⌚ A Look Back At 2023 📆

⌚ A Look Back At 2023 📆

In Novissimis Diebus, Ibi Erit Fletus Et Stridor Dentium 📖 In The Last Days, There Shall Be Weeping & Gnashing Of Teeth. (Jesus Christ)

🎶 Bam Bam By Chaka Demus & Pliers
I chose this track because if you think about it in context to my apocalyptic articles,
it applies, except in MY divine case, change the chorus to: . . . This Ma’am don’t trouble no one, but if you trouble this Ma’am it will bring a Bam Bam. What a Bam Bam, What a Bam Bam, Bam Bam Bilang Bam Bam, Bam Bilong Bam Bam . . .

Normally, I would do this type of article at the end of the year, but that changed due to the nature of this year or that why, I’m segueing to it now to fully close out a period for now. I’ll populate this page with images of last year’s publication as we go along. Updates are still being made and will continue over time. I’m also expanding on the look of the site as you’ll see I added a new menu link and will feature that global contact for a while till it moves to it’s station. The purpose is to give my overseas readers their own space. When I started this website decades back when it was just colorful webpages I designed a certain way, I was well aware of my viewers no matter what hosting service I used and where my traffic was coming from, and meeting certain people over time. I always had some type of translator link and foreign stuff on the site and promoted my work in certain circles. And of course, I ran it simply. I wanted to build myself first to a certain point before expanding, and that happened little by little as the years went by. When you start your own business, you have a plan as to when and how you will scale according to your budget. The signs are usually there as to what a person’s ambitions are, however that’s not an invitation for some low-life to be messing with you or impairing your progress as I pointed out last year as to a clique of Deep State Culprits behind attacking and defaming me and my work based off something very stupid which I explained at length last year. So I’m now expanding ahead of schedule of how and what I really wanted and I warn the public to only view and click on my legitimate sites. I’ve met some success throughout my fight against those cyber attacks and am responsible for helping certain government agencies with their own cases against Big Tech, which I’ll discuss later, and am still involved with that. There are some carry over issues going on this year. I’ll soon discuss some highlights last year in context as we go on.

And now it’s Wednesday January 31, 2024. On that Proud Boy, Enrique Tarrio Article, notice seven days after my last post, my recent comments at the end before the photo gallery. Keep in mind that when I set up my arguments in future articles like this, sometimes my previous reference to stuff plays a role as these topics are all a part of a theme. Also note my colorful language at times, and when I use it. I’m known to go from using very sophisticated vernacular to the down right vulgar terms on a subject. Now I’ve been exposing some disturbing things that would affect another soul a certain type of way invoking uncontrollable wrath. And when things sometimes happen, the root of it is what The Press should want to get to because like wars, this move or that, or signs of something that could have been thwarted WAS the issue, but people let it play out to where they might be culpable too. I study a lot of stuff to where I can see abstract pieces of a puzzle others fail to. And I’m also Learn-ed enough to try to artfully present something in an engaging way, although my method may not appeal to everyone in the room. And thus began the rampage of one or more souls in recent years reacting to my work in such wretched manner and it wasn’t really meant for them. The people that respond well to me are intellectual, creative, and spiritual types. They GET what I’m presenting. So why is their a Creep on the scene? Well, to continue from where we left off last year. This Person, and his Enablers, are partly empowered by A Corrupt System that has some other things going on within IT. When you see and hear about random strange stuff going on around you, it may be connected to something else and perhaps around Some One. Things just popping off like that makes no sense by themselves. And I’m being gingerly as to what I mean. I’m not trying to scare anyone. The truth is on its way out. What I try to do, is show things a certain way sometimes. The people that want to tell you stuff have slowly retreated into their own sanctuaries over the past years. People are being persecuted. You see the signs all around you. Just trust your instincts. I’m studying a few things right now to determine what’s up. THEY know who knows. Now I should not have attracted anyone from their world to my particular stuff, but things start becoming apparent to you. If you watch a lot of horror, mystery, spy stuff, then intuitively based off the programming, you should be seeing stuff already. I guess the Network behind these things, attempting to control Us, has within it indicators to identify certain people. They don’t need to wait until you bloom to determine you might be a problem to their Establishment, except that they’re not trying to identify criminal types. We’re in our own Science-Fiction Novel playing out in real time as if we’re a game to them and it shows. Soon the disguise will fall off and we see them for who they actually are. Do you feel like some Overlord has identified YOU and is watching you like a test subject? What Shows or Films have you seen that reminds you of this? Did your life suddenly shift in a strange way like you’ve been identified and Some One is in The Shadows observing you while you’re living your reality? This is real! I didn’t expect the problem though, and it feels strange. The energy comes upon you, then withdraws, like an Entity as you’re leading your life. And I’m not referring to your own sanctified Communion with a Deity you know. I’m talking more about The Powers That Be BEHIND this Shadow Government. Their Computer Systems, Their Airwaves, Their Social Networks, and so forth. It has been spoken about many years before happening to this person or that. Some of these brave people are still around, NOW even more validated than they were when they first came out exposing this stuff. And now I AM in a similar predicament where before, I was just a Student learning from Them. I Am Proud of Myself for having followed my vibe and instincts in taking interest in those things to now be a Contender amongst them.

