to get back in, although several months after I had an issue again. Due to my professionalism, I stopped using that service for a lot of things so there was nothing new for them to see. I followed through on what I discussed with The Attorneys and although all went well on my side, Ali Muhammad (M.C.) felt he needed to be reckless and put information out there that was unnecessary calling attention to what he should have kept private, texting and cursing me out and so forth. And being the more emotionally grown person in the situation, I tried to properly diffuse it and move on. The whole time I’m thinking, you fucking idiot, now you’ve opened another problem, and The Cops are seeing it and I expected some issue from them. I finally calmed Ali down and he wanted to meet with me, ofcourse I refused because I felt the phone calls, texting, the hours day and night on Facebook was sufficient, case closed. Ali kept bothering me, and I didn’t want to meet him again to deal with the melodrama about why I did what I did so I agreed yeah we’ll meet but I was going to come up with some excuse to cancel the appointment because I knew better. That FBI Agent however didn’t give me enough credit to let me handle it, and I sensed his vibe all over an ugly incident that happened in June 2013, that was completely unnecessary which did not have ME shaken, but emotionally affected the same Family Member he initially met, Strike Two. Aside from the official report that was made, I called and went online addressing it caring less if The Agent saw. That incident in my mind, closed an interest in wanting to report anything odd or questionable to The FBI in the future even if they were asking The Public to help them on a particular case because prior to my activities with them, I had a positive view of The Feds until that Agent entered my life. No other Government Agency seemed to care too much about Dr Ali Muhammad’s I.S.I.S to the point where The Acronym ISIS appealed to Somebody to use as an actual Overseas Islamic Terrorist Organization, which struck me as interesting. So you would think things concerning this Agent and that case would die down now, right? Well, my situation remained stable as it was, I didn’t pay too much attention to those people and their Moorish Science, Sovereign Citizen stuff and some people fell off the grid. Those who un-friended me due to the scandal, eventually re-friended me including Ali. I shifted over to using my other Facebook Spy Account and started re-developing that, showcasing my other stuff and keeping it strictly aligned to The Entertainment World. Well, lo and behold, as I’ll describe later, that account is a little too good for me and that FBI Guy closed me out of it. You’ll learn what’s eating this guy soon. So now I’m living my best life, right, but dealing with odd online issues along the way though. Somewhere in my mind I’m thinking, at some point, that federal agency should not have any further interest me. I’m a good girl, I’m sure that they checked out all my law-abiding info leading back to nothing. Ali and Friends seem to be legally okay for the most part, except for this guy, Nathan Howard otherwise known as Natural Tahuti. I wasn’t following their lives to know anything new until one day over a decade later, another guy Michael Noak, made The News in trouble for an alleged crime known in his Community as Brother Polight and his case was getting around. These days, I don’t care much about these past communities since I moved on to bigger and better things. What I’m doing now is Big League compared to that. So much so that The FBI Guy would notice the circles I’m moving in now and perhaps to some envy. And I’ve entertained why he would miss me given what I know and what he might have witnessed communication-wise behind the scenes motivating his actions. It’s the only explanation. The problem is all that transpired. And what I suspect and know now about that Agent is re-coloring everything. And what he does not fully know about me, prior to meeting me, affords some advantage. You see, I can read him, but he mis-read me. What I’m dealing with is all making sense now and I don’t like it. It’s creepy. I never bargained for it. I don’t know what I did to deserve it or who decided to play this game. A part of me wants to think it’s a test, but how it’s playing out makes me realize that about 25 years later I’ve attracted yet again A STALKER, this time he’s an FBI Agent. So I thought back to the last 2 prominent ones in different states in context to him and realized, the same type of guy except those 2 men were better and now they’re off my shit list along with the few other men and I’m dismissing those incidences in my mind now as a healthier obsession compared to this FBI Guy, who didn’t even get that far with me romantically to be doing what he’s doing. He’s already decided that a relationship with me would not go anywhere, and he’s right because I wasn’t attracted to him and now he’s skipped to the torment phase. There’s really nothing wrong with him on face value, but I like certain guys that look and sound a certain with a set of traits I’m drawn to. And FBI Man knows the type of guys I like watching my life from behind-the-scenes and it might have set him off. And on top of it, I’m posting nice elegant videos of my cute self vlogging & singing, looking wholesome to a bit risque and in-between. He’s grown a bit too attached to me, reading my Blog, seeing my influence and so forth and not being in my life. It’s making him mad. Well I did nothing to you. I guess along the way when certain things were going wrong for me while trying to further build my popularity and expand my company brand, those trifling cyber issues had to be coming from you. I’m aware of FBI procedures with the habit of Agents continuously following peoples’ lives, but I’m not a proper Candidate for that. If anything, your action is creating an issue. You made 3 mistakes already over the course of time making me feel like omitting The FBI on any future reports I might make since other government agencies I’ve reported things to are more adept at handling a problem. If I now well over a decade have to contact you, it mainly has to do with YOU inducing that. You want me back don’t you? Look, I’ve been tactfully handling my problem avoiding contact with you and your agency for obvious reasons, but in hindsight, I didn’t know to what extent YOUR possible involvement was, and Oh Man I’m shocked. For real Dude? Did YOU do that? I see the signs. And you want credit for it! My mind was thinking somebody else though. I wasn’t pinpointing you being behind those antics. So the whole time Dude, you were trying to send me a message to notice you. I’ve dealt with guys like you before, the only difference is that you’re an Federal Agent with all that power and access to stuff, hating on me as if I did something to you. I had a chance to look at sexual harassment issues in your agency and I must say at the training level, these issues are prevalent and beyond with women complaining about unwanted attraction from various Agents. And looking at some of the recent cases with women dismissed from their jobs, I’m thinking hmm, me looking at that Agency as a Dating Club in a way was right except that in my case if I were faced with that, I would have handled it differently. I’m accustomed to unwanted sexual attention and I would be viewing that as favorable. Among the multiple Suitors, if they look and sound a certain way with the right personality and I’m attracted to one or more, a game can be played with the choices. I wouldn’t be out there like these White Females complaining about vetted men, highly intelligent, attractive, trained and can protect me. You on the other hand, is just some guy assigned to my case. I never chose you and I never got the chance to know you beyond that experience due to how you operated and I’m somewhat aware of your situation too. You’re not conducting a real investigation, or maintaining protocol due to your handbook policies, you’re just mad at me and confused at the same time because you like me. Well your recent callous attacks into my life was STRIKE 3, when you let it pass into February 2022 where it induced my beloved Family Member suffering a stroke worrying over me. It caused me to halt what I was doing to now help her recover, which took several months. She was hospitalized. Do you even know what it’s like to help a semi-immobile person perform basic duties we take for granted? I did not deserve this? You actually don’t belong in my life. And now you did this! And that’s not all, while dealing with that health crisis, the family dog had declining health of his own and an unfortunate decision had to be made that I was not a part of due to trying to get up everyday doing damage control with your ruthless cyber-attacks. I did nothing to deserve such a tragedy affecting my loved ones. You’re disconnected from intimately understanding the lives of people different from you. You like living in certain areas, fine, but you’re involved in cases with people who lead a completely different lifestyle why you can’t relate. You instead torture, sit and plot against a person’s livelihood who don’t know you or did anything to you. Why is The Agency encouraging you? Or are you doing something you aren’t supposed to and guising it as legitimate work? This would have been better had you been a bit more suave, but I suspect on The Darker Side from my own experiences and knowledge of psychology that this is what you want. This feeds your soul, on a prowl looking for a type of person to target and play your sick game with. If my situation was consistently ideal, I would have totally gone there with you. You would have seen a different side of me engaging you, toying with you, playing games, messing with your mind, tempting you, and generally fucking around with you having studied how to press your buttons. You correctly identified me as Someone to engage to feed that dark fantasy where you think you’ll win, but what you’re seeing these days is me in my present predicament and misjudging all that. You see, I know me better than you. You’re no different from some characters I dealt with like that before, you just have a badge and a law enforcement agency endorsing you. You’re still the same type of guy I’ve handled before. I’m operating off a higher spiritual vibration why I’m handling you a certain way. Now tell me what attracted you to me? I’m holding you accountable for what you did. You must atone for that and everything else. It would have been wiser had you cleaned up the problem through that Mediation Process and properly compensated before it got to this. I know you and that Agency are aware of some of the reports I made already. You all messed up. And over WHAT? Well, the timing of these attacks gave it away and it all leads back to Michael Avenatti? And let me take The General Public down the path of what I’m talking about.

