🐦‍⬛ Russia’s Peter The Great Anti-Slavery Creed

🐦‍⬛ Russia’s Peter The Great Anti-Slavery Creed

Fortuna Vitam Meam Mutavit Omnino 🐘 Fortune Has Changed My Life Entirely
(Abram Petrovich Gannibal’s Coat Of Arms, FVMMO)

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Я ценю, что Такер Карлсон дал историческое интервью российскому царю Владимиру Путину, который правит СССР. И я называю это именно так, а не президентом России Владимиром Путиным, потому что реальность есть реальность. Несмотря на то, что СССР распался на Федерацию после его распада в 1990-х годах, многие из нас выросли в то время, когда это были США с правящим царем, который заменил существовавшую ранее монархию. И я хочу сказать, что такая обширная и разнообразная империя, способная поддерживать себя, как Китай, на протяжении многих столетий, заслуживает признания и уважения и того, чтобы ее видели во всей ее сравнительной славе с Соединенными Штатами Америки.

I appreciate that Tucker Carlson did an historic interview of The Czar of Russia, Vladimir Putin who rules over The U.S.S.R. And I term it that way instead of saying The Russian President Vladimir Putin because reality is reality. Even though The U.S.S.R. broke up into a Federation since Its collapse in the 1990s, many of us grew up at a time whenit wasThe U.S.S.R with a ruling Czar, which replaced a Monarchy that existed before. And what I’m saying is that a vast and diverse Empire like that able to sustain Itself like China over the many Centuries deserve recognition and respect, and to be seen in Its comparative glory to The United States Of America.

So on President’s Day, Monday, February 19, 2024, for this year’s Black History Month, I’ll share a noble tale with you concerning A Russian Leader named Peter The Great, whose views on Slavery differed notably from The Leaders of other Nations at the time. The Russian City St. Petersburg was named after him. And so begins the tale. When certain nations of The World in Great Britain and Europe funded and sent out Explorers to the rest of The World to see what was out there to expand their growing Empires, their Seafarers returned telling of rich lands and dark-skinned Natives who lived there only able to defend themselves with sticks and stones, bows and arrows and spears. And so The Rulers of Europe and Great Britain decided to Arm their Seafarers with canons, guns, bayonets, and so forth to go plunder these lands and capture slaves. News got around the globe of their military success as they showed off their Spoils. It eventually got around to Peter, The Noble Leader of Russia at the time who cared little for sending anybody out to Africa or anywhere else to be involved in The Slave Trade because not only in his mind was the idea of plunder un-becoming, his Pride in Russia being a pure self-sustaining autonomous territory he had noble visions for, outshined any interest in co-signing with what Other Nations were doing. And though one Russian Explorer got himself indoctrinated with The Racist Concept of White Superiority, Russia never funded his interest to go plunder Africa. And as life went on in Peter’s Empire with festive shows and diplomatic pleasantries, someone brought to him one day a young Negro Slave they trafficked aboard a ship for his amusement. Peter was offended at the gesture and granted the young slave boy his freedom, adopting him as his Godson. He remained in Russia and was given a royal job. This famous Moor named Abram Petrovich Gannibal, went on to lead quite an accomplished life you can read about in the links below, which include him in the 1700s being a Military Engineer and a Naval Officer. His Great-Grandson is The Great Russian Writer Alexander Pushkin. All this humane treatment of Africans was happening in Russia while America lacked such advanced refinement at the time seeking to enslave and exterminate Africans. Peter's region of the world back then and arguably for some now was one of the few places Blacks were safe to live and build a comfortable life, and you can find some story or historic image of dark-skinned Africans somewhere way back prior to The Slave Trade and after, showing and telling a hidden history of The Black Presence there, even now, but people from that area and beyond who study history, know better and can present information the unscrupulous ones are hiding from you. There is more I’d like to share from my study of that region in context to Today’s Time, but I’ll leave that for another occasion because if people were really looking at The World in the same particular way I’m seeing things, then certain things should not surprise you. Centuries later, a so-called racist Russia still abounds Itself on high principles reflecting on what The West is doing in contrast to their best interest and Sovereignty while maintaining their Empire and extending their Arm to embattled regions of The World in need of bread, infrastructure and protection. I’ll say this, based on a most recent prophetic vision I had, Russia will continue to be an Empire on the map at least 900 years well after the demise of another. First in one year at least 1000 years from now, It will gain more land in addition to what it currently holds, then 22 years from that date, Its territories will comfortably expand again.
I will not say the exact dates for obvious reasons. As you know, here a couple articles back, I mentioned some divine predictions awaiting to come true before your very eyes, made possible to be known at this time**un-intended* as I explained due to unwanted interference by a unholy energy guised as Christian while mine apparently Satanic* imparts a Light of Truth. My program was to continue as I Am in The Universe in guidance.