It’s now Saturday, February 3, 2024. And I thank many of you for continuing to support me and my work over the years. I don’t need to explain much to you, but the new people should look into the archives and type a few search terms to learn more, the history goes several years back. So now continuing from my prophecy here, a couple articles back concerning an end date to this Nation, as we inch closer to that year, I wanted to carefully allude to it in my own way as I’ve been guiding through my writings until Someone messed that up for you as described in that article. You see, sometimes things shift. In a World of Folklore & Mysticism, where Fate is concerned sometimes, a blessing or curse meant for a person, place or thing often times happen as intended, reverted, canceled or changed by some odd abstraction due to another Power. So in Ancient Cultures when The Shaman, Witch, Wizard, or other Soothsayer did his or her Divination and knew the time has come to prepare their people for it, that entailed a delicate process. You just don’t abruptly drop that kind of news on people, although some tribes had to handle it as it was either impending or just happened with little to no preparation time. The Native Americans, Aztecs, and Other Peoples were aware of the coming of some kind of End to their Civilization, and whatever auspices that could have stopped it, did not come through for them. In the case of The Native Americans, The Ghost Dance Ceremony they tried to do, did not occur fully as they were massacred in a battle at Wounded Knee. And though you might dismiss the significance of it as stupid native lore, consider this? Why was The White Man afraid, and was so determined to stop it at the time once he learned about it? Well, he already saw some things those people are able to do to gain favor from or appease the anger of The Higher Power with their chants, the tales, the artifacts and so forth. They appeared to be in touch with Something. Africans too. That’s why it was important to rob Native Peoples of their Culture, but it still survives in some of us, even you White Man. And now it’s your turn to face annihilation, but it won’t be by the hands of your Enemies. I see the panic-button being pressed in The Media to expect some BIG catastrophe soon. Well if it happens, it’s Man-Made and all planned. What I’m talking about is set to happen some time beyond a century from now. You don’t need to worry till then. I’ve been your guide living here. Don’t worry about The Terminal Date for America. Just live your life in your current generation, but plant your roots elsewhere because it will end soon, and it’s not by my schedule. The Maker kept his promise to you Christians as you settled The Land HE gave you hundreds of years before, but you profaned it. As for my previous magical argument on un-crossing a curse, it can happen in matters like this if the conditions are right and God is willing. He has done it before shielding who he chose to protect, even Pagan. I won’t say what I mean, but The Right Spiritualists out there would know. It’s hard to be so forth-coming with knowledge I would normally express after coming under these odd attacks by elements in The Government. The prophetic works of Edgar Cayce & Nostradamus is just a part of it. There’s more. I’m not the only Seer either, but who will you believe? You see These Days, The Self-Censorship more benefits ME than your Establishment. Though your political persecutory tool is designed to hurt a person’s freedom of speech and expression, it’s more hurting YOU right now because The Right People who would more grasp what I’m talking about are opting to remain silent when more information should be out there in some form for those who are unaware. There are odd things occurring right now a Gifted Person would notice, and I’m being vague. When you read some of the stuff Jesus said in The New Testament about The End Times, I notice how a lot of people miss what He’s saying. Maybe read it out loud and see how that sounds to you in context. Is He sad telling you that, or is He delighting in how He’ll go about punishing you? I would say more, but these days I must keep in mind that my work is under-appreciated here in The U.S.A under the current governing system. And if They see where I’m right, or that I successfully uncovered something again, I might be reacted to in an uncomely manner as some of you have witnessed, though they are unable to stop My Power. My True Readers far and wide, also following my content elsewhere show me Love though, and it’s YOU who I do this for, just decipher my code where applicable, and what I actually mean when I post something.