Again, I have a lot to say, and if or when I re-visit this topic, I’ll disclose more. So when Avenatti got his court date in New York set for his trial concerning Stormy Daniels, not too long after, I received an invite by Google in my Gmail to do a Business Profile Listing with them. So I went through the process only for it to have turned out to be a nasty trick to obstruct me. What people should be wondering is why was Google on it like that, eyeballing my work and his case. Their scheme unraveled with a prolonged agenda to hurt my ability to provide insight. They were stalking me and my work before and after the incident. They know damn well that I have a legal service open to anyone great or small who need assistance. The point of my business is to provide what I have to offer free of charge due to revenue from an Affiliate Marketplace, Ads I place on my articles, and promoting those goods & services also on my Online Community where everything coalesce. This sort of business model isn’t unusual and is older than Mark Monitor, Google, Facebook, Wordpress, Vimeo and Others, just like my Trademark. If I were a White Man doing all this stuff, especially a Skinhead, I would not have attracted what appears to be A Clique Of Jews trying to interfere with it, but being a Negro Female trying to do something, there appears to be an established rule by these people to organize and interfere with the person from becoming successful as if you did something to them. There are current cases of particular Blacks rich, poor & in between still complaining about covert attacks on their enterprise from particular persons of The Jewish Community and you don’t need to do or say anything Anti-Semitic to be targeted in this way. It seems like you just need to be a promising Non-Jewish White or Black Person trying to build something that may actually take off, and going to The Justice System may or may not help. What seems to work best is being unappealing to them since they can’t justify having anything to do with you. In my case I started off from the very beginning being Who I Am, just only making my work Mainstream enough for business purposes while showing glimpses of my real interests. As time went on, things shaped up better and better and my mixed audience of people which included Jewish Readers, grew from being domestic to global. I just improved on how I did something no matter what Platform I was on. So when I eventually went to Wordpress,com in 2013 I didn’t expect some Weirdo under there stalking my Blog, trifling with my ability to present something, if you claim you have millions of people using your service to be noticing ME everyday. And because they’re hosted on Mark Monitor, and rely on Google for their Ad Program, this presents underlining issues. The Owner of Automattic/Wordpress,com, Matt Mullenweg is a Billionaire who runs a Financial Firm called Audrey,co that funds his other company*(ies)*. So what these cyber-attacks looks like is HIM using Wordpress as his own way of following other people’s Brands to try to hijack them for profits due to his Ad Program relationship with Google, showing you that these hosting companies are engaged in improper and illegal activities they think is okay to do to people; and you’re singling out one person in particular to obstruct and you’re not doing it to anyone else while you’re passing off your company as a legitimate entity. And he lives, works and frequently travels between Texas, California & New York. Even if Wordpress,com were a front for Law Enforcement, Cops would not need to use a hosting company to surveil or interfere with someone. You see me as someone on your site involved in Activism, Legal Activity, Entertainment Stuff, Marketing, and so forth, and instead of respecting me and my work, Someone is confused as to whether they like it or not, and while working feverishly to turn me off from wanting to be on their site, they see me now elsewhere and feel that they have a right to still attack me and my work, proving my case to Prosecutors that I invited to watch the activity happen in real time over Google. The reason why The Person think it’s okay to be doing things like that so openly is because he appears to also have a corrupt supportive Jewish Constituency who think they’re above The Law. Though the United States Legal System has successfully prosecuted Google several times already winning Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits and still have pending legal cases, it's like a racket for The Tech Giant that they aren’t taking seriously and the next day, they target someone new. I’m one of the new people. And while RICO charges are being misused on other people’s cases, it’s not being used on Big Tech Companies where it makes sense. When your government agency NEEDS Google & Mark Monitor to operate efficiently, your hands are tied a bit. So when something pops up like his or her case somewhere, you have to be careful which Agency you take your concern to. Now The FBI Man I mentioned earlier has a job with a compromised Agency and he has certain rules to follow. Now these hosting companies are businesses they’re bringing their case to, messing with people under the site without just or probable cause, opening up the person to unnecessary probe and attack. I’ve lived my life very much within The Law to a fault because had I NOT done the right thing staying in school, generally being a good girl and all that, my quality of life might have been better here. The values I practice more match those of a person in a Foreign Country and I’m in fact a Foreigner. Being an American Naturalized Citizen didn’t exactly improve my life. And now, I feel I have to explain myself due to the vicious cyber-attacks I underwent for no damn reason at all, that I have to bring up all kinds of things pertaining to it. When you fall under a particular cyber attack, you get to study how it works. I’ve seen that and have a better understanding of the technology they’re using. It seems like when you’re on any of their integrated networks, an alert goes off. They can follow your name or site ID, indefinitely anywhere regardless of your IP Address. I noticed some things about their tactics and concluded that their coding is limited in certain ways to really affect you due to the “primitive” technology being used. Like I said earlier, just looking at it, even if you don’t know coding, you can see your basic Forum Board. They just added trappings on it to make it seem sophisticated, and when you follow The Systems being used to support that, some things will occur to you. Now, when you’re a Business Person, Activist, Lawyer, or other Professional online, you use reputable companies to help further your goals, right? You don’t expect that company to be engaged in an organized agenda against you. I’ve used Google’s resources and those of other Big Tech Companies for many years without any really bad issues until recent. And we’re talking since The Internet began. So why now? Well, when you’re an accomplished person in your corner of The Worldwide Web making a noticeable impact, where the extent of it might be unknown to you, some Agent or other person behind the scenes starts doing stuff, and then you notice. I’ve entertained other possible scenarios examining what’s affecting me, and right now, the only version(s) that make sense are the ones I’m presenting. FACTS! There IS an FBI Guy involved, and persons that are Jewish either involving themselves or being set up and used by The FBI Man who is apparently a Catholic Anglo-Saxon. When I met The FBI MAN, he looked like a typical White Man. Due to my recent problems & suspicions, his odd last name became something to investigate because it could have stemmed from Hebraic Origins or might be some archaic Germanic name or something. It didn’t make sense with his given First Name since the extended version of it is of Christian origin, why he uses the shorter and more common way of saying it along with a shorter way of saying his last name. So I followed that lead and got his right legal name, which is not only very Christian, but now puts a certain matter in perspective for me. I never cared for it before all those years back because it didn’t matter. And it wouldn’t have mattered much then since what I found out NOW matters by the courtesy of time revealing certain things. What would have been great is if he had let sleeping dogs lie. None of this stuff needs to come up now, well past what one would consider a Statute of Limitation that's making me feel like the whole thing is personal, like a grudge or something. I tidied up a case many years back with a nice professional bow, and he went and pulled it releasing a mess. So now The Public can clearly see where WOKE came from. As promised in an article in late 2021, I was going to explain that in a way where it didn’t expose certain things, now thanks to that Agent and/or other Meddlers, I can’t do that without talking about that case extensively as I go on. And I don’t see how it benefits The Feds since they apparently capture ideas/concepts from creative persons in Social Media to use as A Front for their Political Outfits. The signs of it are there. Just research that name or term and see who or where it leads back to. What’s baffling is them trying to do that with ME when you know what kind of person I AM already. Had I applied for a Top Job with them with my ideas and talent, I would not have gotten it. And instead of properly acquiring a person to help build them, they want to engage in bastardly ways following and harassing Self-Employed people online creating something that look like it might work, and then trying to hijack their work lock, stock and barrel. Shame. Shame. Shame. Do you NOT see how this activity can be considered a National Security Threat? Well, the way you’re acting makes a person realize that you’re worse than your enemies overseas and maybe the quality of life might be better in those countries. Why fight with a person you failed to hire? So now The Person is quietly running a Small Business with features that draw your eye that you can’t let that be. Come on? And after moving OFF your platforms, this still bothers you. Well, while offended before, you now realize that you can’t control or obstruct it. In fact you have no right to, but when Big Business is overly represented in The System, and Big Government is unable to control It, then people like me have to act a certain way and Represent Ourselves. It’s cases like this that would appeal to a Lawyer like Michael Avenatti. He fought notable cases like that and won. When he came on The Scene in 2018, I was thinking about my overall issues and imagining him as a Lawyer that could help. It was just a matter of meeting him one day, and given my lifestyle, it wasn’t