NEWS FLASH! *Audience, just a day after my above post, I came under a malicious workstation cyber-attack with this Hacker FBI Agent I’ve been telling you about in recent articles, reading my above material and over-reacting to it as if my blog was written for him. Click the above image to read the back history on all that if you don’t know. Now, nothing about me personally or my material should be causing this obssessive Agent to be bothering me like this. I’m well within my rights. He is severely mis-using his Authority. He’s engaged in activities obstructing me from being able to make a living, marketing my brand still which he met me with and his agency benefited from, atleast 13 years after meeting him concerning a case I reported years back on behalf of alleged victims I met on Facebook, which led to nothing substantial to warrant any further investigation of any particular Indigenous, Sovereign, Moorish-American Groups for possible scam activities, violating their civil liberties when The U.S Government appears to acknowledge Tribal Groups, recognizing and admitting new ones each year registering their Tribe through a process, whether their Tribal IDs work or not across The Country while living amongst non-Aboriginal Citizens. I don’t know what his problem is, but his ongoing interest in stalking me and my business which has nothing to do with that, since then is neither encouraged or wanted. It all appears to be personal, yet I don’t know why. He’s been doing behind-the-scenes stuff trying to communicate with me or get my attention, yet failing to disclose what the matter is. If he has my number, surely he knows my email as well with the kind of access he has to private information. His narcissistic way of tormenting me progressed worse over time causing harm, which he shows no remorse for or desire to amend. His latest episode today,*Tuesday, February 20, 2024*, got triggered by something. All this shows malicious intent when he knows full well what he’s doing. Evidently, he’s also responsible for the illegitimate use of my Trademark with the pirated sites trying to get my attention. And who else is he harassing? I know from his actions that he follows my content regularly. Obviously I’m not interested in opening a door to re-connect with him and that whole situation from the past I care nothing to do with. Him trying to re-establish that stuff is crazy. I moved on with my substantially long practiced professional talents to the other side of the fence being available to help others in need, famous or not. My providing Legal Assistance where applicable is nothing new and should not concern him. My career extends beyond my initial encounter with The Agent. So does my Entertainment Career. Him unjustly closing me out of my corresponding Facebook Account (Lhisa666) and Vimeo years before comes off like an angry Boyfriend who got dumped and is trying to get back at me. And now this, yet again showing me his power, trying to obstruct my workflow. And although I rise above it, The Agent keeps pressing, especially in matters out of his league using his Standing as an excuse. It keeps getting worse, cease and desist with these trifling attacks against me, and undue your vindictive deeds. I did nothing to you to deserve your hateful anger, nor can you justify your ill-mannered behavior towards me to anybody. There are saner and sober ways to engage a person than doing what you’re doing. What is your problem?*