And now it’s Thursday, February 8, 2024. So touching back on that FBI article I did back in July 2023, because it IS an ongoing topic until something it’s properly resolved. So let’s rehash, I shouldn’t be dealing with cyber-attacks and other annoying things in my life coming from anywhere or from anyone PERIOD. I never had any of these problems before prior to January 2011 meeting this FBI Dude and an Older Gentleman in Law Enforcement, after submitting a case for possible investigation to them in 2010 as person’s in The Public have a right to do, especially if they as an Agency is asking for information pertaining to the type of things and persons they investigate, and you have a right to not want to be a part of it either especially if you’re not directly involved in the problem. So fast forward from that point to NOW, that FBI Agent still should not be following after a person, mis-using his authority and access to stuff with what appears to be his own criminal side-hustle using private information he knows to target certain vulnerable individuals he thinks can’t fight back, hoping that they’ll give up their goods, business, and other lucrative things they own to him and his Enablers to profit from. The Public should know that I currently have no direct connection or affiliation with any on-going work or investigation the person I’m referring to or his Agency for him to feel that there is any relationship between us to be assuming he can usurp my authority in attempt to manage me and my business. That is CRAZY, especially when something bad already happened in 2013, and 2022 with signs of another “attack” in 2016 when I mysteriously fell terribly ill where it was life-threatening and never in my life was I ever that ill to be hospitalized. I recently learned that this Agent lives near a Pfizer building. Since he hides under an air of respectability, and frequently travels from state to state where he lives part of the time also, it wouldn’t surprise me that some foul-play happened as I alluded to in my articles at the time. Connecting the dots NOW shows where also back in 2016 one of his Enablers, a Jewish Guy, was infringing on my Trade Name on Youtube using you guest it, Ferre Lux. When I signed up on websites using Ferre Lux because they insisted on a First & Last Names and there was no way of getting around that years back. Doing that is no different from typing Luci Fer. So common sense, that’s supposed to be one word meant for a Back Office Dashboard when I was signed in to Facebook and other sites, JUST LIKE other people who did a similar thing with their ONE WORD name. In 2011 I told the FBI Agent that, since it was a way of finding me on those Social Networks at the time. That’s why everything is leading back to him, plus other things I’ve noticed which I’m keeping to myself. I don’t know why HE HATES ME to be going around trying to get my attention even apparently traveling out of the Country to set up my business name using what looks like fraudulent identities in Other Countries like he has any Authority. While on Wordpress,com when it came time at the end of the year to do an upgrade in 2021 and get a free domain name as per their offer, I chose ferrelux.eu and when I ran that through, they didn’t accept it, not letting me know in advance through transparency on that page the domain names they do not register. I had to find that information elsewhere scurrying around the site and then at a later time, I chose ferrelux.co.uk instead. So a few days after, when I went to purchase ferrelux.eu elsewhere, it was all of a sudden gone to a Scammer using ferre-lux,com domain hoarding because the company behind it World4You is out there hijacking people’s Trade Names holding under 300,000 domain names so far and they work through Wordpress, Google & Mark Monitor using German and Austrian address or email contact. Well, the problem in these scenarios is that NO ONE would be using my business identity in the first place. I had no such issue in the decades I have been operating prior to meeting that FBI Guy. And what he failed to understand, is the significance of it. The different defaming ferrelux sites popping up now, un-associated with me in any way, are trying to sell hardware and other un-related stuff. NO ONE would be using that name to sell such goods or services, they would call it Mike’s Hardware, Iron Something or Other, as a business name. This FBI Agent is abusing his power working with others, trying to hijack someone’s right to run their own business. A business he exclusively met me with and watched me grow over the years. He apparently is seeing my power and reach and like GOLEM in LORD OF THE RINGS, he want’s my Super Power except better than that, FERRELUX is my Spiritual Identity from the imagination of a gifted child way back in Middle School who was really into Occult Stuff that My Teachers and Students at the time knew about. They knew about my drawings, the type of tales I wrote, the stuff I was into, the shows I watched and I still received an A+ graduating among the Top Students in my Honor Class. They liked me. And now my imagination, writings and other things I’m doing have grown too, reaching a mass of people that a Gold-Digging FBI Agent who is apparently a jealous talent-less Narcissist, who’s after my humble work and being a Sigma Empath, I must now