hard. I was just priming to, following his ongoing legal success. Like Dr Ali Muhammad in late 2009 when I first saw him in a video, Avenatti became an inspiration for me despite The Odds permeating my life. And it’s possible that in prior years before The Public knew him and I was frequenting certain areas of The City, I arguably could have been at one time in the same vicinity of a then low-key Michael Avenatti. Fate is strange that way, but to my knowledge I never met, crossed path or knew of him. But back in the day, if he had a Firm out here in New York and I applied and got the job, and in an alternate reality things played out a certain way, where somebody or agency was plotting his demise, it wouldn’t have been successful. I’ve worked for some Top Companies back in The Day, and only a few actually treated me fairly, but I cared enough to protect Who I was working for and The Company Assets. I didn’t have The Top Executive Title I deserved, but I was examining their shit, listening to the conference calls, researching the files, looking at people, and so forth, and my mind got to thinking. And this was mainly at Financial Firms, Law Offices, Publishing Companies, Advertising Firms and Entertainment Companies. I was seeing things that their Head Person was failing to, and calling attention to it given my “interesting background” as one Executive put it, why if things were different in another time and place, Mr. Avenatti would have been far removed from ever being messed up. His situation would have benefited from my insight. I’m an under-appreciated young lady why I stopped dealing with these Corporations and started doing for Self. I have ideas I’m trying to realize that might seem unprofessional or foreign, but as time goes on, when they see me doing it, all of a sudden NOW, it’s a novel concept. You know WHO sees my potential and might still want to work with me why he was behaving so berserk, FBI MAN. With the recent attacks, I began wondering about him and what psychological profile he reminds me of. Is it Sociopathic, Neurotic, Psychotic? Is it one of their trained tactics to use on people? Well I got to thinking about what I remembered from my studies and started checking some videos, and realized, the behavior and what this Agent is doing resembles a Narcissist, but is it a game or is he really THAT. So I’m thinking back to those types of people that came into my life and I tactfully got rid of, and the earmarks are the same. There is no way that this Agent would know my life like that decades prior, so he must be one. And I damn well know that I AM an Empath and I would attract someone like that. So I began immersing myself again into these educative videos to learn more, and the info FITS that Agent. And that’s why I asked the question I did in the Earlier Section wondering WHO is behind this because the more I research one and two pieces of information, the more things look a way as if Someone is running a game. And I bet the FBI MAN hasn’t figured out certain things yet I’m keeping to myself lest he would have already left The Game. An Occultist is behind it. I figured out parts of it because I’m OCCULT myself, but I don’t think The Game Master intended it. And if I’m going too far in interpreting it that way, I must because the COINCIDENCES can’t be ignored. It’s too bad that The FBI MAN might still be in the dark because, you’re being played. So now I see the Catholic background and other things concerning you and your family a bit similar to mine. And it may just be that, but now I must be cautious because I’m unsure as to how deep their evaluation went to assign YOU. I’m betting that you and The Person responsible are still limited with what you know and are just basing it off speculations from my online presence. You see, whoever The Person is setting this up, hit up on a couple of right things, that may be a matter of CHANCE, but the rest of the information can only be known from limited sources, particularly if it came from me personally. I don’t really present much personal stuff about myself publicly, and if anyone thinks I reveal too much about myself, I really don’t, that’s why I’ve experienced attracting people too curious about me personally. What I put out there is information I don’t mind people knowing about me. When I kept things too private before in the earlier stages of my life, it worked for a while until I attracted some problems. People think they know you, or project what they think you are, and you have to correct misconceptions. When you place certain info out there controlling the narrative and defining yourself while keeping some of the mystery, you draw the right people and attract less problems. So there are certain things you still don’t know and shouldn’t. Some smart person speculating might hit a few facts. I’m impressed by that. I’m not impressed by some Government Agent pulling all kinds of files and drawing obvious conclusions. Now tell me what you don’t know! Though odd, I’m seeing something about all this that’s making me re-interpret the situation. I’m also curious as to the other possible Agents that could have been Assigned to the case. If anybody really wanted to learn something about me none of these attacks would have been necessary. As time went on, while writing my Articles, I revealed one or two more information about myself if the topic was relevant. Either on my Blog, or on Social Media, all someone had to do was ask me a question or debate me on topics to learn something and over a decade ago, that was practiced common knowledge. Doing over-the-top stuff to target Someone was not the way. And then for a moment it became about why I use LATIN. Someone was also following my Youtube and I noticed how my behind-the-scenes Harasser kept obstructing the Microsoft-Managed Translator I was using on the site to interpret my Blog into different languages, trying to get my attention on the back-end of the tool they controlled, by ignorantly putting the word “latin” next to certain odd Country’s languages that are not entirely associated with Latin and The Person removed the actual Latin. So this bigoted move pissed me off and I removed the Translator. I began doing The Blog translating the text into another appropriate language using a more professional service, or I’ll do a video in that language. If the person was digging around to find out if I actually knew any Latin, the answer should be obvious, and I say that with a Luciferic Catholic smile because I know my background way better than anybody. What the person really wanted to know is why is this young Black Woman writing these Illuminati-type articles and what’s up with her interest in using Latin phrases? Is someone helping her like a Parent or Somebody? Well, to this day being near 50 years old, I still look less than half my age to some people viewing me in un-doctored photos and videos. I’m aware that the person stalking my info online pulled up old resumes and other info about me and my company FERRELUX from the Dark Ages to know damn well that I’m that old and I am the same person. I was also a Teacher who taught for a time in Public & Private Schools from First Grade to College Level. I myself was a Top Student since The Second Grade. And in the Millennial Years from late 2021, and still counting, Someone fitting my Profile would be seen as STRANGE and target-able in an American Society ran by Liberal Democrats. My problems didn’t happen under TRUMP RULERSHIP. The FBI MAN knew his place. The current Liberalism allowed HIM to feel like he could invade my personal space online and run all over my Authority like a Narcissist. I’ve had issues online before trying to set up new revenue streams and I bet This Guy was doing covert tactics to make them fail like I did something to him. When you have access to The Tech Kingdom and can go all over the place meeting with people like you’re A Spurned Lover hiding the fact, and pass off your personal attacks on somebody as if it were a legitimate investigation, you’re no different than a Kid in Candy Store. The RUSH you get stalking my activities. Well that should have died down a long time ago. Here I Am with my still professional self, trying to build a Ferrelux Marketplace and a Ferrelux Community unbeknownst to me that I shouldn’t trust using online services Hosted On Mark Monitor since your back door access to that will lead to on-going surveillance and trifles. What is a Girl supposed to do? And You have Females in your humble family, 2 involved in their respective Medically Hospitable Social Service Organization. So while they’re leading their lives helping others, imagine someone like YOU unethically permeating their lives with your toxic self, bringing trifling issues. I was lucky to land on my feet each time because, I’m use to having problems in my life, however if the situation were reversed they may not be so savvy being connected to you and the practices of your Agency. As an AGENT, My Dear, you’re supposed to be thinking about all this and not under-estimate your Opponent. Now I’m curious about what may have triggered you to be messing up. Things were better when I didn’t know shit about you. And you were most unkind to trick me using that Google Service so you can hurt me for no good reason, putting my residence so openly out there that anyone with a sensible mind should infer that I never did that or would sign up to do that. And your resident details are locate-able too in The States you occupy and frequently travel to, that I paid you back in kind with better courtesy. A person would need a brain to figure it out following my clues on here since I’m The Better Agent. Unlike you, I still respect the rights of people I no longer like or despise. And you’re a year younger than me, and born a month and 23 days after. And you had all that Quantico training and such, chasing after a person denied access to all that, and guess who’s winning. Look, I’ve always sensed you. You’ve been a part of my life since I met you. And my shrewd tactics outsmarting you became necessary because of what you were doing. All this time you should have found Someone new by now to exhaust your Agentry on who is a Criminal and more deserving, but you still want to play around with a beautiful and talented Psuedo Agent who lives about 3 hours away from you. The level of my Agentry is a bit higher than what you’re doing. I wouldn’t be using third-parties to help me much with a case, let alone paying them. If you’re dealing with another Agent (Me) you need to be doing this on your own. It’s a Circus now. You done involved some Jewish Guy, This Person, The Other and What Not. And it took me a short period of time to figure things out. If only you were somebody else, this could have gone differently and way more both in our favor.