So now it’s Friday, February 23, 2024 and what I wanted to say days before we were interrupted was to tie all this into Putin and the recent assassination of his political rival Alexei Navalny, who is being mourned by his wife, now bravely taking up his fight, and his mother recently viewing his body and coming out to the public. This is a touchy subject. The World is learning more as it develops. It’s always terrible when situations arise like this. It is the reality of life and I don’t condone it. The nature of that side of the world is much like other places if you study them. It happens everywhere. Political Rivals arrive sporting competition and handling them becomes a matter of tact. One should always strive to maintain diplomacy even in the heat of adversity. Resorting to killing one’s opponent, in the face of many sparks more contention especially when The Rival is beloved by so many. How does One remain in Power without having to make that move especially when a good number of People might vote against you? I thought about this a few times before with the other rivals Putin is said to have assassinated. I actually liked a few of them. It’s sporting to have a reasonable collection of rivals to out perform. In the face of these people, I’d expected Putin to face off in the political arena with them and still win, but he opted to off them all. It is one of his moves, but over time, Leaders grow and develop a repertoire of ways to skillfully handle rivals. From Biblical Times, we’ve seen Kings & Queens across our history do what Putin does, while Others who wore The Crown or aspired to, keenfully plotted chess moves. The answer to what you would want to know about a person lie in the study of his or her history. And I’m sure that Putin studied a lot of history to know enough about that, but to what extent did he study human psychology to match? The Subjects in your Kingdom becoming uneasy often study the behavior and temperament of their King or Queen. The Ones around him or her would know best. And is your Opponent worthy of that recognition? Retaining and consolidating power requires a checkmate. Becoming a Master at your chess board to beating even the wisest player among you, is an uncanny feat. Can Putin recognize this? Sometimes The Master is not in your Court. You showing a classic move here or there as a Chess Champion wins you this tournament, and you are able to do it again, here and there winning yet another year, but what if someone has mastered the same Chess Game and plays as good as you do? You see Putin, The Rival I think you should be most concerned about was not so much those other guys you took out. I’d hoped you rose above that impulse. What about a hidden one? Someone there you either know or don’t know who is also fit to rule Russia who is either just like you or the opposite, but understands you well enough to take you on. Jailing or killing political rivals is a staple steeped in fear, and despite ones stature, feeling threatened by another to respond with vile anger implies jealousy as well. Possessing a character poised in confidence, exercising wisdom, and caution can yield the loyalty of the masses. For almost every Leader, comes the time for a Successor. Have you chosen one? Peter The Great, died without choosing one. I guess he expected to survive a while longer and wake up, or maybe he thought it wiser to leave it be. What do you think? If one is not hand selected by you, what do you think will happen? I mentioned a prophecy I made before and on that link, I talked metaphorically about a White Knight moving out to save his people. That White Knight is you. That same symbol on the Russian Flag represents Peter The Great, and each subsequent Ruler was Russia’s White Knight building, providing and protecting her. The next White Knight must carry on with strength and noble values to ensure and empire goes on.