operate differently. And what’s ridiculous about this whole thing is that I was not paid any real exorbitant amount of money on that Cointelpro Project a decade ago for that Agent to be hunting me down like that as if the case led to anything really big. If The FBI allotted to him additional payments for me to receive, I never got it. And all this can come out NOW because this guy won’t leave me alone. Being a Professional, I already moved on from that time with my life. I had no further contact with the people in that online Community who they spied on, and we’re talking over 11 years now. So for this Agent to still be on that shit, following my life hampering my prospects behind-the-scenes too and also impairing my communication process offering Freelance Services to Attorneys and other persons with legal related matters, who may need it, is crazy to me. It’s a complete disregard of a person’s rights. And by chance let’s say it might NOT even be that, but the guy has some bizarre crush on me, well he exercised poor judgement in the first place using his FBI Job to meet me. There are men out here with better finesse who know how to properly engage women, and their personal business would not be out here like this. And I wonder about his Spouse. He appears to be wedded to a Psychologist who has been in his life for some significant time. What’s happening there? I lead a private life where I solve issues I have a certain way so not a lot of stuff comes up. So now some guy like this covertly consistently reaching out to me like this as if we have a history together prompts me to consider how that looks, to now have to potentially make this legal move, when I never ever had to do that before in my life with anyone who actually had direct access to me. Once things went awry on account of them ofcourse, depending on who it was, he or she got the classy treatment from me, while others saw a little ghetto action out of me, because that was more effective. And it didn’t matter if it was on a job, at home, or out in the streets. I assess a person and a situation right, then act. And I realize this Dude has some particular un-addressed issues that is not my problem. Whoever is supposed to take care of him and his needs in Adulthood failed somehow and it’s not my concern. If he was someone I met somewhere under different circumstances, and liked, none of this dispute would have reached this stage to be out here. When you’re some place in life and you’re already spoken for, temptation is still there. You realize you made your bed and have to lie in it instead of wondering about being with that guy or girl instead. It’s the honorable thing to do. What’s more concerning is an Agency with Professionals that have enough information on New Hires to read who they let on-board. Come on, this is The FBI. They would know the personality traits of Agents they assign to cases, right? So who was the person that assigned him to the case I brought forth then, when it was an innocent transaction to have that leech on me? Or did he just assign himself to it, perusing around for somebody to latch himself on to? How did he even get his job at The Agency? Just putting one and two pieces of information together to draw speculations, the psych analysis I uncovered in one scenario is him being smart enough to hide who and what he is, infiltrating The FBI through some recruitment or he just applied and got accepted so he can engage in his deviant practices in a place where he can have access to target certain people. In another scenario, maybe he had some unresolved childhood trauma play out where his Parent might have took him to a facility to treat that and maybe he met someone there he grew close to later marry, but deep down, his psycho-emotional issue never got fully treated and then they all thought he showed progress by getting his life together with this FBI Job he thought of applying for, or it was suggested to him by someone who may or may not thought further of it, and so now one day he’s online and gets a report he follows up on and sees this young attractive Black Woman and her online Persona and gets hooked into that stuff where somehow it may have triggered something in him and now years later, he’s deviated back on the deep end again and his family failed to control it. And what about his Agency? Surely they would know. I mean why not? Why use me as a Test Subject? What do they know about him? If I could assess certain things on my own living through it, how could their Experts on the job not see who and what he is? Did he fail to disclose something in his past? I sensed a few things already being psychic, so imagine if I was regularly around this individual. As an Agency, when you know certain things about your Agents and fail to address it, there might be 2 possible things happening here. One, he might be too much of an asset to you right now to lose and I can’t imagine why you would not have another matching person, and Two, His Bosses know, but he is a part of their you now, internal vetting operation to purge out. And why would he not know that, well, he slipped off into La La. He’s so engrossed in his obsessed fantasies over me, unable to distinguish himself from the case anymore like he’s above the law, to even realize he’s been that exposed.


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