So now I have something BIG to share. I’ve been in a stupor for days since my discovery, contemplating this because if it’s true, I can’t believe how this FBI MAN went that far. Anybody mainly following my activities here and on Youtube at the time would know that I make commentaries on certain legal cases offering my perspectives and one in particular was my favorite: Michael Avenatti. I became consumed with it due to being drawn by its different elements. Overall it attracted my interest. When access to your livelihood gets drastically cut-off from you by The Government due to a pandemic worldwide and you’re cocooned in your nest bed uncertain of the future and your prospects during that Hysteria, another side of you may pop out with certain talents. So I became intrigued reading document dumps about This Man’s problems and I unlocked a little known library filled with interesting books. While The General Public are consumed with the typical book stores with all that glossy material to read, there lives a cache of reading material happening in real time showing the life and wonders of a person living among us trying to survive dire issues. So he became a non-fiction story I was reading about then and 2 different versions of those librettos, were written by his Defense Attorneys, and The Prosecutors. These overlooked Writers kept me interested day after day following that shit. And what made it easy for me to be reading numerous legal data like that was The Subject: Michael Avenatti because there were other people extensively in trouble as well, but I was not moved the same way. The experience was fulfilling. It was being engaged in a legal struggle of good vs evil. It took me back to a time in The 80s when hope still existed. I was looking at his 3 cases with that air behind it. How is this character, Michael Avenatti going to win his cases despite the power behind them. I was reading to see contradictions if any or other fault in The Prosecutor’s Book, and then reading The Rebuttal with The Defense Attorney. And this to me was way more exciting to immerse myself in, than what The Top 25 Books were at the time. I was so engrossed in legalese, and waiting for the next release the following day of this contending legal battle between the Best Minds On The Planet. The shit was hot! Ofcourse I was on the side of Michael Avenatti, but I must admit, I also liked The Prosecutors, they had me cracking up. The gravity of what they were doing made me side with him. Like The Cartoons & TV Shows I grew up on mainly from The 60s, 70s, 80s, & 90s, I liked The Villains a lot, but what we’re supposed to be paying attention to is the redeeming, wholesome good-natured cosmic message of right and wrong represented by The Heroes of these stories even if one of them faulted. So I focused more on some stuff lying beneath his cases and caring about that. And you know who else were also cocooned in their Shelters during Covid-19 also pulling and reading the same material at that Legal Cyber Library, his enemies. They were out there contributing in every way negative material in the public space to hurt his case. So unfair. It caught my eye. And in a strange twist of fate when I was looking to somehow possibly meet and Consult with This Lawyer concerning my issues, things would play out differently instead. Except that a certain detail, if I am right in retrospect, was unknown to me at the time. So when Michael Avenatti fell into his own problems, naturally he qualified as a Candidate for my Legal Service. Being able to access and afford proper legal representation can be a daunting task to the very poor and sometimes the very rich. A lot of these Lawyers out here may not be right for your case. Have you tested any of them? Have you ever went far enough to pull a couple of their cases to see how they fight? That’s important. If you are going around to this or that Law Firm that look professional enough and they seem scared to take your case or you spoke to any of them long enough to determine that you know more than them, then these challenges should impart to you why some people study the legal system and fight their own case. Finding the 25K to secure a better Attorney is not easy for The Average person, let alone the rest of the 300K to cover the cost for example. So if The Justice System freezes a wealthy person’s Assets, and now s/he can’t pay the Attorney, you’re lucky if The Lawyer still decides to keep your case for the long haul helping you. I saw this in Avenatti’s case. THEM (The Prosecutor’s) over the course of time even going as far as to trying to stop his access to the legal care of 2 of his Attorneys in separate cases, but one prevailed. The dedication of his Attorneys showed me that some of The 80s still exists and I was right to hold on the way I did. The Justice System is a travesty. On the one hand, It works. It’s doing what It’s supposed to legally; but on the other hand, It’s wicked, mounting unnecessary cases against people. So my Study entailed all kinds of pertinent observations, research & analysis. One of the things I noticed about his case was what appears to be the ambition of a younger person trying to overtake a more mature person for a career come up. And then one observation led to another, and then another, and then another, some of which I wrote a couple articles about. I was shedding some Humanity on the situation which conflicted with The Ridicule & Hatred out there. I was basically doing what I always try to do in my Blog and on Social Media, present an alternative view that’s sound and illuminating. And because I failed to contribute some anger and ugliness in my comments about him, Someone took notice and began Stalking my comments on Youtube, mainly on one of my Channels. Though The Person used one name, it changed a few times to other names and I suspect the other commentaries to be coming from The Same Person or Group of People based on the fervor of the attack. It really didn’t bother me as I was absorbed in helping this Dude. I had my own legal contention in The Court Of Public Opinion defending Michael Avenatti. What I noticed was how my arguments appeared to be changing The Narrative because I believed in it. When you’re programmed to believe one thing, and someone comes along showing a different take on a topic that disturbs The Status Quo, that person might draw some heat due to possibly being correct, which happened in my case. I wasn’t trying to have that problem. Anyone who knows me or have observed me for years can tell that I’m a private person. Unless I’m out on Stage or in a Public Square talking or something and being animated, I’m in my own space engaged in my own introspective work and thought process. So I was NOT looking for attention on this case to be outed in any way or provoked to address something. Out of a so-called million viewers watching a video about Michael Avenatti with far less than half of them making comments, struck me as strange that Someone would care too much about mine. And it didn’t bother me at the time because I had some assumptions as to who the person(s) might be bothering me that made sense at the time. So when something bad happened with his case that day, I expected this person to jump on one of my comments and start with it again trying to get me to give up this ideal notion I had concerning his case. And it was comical and rude at times, but I kept it civil. And to cut a long story short, he had an Attorney trying to manage a hopeless case, while the more troubling case in California seemed at a point more hopeful, and his other pending case in New York at the time, could have been the turn around. Things didn’t go as hoped. As