And now it’s Monday, February 26, 2024 and my final segment. Many years ago when he wanted to run for President, Former Governor Jesse Ventura was looking for a good running mate to match his views for the Country because he though America should be doing business with Russia and at the time I thought to myself, wow, so someone else is a Visionary to see the potential and now re-broadcasting this view is in order. They are apparently been trying to improve their economy and Free Trade, Open Commerce is what any Country trying to better the resources and the opportunities for their Citizens are trying to do. When the First Sanctions hit Russia at the start of The Ukranian War, I was impressed at how Vladimir Putin was prepared for it, and garnered support from other Nations, forming the BRICS currency stabilized by gold, and now it has grown to 34 Nations joining the original five: Brazil, Russia, India, China, & South Africa. So now on account of Putin being credited for the death of Alexei Navalny, a second wave of Sanctions are hitting Russia with swift reprimand from anyone with a voice and power across The Globe. Seeing the prior videos of Navalny being targetted and suffering affects people as a politically charged Human Rights abuse. When his wife, Yulia Navalnaya spoke out, making the rounds about the assassination, I’m not sure why she was blocked on Twitter, a free speech platform, when The World Supports her. People are going to be angry. Is she suppose to sit back, say and do nothing? She has a right to carry on like that. I follow global politics where I like certain things happening here and there and certain World Leaders, and when any of them in these places have a problem, it becomes even more interesting to watch how it plays out. I like Putin, and watching Political Commentators analyze what’s motivating his moves, make sense, but I wonder if he is being affected by these perceptions also to spark problems over there in Russia. They often accuse Russians of meddling in politics here. We don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes though. Who is doing what and how it might trigger actions like this. And we don’t know how history or herstory might play out. Now Yulia looks like a Czarina. People are feeling her and she has knighted up to take the charge. I hear The elections are right around the corner. Alternatively, I have other views on this topic because the future of Russia is an interesting subject. It’s growing and in many ways looking more like the place to notice. Like America, they have their own “Plains Indians” in a way. Look at the diversity of their culture. There are native Russian Asians throughout the territories having their own unique ways, style of dress, language and so on. And it is not an entirely cold place as I’ve learned that certain places has its treasures. Anybody ever saw a tourism commercial featuring Russia as a vacation destination? No, why not? It’s an attractive place, read about it. So anyway back to politics, when empires grow, they shape and take on new gestures. What do you think Russia will look like in a few centuries? What will it be? Let’s start with now. Many people view Putin much in the light of Stalin & Lenin in a way, I learned Putin sees himself more like Peter The Great. Hmm, well he had different sides to him, but commanded the respect of the people while steadfastly innovating and building Russia. We can see Putin doing a similar thing. While currently in a difficult war, he somehow makes the rounds to dis-enfranchised nation taking these Summits seriously and contributing, while we see hostility or nonchalance for these darker parts of the world from The West. But will he entertain democracy in any part? Has The West been fair to him? Why should he morph Russia to be more like them? Harsh criticisms won’t work. Putin apparently is making decisions based off a vison he has in his own mind that might be similar to Peter The Great, which he is not sharing. And in doing so, he needs to function in a controlled environment where he can gradually unveil it. Being a Historian, he would be mindful of where Russia has been. And in context to the rest of The World, he’s thinking about Russia’s everlasting prosperity, I bet, and would be offended at Other Nations intruding on that destiny. Hostile forces within his Country arising championing the insterests of The West would be hurtful. Why not ask him about his vison for Russia. Surely he has thought about it. I don’t expect him to share his personal time table with you. The rest of the country would not know what he has in mind and probably think he’s self-serving, greedy, ruthless and so forth. He’s also an Agent, remember? And a Soldier. He’s about Something. People won’t share their mission with you. Now, Alexei Navalny might have made a good Russian President, and also Yevgheny Prighozhin, and that other Putin Critic killed by a bridge I liked as well a few years back, I forgot his name. Is Putin touchy or is something else going on? You can’t just criticize him like that for doing something well out in the open in his own Country when so many other Leaders do it in private and cover it up in our current time as one of your Sacrifices. It is an issue, don’t get me wrong, but sanctions are not being imposed on these other Nations. It’s possible that the Russian Empire might become The New America like how we saw America back in the day, not where it is now. The Critics within The Nation might have a similar or contending view to Putin, but how can that be presented in a respectful manner that don’t lead to bloodshed? Should Russia be a Spectacle to Western Nations competing with it, as if It does not have an identity? They also have cultural achievements to boasts, famous people that contributed to Society, a vast beautiful land, glorious architecture, infrastructure, technical accomplishments, engineering feats, a strong Military, and so forth. Each Russian Ruler since Peter The Great ensured that. The question becomes who is the next one. Is The West trying to interfere with their Election? Are the people here controlling everything behind the scenes pretending to care about The Dissidents and Protesters wanting a democracy there when that kind of politics could also make Russia and attractive Rival to The West if practiced correctly. Putin might already entertained somewhere in his mind how and when a transition towards a new style of government that might work for Russia and might have a blueprint somewhere, but till then he seems feverishly in his latter years moving his chess pieces into place and quickly becomes annoyed with this person or that messing up his game. Too bad The West can’t see it. The problem here in America right now I notice, is a government that appears to no longer have a Checks & Balance System in place. So for example, this person within one wing of the organization goes off on one tangent doing unauthorized stuff that compromises Our Nation, until caught, and a legal circus happens around it in the media, while in Russia, you can’t do that without being put in check. They are able to properly identify people doing things rather quickly and address it. They are not trying to have a political clown show play out for months and years on TV. They are Professionals. Now I feel for Yulia. It’s tough for her dealing with the tragedy and The World watches on, but between you and I, doesn’t she look great in her pseudo-military look being out there championing on her now deceased husband’s cause. This is exciting. If attention and backing shifts on to her in a way, she might become a Contender for The Throne. Right now, Putin is still The Sole Sovereign, currently besieged by Western Powers trying to topple him, arguably in an organized covert effort intended to neutralize Russia from expanding, using their allied forces outside and within soviet territories. What will Putin do? You need a Moor 🦣

Lhisa Mrklon,
Future Forecaster