there were signs that he could have won that California case but a move on that one shifted that possibility out of his favor. So everything rested on whether he could make any headway on that Story Daniels case. From my perspective, some concession should have been made before it got that far. The same Prosecutors on The Nike Case was on it and had Avenatti got the case re-opened or won that California one, it would have had a positive impact. So much time and emotion was on it holding our optimism in grip only to free fall in an endless void. And ofcourse some Legal Journalists came out on the airwaves disclosing their views on it as well as everyone else. And another thing to notice if you’re watching for Conspiracies is whether a person is being triggered or not. I entertain a vast pool of speculations because I have to wonder if during the course of a person’s life, was he or she affected by certain situations, word or phrasing due to trauma or MK Ultra. Like, just when you’re about to do something critical about to make this move to win your case, and then someone pops up with the mind control word or phrase just before, and that poor person dissipates, losing their case. I have to wonder. And dates are important. So anyway, back to my recollection on all this, there goes the Lawyer I was considering at the time that would be nice to address my problems, so now I’m recovering from my life being stymied during the pandemic, to trying to rebuild some new opportunities until along the course I start realizing some things since My 💔 Issue, wants me to know. It looks like in a way I WAS right about something, I just had no clue how right I really was. How the hell would I know that? What I was putting together made more sense since The Culprit behind the conspiracy more fit Mark Geragos, Sheriff Lee Baca, Rudy Giuliani, Brandon Fox, Brett Sagel, Jason Frank, & Andrew Stolper. I was not thinking about that FBI Dude eyeballing me being on that case at all. And just thinking about it don’t look right. I like my story better and how I configured that with little to no access to the wealth of files, people or places. My little story and how I was seeing those cases exists in 2 forms: one behind the scenes, and one I made public. MY FBI MAN who should have been separate from that experience and it certainly seemed that way for a good while, shouldn’t figure into it. He doesn’t look good BEING a part of it. What prompted me now, to wonder a few weeks back as I’m writing this, was his current antics. Like the Cartoons & TV Shows I grew up on, showing mystery and intrigue, could this character be responsible? For Real? NO? But How? It made no damn sense to me until I researched his last name, and THEN it all made sense. Back in October 2021, I wrote a little story trying to reveal confounding information in my head about what I think was going on with Michael Avenatti’s legal cases concerning a Conspiracy, and I built the story around WHY Someone would be out to get him, and somehow tied the way the charges were made around it, exposing a secret I discovered. It turns out that at the time what I felt compelled to do by some auspices, led to what I now can interpret as possibly The Truth. Why would this Federal Agent appear to be trying to get my attention over some story I wrote like he wants credit for something and looking back, I see why. Coincidence? OH MY GOD! NO YOU DIDN’T. Tell me that it’s just an odd coincidence, please. If you were behind that shit, WHY?! Everybody else factors in BETTER as suspects of a Conspiracy, nobody knows about you. What relation do you have with Sheriff Lee Baca or anyone else in Avenatti’s Nike Case as you travel state to state? There was no reason to suspect you as an Agent on that. I’ve evaluated you a certain way in my mind in 2 ways as a character in life being this type of Agent or Other and right now The Lesser is winning in regards to your recent mishaps with me why I’m beating you up in The Press like this. The Other Perspective I have of you, is The Greater Agent, fitting the type of Profile I would expect from a person going around who appears to be un-seeming, but The Man controlling everything. I don’t think that’s you though. But back to Avenatti, I know what was happening behind-the-scenes though on my part. My defense anthologies were not made Public, so whoever did not belong in the equation that gained access to them online was reading privileged work product knowing things that were not their business and possibly acting off it. The One Person who would most be interested in that stuff since it came from me, would be My Federal Stalker, quietly reading the shit and being intrigued until it dawns on him, hmm, do you like Avenatti. So The Person popped up on My Youtube, trolling me again trying to infer if I had romantic relations with Michael. And though I was truthful, I guess he wasn’t really sure given the display of care behind his case. I guess that would upset him. I wasn’t trying to. I didn’t know it was him at the time messing with me if it was in fact him. I was operating off a vibe that told me to keep going with what I was doing. So fast forward to the day of his Sentencing in Stormy Daniel’s case, I made an effort to be there on time and at the start of the day and along the way, particular things kept happening to delay me. It was as if Someone was behind it. I got out en route taking the most quickest and likely path to get there, never having a problem before, and I saw signs of activity designed to stall my transport. When I changed route and finally got there and on my way in the building, well, what I suspect now was him, entering the picture using one of his techniques. It wasn’t obvious at first since it involved technology, but thinking how strange it was while in the Court Building, my Agent instincts informed me otherwise. Now what The Public needs to realize is that this Country is engaging in some serious descent into falling apart on The World Stage. It starts with attacking certain liberties like free speech, expression, and other legal rights. You would think that letting some of these cases turn out right in favor of a Perpetrator might keep someone having faith in The System still, but now it has become this attack on the slightest hope. So if you are someone in The Media, or other person on some case a Lawyer or Attorney benefits from, you might be seen as a problem exercising your own legal right to Witness or contribute insight on that. For me it was an exciting experience. I loved it. The overall energy came from a good place and I tried to impart that in telling a sort of true fictional tale about him and put it out there to place a smile on the bleak face of Avenatti, his Family, Friends, and Supporters. It had the feel good energy, love, light and hope about it to inspire, yet there was one in Our Kingdom, smitten with the most vile urges to react most profoundly to the work which came purely from My Heart. So now, I must add that the character Sinestro, who represented Sheriff Lee Baca, and the other characters surrounding loose facts I was trying to convey, ARE NOT, The Game Masters responsible, but the criminal charges numerically phrased a certain way in Avenatti’s California legal case spelt out an 8 letter East Indian word jhajbaca, which means Outstanding Ship, which I attributed to Sheriff Lee Baca, finding evidence of how he likened his running of that Prison to one. And this matches his own ethnic upbringing & exposure to use that word to guise it as vengeance against Avenatti for taking on that Paraplegic Man’s Case though The FBI already had their probe on how he ran that Prison, but I guess the ending of his career with him having to retire amidst investigation fell on blaming Avenatti. The truth is that there were a lot of other legal cases like that at the time in other States with abused persons in prisons winning Settlements. I found that information while I was just trying to trace whether a particular case he handled may have struck someone the wrong way to seek vengeance. And I was seeing signs of that. I did not see a connection with MY FBI GUY being a factor at all. He didn’t even enter my mind. And I’m now seeing signs of some connection. The Motive though may not be so much centered around vengeance for Sheriff Lee Baca, as that would make sense if there was some reverence for him like some of the other people on the case in real life. When I constructed my tale, I was being careful. I wanted to say a lot, but what is not said overtly can be inferred but the details would be more obvious to someone reading all that private stuff behind-the-scenes where they would know already which was not meant for them, to be bugging over My Story. Given what I now know about The FBI Guy, in real life this is reading more like a Femme Fatale in certain ways except I don’t intend to lose or be coaxed into dealings with this man. If he went and did that to make a point of his power to me, it’s Controlling, Ominous, Possessive, etc. HURTFUL. Like I Did Something To Him. So I can’t be on Facebook or Youtube showing an interest, repost, or like to a guy you think I find attractive and shortly before I was closed out of my Facebook (Lhisa666) I was liking and reposting the stuff of certain guys I followed like Actor Shemar Moore. And because I didn’t make the connection that it was YOU behind something, you wanted me to figure it out. Well it fits. Your last name, though it looks Irish, is said to be of English Origin generally meaning, Ship’s Victory, and for the charges in that case, it would make sense to use another language with help from some East Indian friends around you. The shorter version of that last name in another language means Fierce Warrior depending on the source. The name can be considered Nordic for beautiful or Fierce Island or Ship Harbor. Whatever the coincidence, you factor in. So now we are not only tied by Dr Ali Muhammad, we now have the Big League version of that in the form of Michael Avenatti. I’d like for you to undo all that tragic stuff you did, and might still be doing known and unknown. I don’t know what happened to you to want to assume a Federal Job giving you license to scheme & terrorize unsuspecting people. Such a job would not appeal to me. As a Federal Agent, I would want to say that I helped save somebody or made a positive and meaningful difference in someone’s life. For Example, I wouldn’t be a Woman happening on a nonsense case where I’m smitten by some guy and to be on it still going 12 years devising a reason why, watching the guy’s life while I’m living mine several miles away making sure that he can’t connect with this or that female so I can eventually present myself at some later point, then get mad if he shows interest in somebody, and try to find something criminal in her life and mess her up, showing the guy my power while on a sly reminding him of me. No, none of that is ME at all. Nor is lusting after guys. I may find men that look and sound a certain way attractive and will LIKE & REPOST their stuff, it’s not a slight of you. And not to be insulting, so don’t take it that way, but if I were cast in a version of my own Bachelorette TV Show with 36 Guys to choose from like Avenatti’s California charges, you can guess some of the guys who would be there. You wouldn’t go home the first night, but through the process of elimination, after the rest of the guys enlighten me that you’re the one going around playing mind games getting this guy to fight that guy and that this other Dude was unfairly sent home, and that you didn’t deserve the one on one date with me and such, I would have to take all that into account and not offer you a rose at the ceremony to stay another week. I would mainly have the 12 guys I’m really interested in left. And I’m not dissing you, it’s just life. And so you’re off in your limo ride back to the hotel, telling the viewing audience at home whatever, minus your tears, then eventually get on a flight heading back home to one of your residences in The United States. So now as I draw this section to a close, my message regarding Persons of The Jewish Faith that have shown themselves a little too interested in me and my identity, in connection to all I have revealed already, I have another bomb to drop. I’ve been continuously pointing out to The World just how bad corporate representatives of your community were lusting after my Brand Identity like there’s no tomorrow. You can’t back peddle now, you’ve committed a Spiritual Crime. I’ve been very open about Me and Who I Am. Nothing was hidden from you why you should know better. I Am not your God. Your God is Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Yah, Jah, The Tetragramaton: YHWH, JHVH. I made a formal complaint to him about You People, and HE saw that it was True. So look out! I made no secret about Who I Am in relation to Lucifer. It was apparent to anyone with a Spiritual Eye looking at me and seeing my work. I never beckoned your Worship. Your God will judge You for your iniquity. Even if you were not as Spiritually Gifted to know, simple common sense should have told you that Lucifer, a deity known by other names, does not like The People of God, which includes YOU. Can you say Anti-Semitic? But yet you still love him over your True God whom you have a Covenant with. Shame. Shame Shame. And naturally, being The Goddess Connected to Him, you shouldn’t be all over ME either. Those truly touched by The Spirit, can see it. I don’t consider Myself Anti-Semitic but I’ve studied many things to overstand why and how a person and his or her people can assume Lordship over you. I have my own journey that I’m still on and more things will be revealed in time. I appreciate the many Secret Societies on the globe dedicated to the worship of The Devil. He is gravely misunderstood why I embarked on my own private mission to correct these perceptions through being An Example and you can see it through my work. I’ve seen a lot of errors in how people view Him and am trying to correct it. Anyone who made any real divine contact with Him, knows better. The Real Satanist, Luciferian, or whatever term you use, aren’t doing that shit that you see out there. The respect is too profound. The Ones doing it the right way like Myself, are often mistaken as Christians because we know. And finally, I declare that The FBI Man and Others met me as Ferrelux. Looking at it on the Internet, I was the only One. That being said, whoever is out there with access to information that is not their business pirating my Trademark with some known questionable issues around it that I left on Social Media at the time and have now recounted here again, is a damn fool. Find something you’re passionate about and build your own Brand. With that said, my message to The FBI and other Federal Agencies is that I cannot help you with your case concerning anything about Dr Ali Muhammad, Sovereign Citizens, Moors, and other persons or stuff since I’m dealing with Trademark Infringement, piracy, fraud, scam issues that may be perpetrated out of your Agency or My Brand Identity being hijacked for illegal, immoral or profiting from other use unauthorized by me on account of my growing popularity. Until you deal with that to determine The Real Ferrelux from The Fake Ones impersonating me, Me & My Service is unavailable.


It’s happening. You have the real Agents doing the things we like to hear about and watch, and then there are other Agents we eventually find about doing shady stuff. I expect conflict. It’s a contest to see just how smart some Agents are at using their skills to outwit the people within The System corrupting everything.


So I have to change the I in FBI to an E for creative writing purposes in context to the 3 Whistle-Blowers for the key of F (Agent Friend), the key of B (Agent O’Boyle) & E (Agent Allen) as their stories play out in major & minor alternating harmonies recanting their bad experiences as I head out the procession, with my choral chant about my overall experience so far having been involved with them in the past, as a self-styled Free Agent. And what’s scary is this Agency along with a Big Tech Giant moving forward to hijack The Government where we’ll live under a tyranny. Overall, The Agency works. It’s an impressive crime fighting organization, and at Its core having the power to politically protect the nation from enemies domestic & foreign, but at what cost? WHO among them gets chosen to determine the Fate of The Nation, and can we trust them?

👉 Update: For musical purposes, changing the I in FBI to an A also works if you’re less optimistic. Though the tone sounds better to the ear in the sequence, I opted to use E instead for the musical progression rather than going back to the A if you study musical scale, which the latter would have made concluding this article pessimistic. So if you were wondering, that’s why 🎵 https://www.musicca.com/piano

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🪶 Sign,
(Lisa Markland)
🦉Lhisa Mrklon
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🦉Emissary Of Fate

Question: From Reading About My Experience, Which Shade Of Blue
Do You Think I Am? Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Or Lapis Lazuli?
And You Have Just 3 Seconds To Answer.

Answer: The Right Answer Is Lapis Lazuli.
WHY, well for this particular trick question an Agent would ask, those of you following me and my antics for years and are familiar with my goddess mythology would know that I’m all three, BUT after reading the agentry material in my article and having to choose just one answer, you should figure which one is best since Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone representative of both the sky & sea. Even if you knew nothing about me or precious stones, you still should have picked the right answer reading all that Agent stuff since a clue was there. I wasn't going to make it easy by stating,
Pick The Right Answer since that was the old way of doing a question like this.

Fair-Minded, Creative, Inspiring, Imaginative, & Skillfull. She’s Knowledgeable And Uses Tools & Technology Effectively. She Uses Her Beauty, Charm, Wit, Intellect, Patience, Wisdom, Cunning, Empathy, Psychology, & Savvy Ways To Solve Cases And Can Find Out Stuff About A Person Or Case Without Government Clearance Due To Her Psychic Abilities. Communications & Activities Around An Investigation Is Isolated Mainly On The Person & Will Not Spill Over On Family, Friends, & Associates. While Researching Your Alleged Charges & The Current Laws Governing Your Case, She’ll Eventually Leave You Alone Realizing Your Rights. You Can Openly Carry On Living Your Life Without Fear Of Covert Attacks On Your Quality Of Life. She’s Physically Fit, Has Had Some Prior Martial Arts Training And Can Endure & Survive Strange Situations. She’s Had Some Prior Military Training And Can Join A Special Ops Team.


The FBI Agent I’m Talking About In Real Life Is Represented Below By Actor Warren Kole, From Shades Of Blue: Agent Stahl. Clues To The True Identity Of The FBI Agent Is Coded Below.

Though Competent, He’s Cold, Jealous, Angry, Vengeful, Calculating, Frequently Sleuths About Your City, Has Access To All Kinds Of Things Everywhere, Likes To Make Slick Comments About The Subject or Target, Tries To Manipulate A Situation & Take Advantage Of It, Plays Psychological Tricks And Uses Intimidation Tactics. He’s Driven. He’ll Obstruct Your Right To Make A Living, Like You Did Something To Him And Keep Pursuing You To The Ends Of The Earth, Even Though His Case Against You Won’t Go Anywhere. His Selfish & Brash Activities Will Spill Over Negatively Impacting Your Family, Friends, & Associates. He Might Be Able To Adequately Defend Himself, But Relies On Better Trained People To Help Him At Every Turn. He Might Be Adept At Navigating & Surviving In The Wild. He Doesn’t Appear To Have Any Spiritually Deep Connections.

S O M E 🏛️ L I N K S









👉 Homeland Security Special Agent ✝️ Peter Christopher Egan, Pay Your Respects

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🐰 stahlesq.com/Attorneys/Robert-G-Stahl-esq

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The Kid’s running wild through the streets. His mother scrubs the floor so the kid can eat. Prices goes up and you gotta move out. Money doesn’t holler, baby it shouts.

Someone’s running a game on you. Keeping you in your place. Someone’s running a game on you and you never even seen their face. Come on, someone’s running a game on you, manipulating your mind. Someone’s running a game on you. I bet they take you to the back of the line.*

You’re only a boy but you’re half a man, running in the streets making money when you can. You want things so bad you can feel it. And if you can’t buy it, then you steal it. You’re under arrest, get up against the wall. These criminals have a ball. They write the laws, hire the thugs, your mother back home living with the bugs.

Now your life passes before your eyes and you remember the sounds of your mother’s cries. Sittin’ in your cell doing twenty to ten, trying to find the answers again.

And looking back it’s clear to see my power was the only key. If someone’s running a game on you but you don’t know what it’s about. Said, someone’s running a game on you, and education is the only way out. Said, someone’s running a game on you, the same one they ran on me. Someone’s running a game on us and my power is the only key, oh yeah, my power is the only key.

🎤 My Version (My Power)

Ali’s living life cruising the streets. Michael’s in Court on a case to beat. Cops are closing in so you gotta figure out, how to solve a problem, using your clout.

Someone’s running a game on you. Keeping you in your place. Someone’s running a game on you and you never even seen their face. Come on, someone’s running a game on you, manipulating your mind. Someone’s running a game on you. I bet they take you to the back of the line.

You’re only some guy but you’re quite The Man. Running in The Streets making money when you can. The Feds want you so bad you can feel it. If it’s evidence they don’t have, then they fabricate it.

You’re under arrest, get up against the wall. These criminals have a ball. They write the laws, hire the thugs, your doggy back home messing with the rugs.

Now your life passes before your eyes and you remember the sound of the Prosecutor’s lies. Sittin’ in jail doing twenty to ten, tryna find the answers again.

And looking back it’s clear to see my power was the only key. If someone’s running a game on you and you don’t know what it’s about. I said, someone’s running a game on you, and information is the only way out. Said, someone’s running that game on you, the same one they tried on me. Said someone’s running a game on us and my power is the only key, oh yeah, my power is the only key.

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